Report: Cowboys Were Ready To Pounce On Ryan Shazier If Steelers Didn’t

If you are thinking that the Pittsburgh Steelers reached Thursday night in order to draft Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, you would be wrong, as the team picking right behind them was ready to pounce on him if bypassed.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Dallas Cowboys, owners of the 16th overall selection, were all set to draft Shazier. In fact the Cowboys were reportedly even on the phone with Shazier’s agent to let him know that he was going to be their selection.

Matt Mosley, who covers the Cowboys for Fox Sports, has even reported that Dallas owner Jerry Jones has confirmed that Shazier was one of two remaining players on the board that his team was targeting. The other player, Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin, wound up being the Cowboys selection after the Steelers drafted Shazier.

While many fans are struggling with the decision made by general manager Kevin Colbert to ignore the cornerback position in order to draft Shazier, who will play inside linebacker in the Steelers defense, he certainly didn’t reach.

As it turns out, the top remaining cornerback on the board that the Steelers decided to pass up, Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard, ultimately didn’t get drafted until nine picks later when the Cincinnati Bengals selected him with 24th overall pick.

  • Steelers58

    Great start to our draft. Now let’s pray that Nix falls to us in the 2nd rd. we will build a strong defense up the middle. That kid sure is fast!!!! Give him a yr to learn and then let him play

  • Big White

    Oh geez, let’s brown our whities with the threat of a Jerry Jones stealth move. Good to see our guys acting from a position of strength.

  • steelster

    Just helps show the steelers made a great pick.

  • MailboxKid

    Isn’t it funny how the media and everyone dropped Barr.. Like out of the top 20. I was ready to take him at 15. 65% chance their both gone by our pick.

  • Addison

    agree him, tuitt or crichton.

  • Jeff Anoble

    I worry about a lot of things with Nix. Chronic knee problems that torn ACL? He’s an old school two down NT. Tomlin in latest press conf. mentioned he would like athletic D-lineman which can stay on field all downs. Hageman at DE might be a better 2nd round pick if not going WR.

  • Steelers58

    I just want to get back to the days of dominating the LOS. I think Nix will be a stud NT. Think about how solid we will be up the middle.

  • Natty

    I agree that Nix would be a great value pick in the second round but i believe that we must go corner in round 2

  • scott2443

    i dont think ryan was a reach just was surprised it wasnt a cb …hes a good pick just not pick i was expecting …but all the mock drafts were wrong too .

  • scott2443

    any time the steelers can mess with dallas is ok by me ….maybe it wiped some that smugness off of jones face

  • Superdriller316

    Should have pulled a 40th Anniversary and let the clock run down to 5 seconds.

  • skidboot

    always take the quality over the need….

  • T R

    Shazier might have been a bad pick if the Cowboys was going to pick him.. we all know Jerry Jones doesnt know how to draft.

  • awlcohen

    Damage control by a Tomlin/Rooney loving local media.
    Regardless, its not a reach just because one other team was interested in the guy at the spot?

  • DB84

    I would love Nix. It is almost a 2 for 1 pick since that would improve NT and DE with McClendon moving there.

  • LouPGH

    Shouldn’t where we go in the 2nd be based on who is available at that time? Drafting a CB early just for the sake of drafting a CB early doesn’t make much sense. Seems to me that guys fall into general classes, and most of the obvious first class CB talent is off the board already. Doesn’t mean we won’t or shouldn’t draft a CB in the 2nd (Lord knows we need some help.), but it has to be a guy they like. (We’ve done okay selecting CBs in the middle rounds.)

  • SfSteeler

    the question is, was Shazier our second choice, after Fuller went to the Bears?