NFL Network Analyst Bucky Brooks Dares To Mock First Four Rounds

With the 2014 NFL Draft now just a few more days away, NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks has dared to mock the first four rounds of it and as you can imagine, he has some interesting selections for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With the two top wide receivers and cornerbacks already off the board come time for the Steelers first-round selection, Brooks has LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. going to Pittsburgh with the 15th overall selection.

Brooks writes:

The Steelers need another playmaker on the perimeter to alleviate the pressure on Antonio Brown to carry the passing game.

I certainly understand Brooks’ reasoning here and even mocked Beckham to the Steelers myself in round of my latest mock draft. However, it should be pointed out that he has Pittsburgh passing on UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr, Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley and tackle Taylor Lewan. In addition, he now has Kyle Fuller as his third cornerback coming off the board just seven picks later.

In the second round, Brooks finally addresses the Steelers cornerback need by giving them Stanley Jean-Baptiste of Nebraska.

Brooks writes:

It’s time to find a replacement for Ike Taylor as the No. 1 corner in the lineup. Jean-Baptiste possesses the size and ball skills to develop into a premier corner in the NFL.

I’m not a big fan of Jean-Baptiste’s, but I see Brooks’ reasoning here. However, looking at his board and selections, I think I would have went Fuller in round one and followed it up with one of the several wide receivers he has coming off the board later in the round.

In the third round, Brooks really gives us a surprise as he has big Tennessee tackle Antonio Richardson going to Pittsburgh.

Brooks writes:

Protecting Big Ben continues to be a problem for the Steelers. Throwing a tough, hard-nosed edge blocker into the mix could be a solution.

That’s a tough pick to swallow, but once again, I understand Brooks’ reasoning. Based on his board, however, I think I would rather have Georgia tight end Arthur Lynch, who is the very next player off the board, than Richardson.

Speaking of tight ends, Brooks addresses that position for the Steelers in the fourth and final round of his mock with the selection of Crockett Gillmore of Colorado State. I like Gillmore, but I think that’s one round too early for him.


I don’t envy Brooks having to do a complete four round mock as there’s no way I would attempt it. However, I have a feeling this one won’t please many of you when it comes to the Steelers.

Here is few an interesting observation of Brooks’ four rounds. While he is realistic in round one with only five wide receivers coming off the board, he has nine more being selected in the second round. That’s a total of 14 in the first 64 selections. That’s a lot of wide receivers and nearly one for half of the teams in the league. Do you feel that number is too high?

It’s certainly easy to pick a mock draft like this apart and once again, I tip my hat to Brooks for attempting it. Now it’s your turn to pick it apart. Who does he have going too early and too late? What player or players are still on the board that shouldn’t be?

  • Paddy

    I think passing on Lewan would be a mistake, with so many needs the Steelers really could use the third rd pick they gave to the Browns

  • joed32

    But they did get Thomas with that pick and without him there would be one more need.

  • Caesar

    Not too horrible. Agree with the ideas and positions even if not the exact players.

  • Paddy

    They might have gotten Thomas in the next rd, I also hope they are still in love with Thomas, hearing that he’s a little behind

  • srdan

    I think that playmakers can be had in the second round this year at the receiver spot. Especially the type of playmaker we covet.

    To pass on the other players listed by DB would be a mistake in my book. But what the heck do I know.

    Happy draft week Steeler depoters!

  • Jay

    If the Steelers covet a tall WR then the second rd they will be available, CB first rd, tall WR second, a DL 3rd, LB 4th, speedy RB 5th, then who cares after that!

  • Jay

    I think picking Lewan would be a wasted draft pick when you have three capable starters at tackle but have a slew of defensive needs!

  • Steel LJ

    Passing on lewan would be a big mistake… I don’t see what the big deal about getting a WR in this draft when we clearly have much greater needs
    DE or DT/CB
    Then a WR how about Landry out of LSU reminds me of Hines Ward

  • srdan

    I think knowing our history, a pick on the Oline is never a waste.

  • At least this mock makes some sense, in contrast to, oh, pretty much every other mock by a major national draftnik. I don’t know anything about Jean-Baptiste, but the biggest problem here is the T pick in the third. Just don’t see that happening with gaping holes elsewhere.

  • 20Stoney

    Personally I’m getting kind of tired of all this. Bring on the real draft.

  • dgh57

    Apparently they didn’t think he would still be available in the next round or they wouldn’t of made the trade.

  • 20Stoney

    Apparently they didn’t think he was going to be there 4 picks later, or they REALLY wanted to make that Landry Jones pick too!

  • dgh57

    That will work also though I’m still scratching my head on that Landry pick.

  • Andrew

    My bold prediction is Clowney will not hear his name called by the Texans. Too many WR’s going in the first two rounds and not enough pass-rushers. He has Purifoy pegged correctly in the fourth round to one of only a handful of teams who will select him.

  • srdan


    This is ridiculous. The people that their jobs are to blog and mock are tired of it, most of them quit doing.

  • 20Stoney

    The only way it makes sense to me is if they see him as an eventual starter and just don’t want to say it. I don’t buy the “needed to get younger at backup qb”. They had Hoyer a few months earlier and cut him and kept Leftwich.

  • Jeff Anoble

    Getting Lewan would be like getting a franchise QB. You can’t pass that up. Ideally a trade back to 20+ for a 3rd round pick, then take Kyle Fuller (heck Dennard might still be there).

    If they don’t find a way to get that 3rd round pick back it will be a painful 3rd round to watch, as all the good WRs, D-lineman, etc disappear as we painfully wait until our comp pick. Having two 3rd rounders in this draft especially could see significant players and future starters here.

  • joed32

    Haven’t heard anything about him being behind, we’ll see in August.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    cant stand Brooks but it wasn’t a terrible 4 picks.

  • rey perez

    I like it some what I mean I like benjamin in the first but who know he might fall to us in the 2nd, but if available id go
    1 kelvin benjamin wr
    2 stephon tuitt de
    3 dontae johnson cb
    4 jarvis laundry wr
    5 ryan carrethers dt
    5b arron colvin cb
    6 billy turner ot
    6b de Anthony thomas rb
    7 Xavier grimble te

  • joed32

    I really don’t think any of the 3 CBs are going to be around that long. I’m hoping that one will be there at 15.