New Steelers WR Martavis Bryant To Wear No. 10 For Now

According to new Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant, he’ll be wearing No. 10 for the time being.

Bryant, who was drafted Saturday in the fourth-round by the Steelers out of Clemson, said during his conference call with the media following his selection that he believes he’ll fit in nicely in Pittsburgh.

“It’s a great fit. It’s a city I really wanted to come to,” said Bryant. “I told my mom the whole time I wanted to be a Pittsburgh Steeler and I’m glad that they have faith in me and I won’t let them down.”

Bryant, who caught 42 passes for 828 yards and seven touchdowns last season, also believes his size will come in handy inside the red zone.

“I bring a big threat in the red zone,” he said. “I’ll do anything they ask me to.”

We’ll see if Bryant sticks with No. 10 all through the offseason. Just in case he doesn’t, I would suggest waiting on buying his jersey until the start of the regular season.

Players Who Have Worn No. 10 With the Steelers

Mat McBriar (13)

Santonio Holmes (06-08)

Kordell Stewart (95-02)

John Bruno (87r)

Scott Campbell (84-86)

Roy Gerela (71-78)

Kent Nix (67-69)

Ron Smith (66)

Rudy Bukich (60-61)

Dan Nolan (59)

Earl Morrall (57-58)

Alex Sherman (43)

Russell Cotton (42)

Boyd Brumbaugh (40)

Byron (Whizzer) White (38)

Dom Cara (37)

Wayne Sandefur (36)

Stan Olejniczak (35)

Marv Ellstrom (35)

  • Jason Vancil

    Uh-Oh. Please no wake and bake.

  • Intropy

    He’s probably angling for a Supreme Court appointment.

  • Big White

    Wideouts should be able to wear single digits as well.

  • Steelers12328882

    At least it’s not #14.

  • Jason White

    You forgot that hall of fame quarterback Dennis Dixon. He switched from #2 to #10 after Holmes decided that his pot was more important than his career.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    hmm, maybe that’s a sign Derek Moye won’t make the team

  • Steve

    Colbert said he was going to bring a Big WR in for Ben to throw to. Lets see what Bryant can do.

  • shawn

    Like the number … should be a good look on him !

  • 412 Central

    shut up!

  • Jason Vancil

    I’ll wait for you to apologize kid.

  • Dan


  • srdan

    If you were Vegas, and had to give an over/under TD catches for his rookie year. Whats the number?

  • Steve

    35 would be a good number to start him off. Would you take under or over?

  • srdan

    That is a really good number for catches. I will take the under. I think in our offense 33ish catches means around 450-480 yards. That is a lot of yards, but he gets his in chunks.

    I was asking about TD catches. Over/under 4

  • Steve

    If I was betting with the Bookie Id take over with Bryant at 4tds.