Report: No Apparent Mobility Issues For Steelers LB Sean Spence

While all of the talk Tuesday about the Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers centered around rookie Ryan Shazier working with the starters during the first OTA practice of the 2014 season, it was an equally important day for another young inside linebacker.

Sean Spence, the Steelers third-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, was back on the field with his teammates once again and according to Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times, the Miami product didn’t appear to have any mobility problems nor did he need to wear a knee brace.

Spence, who suffered nerve damage in his knee when he injured it in the 2012 preseason finale, seemed to be on track to play late last season before injuring a finger during his first practice back. That injury required surgery and he was placed on injured reserve as a result.

As for the Steelers adding Shazier this year during the draft, Spence looks forward to working with him as well as competing against him.

“It’s all a friendly competition,” said Spence. “He’s here to better himself, I’m here to better myself. If he needs help, I’ll help him.”

Moving forward, no news is probably good news when it comes to Spence. At this point, he’s just another player on the 90 man roster that’s competing for a spot.

  • Brian Miller

    Great news!!!

  • Jesse Murray

    Another Sean has some serious mobility issues.

  • Jacque Strappe

    Just hoping he makes it back. Happy for the kid.

  • AzheDraven

    I hope he makes the roster and plays a lot, but no matter what, I will always be scared when he’s on TV because I dont want him to get injured again and my paranoic mind tells me that he’s gonna get injured again.
    Its like that kind of bug when I see Ben ask for the snap and I fear that he will fumble it. lol

  • MC

    I’m still figuring out how he will be used if Shazier cements himself into the lineup…Would you take Shazier off on passing downs in nickel and dime formations for Spence? I wouldn’t think so. If Spence reaches his ceiling is he most likely going to remain a very capable backup in his tenure with the steelers?

    I just hope he gets fully recovered in the meantime.

  • Richard Edlin

    Backup/rotational player so long as Shazier and Timmons are around but important on special teams.

    Given the squad depth, his best chance of playing is probably injuries to the OLBs leading to Timmons spending time there.

  • CW

    Real shame of it too because Sean Lee is a great player when he’s healthy.

  • MC

    Yeah i feel the exact same way man. I think it’s gonna be more injury related too cause Timmons and Shazier are the type of conditioned guys that probably won’t need to be rotated like D lineman do.
    Garbage time, injuries, special teams…whatever it is i wish him the best cause you can’t have too many good players.

  • CW

    Spence is a prototypical nickelbacker/strong safety linebacker as well as a special teams ace, probably. He was not likely to ever be a full time starter even before the injury as his job would have been to come in on plays where the Steelers pulled a defensive lineman. He’s fast and can cover a lot of the duties a strong safety has in the modern NFL meaning he can cover tight ends and slot receivers going over the middle while still providing support against run plays.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I think that if he reaches his ceiling he could play a lot in a 3 man rotation inside while also coming in for some subpackages with only two linemen.

  • RMSteeler

    I think the smaller, faster ILB’s will take the place of CB’s in sub packages. They are bigger, better against runs and hit harder. I’m sure some will come in as a third safety in some packages, allowing one of the three to blitz. All of a sudden, Lebeau’s defenses will no longer be so predictable.

  • Steelpastor

    If Spence is back at full strength… this is huge! I can see him as a perfect fit if we make more use of a heavy-nickel formations (5 LB’s instead of 5 DB’s).
    Do we trade Vince Williams to Dallas?

  • Superdriller316

    Key words, “when he’s healthy”

  • CW

    True, the Cowboys think it’s an ACL tear.

  • Steve

    Not so fast Pastor, lets wait for Camp and cut downs before we rush into things.


    I remember after he was drafted that some pundits were saying he could possibly play safety or a safety/hybrid role in some of the new defenses being rolled out. Truly wish him all the best.

  • Louis Goetz

    I grew up in Miami and I’ve always been an FSU fan. So I literally detested Sean Spence when he was in college. When he was drafted in the 3rd round I couldn’t stop raving about the pick, though. Even afterwards I kept arguing that he was the most exciting player drafted that year (with the other picks being DeCastro, Adams, Ta’amu, Rainey, Clemons, Paulson, Beachum and guy named Terrance Frederick, I know, it wasn’t that difficult). He impressed EVERYONE during the offseason and the question of whether or not he’d start alongside Timmons was seriously being considered right up until the point where his knee turned into something that gruesomely resembled an elbow. He’s WAY ahead of where everyone thought he would be and I’m betting he causes quite a problem for the coaching staff when they have to figure out what they do with 3 starting ILBs and only 2 spots. This kid is going to be every bit of the player the Steelers drafted in 2012, if not more. I don’t care if he went to the worst college football school on the planet.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    This is potentially the best ILB core we’ve had in a long long time.

    Timmons (Buck) and Shazier (Mack). With V. Williams (Buck) and Spence (Mack) backing them up. Not too shabby.

  • westcoasteeler

    He’s had time to digest DL’s play book so he should show well in camp. We’ll see.

  • walter mason

    I’d much rather see Harrison than Timmons at OLB.

  • Mike Amaro

    Timmons isn’t exactly a young buck anymore there could be a scenario in the future where Shazier and Spence are our starters. Can you Imagine all that speed on our D.

  • Johnny Loose

    the weird part about that is all the steeler fans who are quick to point out we passed on him in the draft

  • Jim McCarley

    I am very anxious to see Sean play, not just in preseason, but for real! it seems like “overnight” the team got very fast. if they all stay healthy , this team might just contend for the AFC North.

  • Sid

    The steelers could actually run some 4-3 as well with jarvis coming off the field… moving woirlds to DE and Timmons to ILB flanked by Shazier and Spence.

    DL would be Tuitt opposite Worilds and Heyward and McLendon on the inside… offers the d alot of flexibility it didnt have.

  • SJS

    He’s not going to get injured again! The man has come along way give him some credit and stop being a scary cat, he’s gonna do great! And have a lot of you doubters with your mouths wide open!

  • Steel PAul

    I have a feeling LeBeau is going to find a way to get them both on the field in different packages. There was a reason they picked Spence in the first place and I think the hybrid LB/S is the reason.

    Should be interesting to see how it plays out. Could see FIVE LB’s on the field with two down lineman.

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    Quality depth is a good thing to have. Now the stillers will be back to having one of the fastest LB group in the NFl….”here we go.”

  • AndyR34

    In addition, his contract is up again before too long. Spence gives the FO options and leverage.

  • AzheDraven

    I’m not doubting him. I want him to become the next great LB. But it’s like mi paranoid sense like the one when Dwyer touched the ball, be like “please don’t fumble it” lol

  • SJS

    I Hear you!


    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “prototypical nickelbacker/linebacker strong Saftey”.

  • HiVul

    Shazier is working with the first team in OTAs, it’s not really predicting the future. Barring injury, Shazier will be the starter next to Lawrence Timmons next season.

  • SJS

    I’m more than a Sean Spence fan, he is my blood brother! But he has overcome a lot of odds already and it won’t stop here he’s way ahead of what people predicted him to be already. I know what type of person and player he is and I promise you it’s going to be extremely hard to keep him off the field.