Report: Ravens RB Ray Rice To Avoid Prosecution Thanks To Pretrial Intervention Program

Thanks to a pretrial intervention program, it looks like Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice will avoid being prosecuted for an alleged assault of his now-wife.

According to Lynda Cohen of The Press of Atlantic City, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office approved Rice’s acceptance into pretrial intervention on Monday. Upon successful completion of the program, Rice’s third-degree charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury would be dismissed, however, the arrest would remain on his record even though he was never convicted.

In early February, Rice and his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, were both originally charged with simple assault stemming from an incident that took place inside a casino elevator. Shortly after their arrests, the website TMZ posted video from outside the elevator that clearly showed Rice moving an unconscious Palmer around.

According to reports, video shot from inside elevator also exists, but it has yet to be made public and was slated to be used as evidence against Rice.

It looks as though Rice will get off easy here, outside of having his reputation damaged. Now that this part of the process appears to be over, we’ll have to wait and see what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has in store for Rice as far as a punishment goes.

One would think that Rice would at least get a two game suspension even though the conviction will be dropped. The Ravens will open the 2014 season against the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers, so a two game suspension would result in the Rutgers product missing two very important divisional games.

Stay tuned.

  • Matt Manzo

    Is this the same team that ran the Mike Adams trial?!

  • 2443scott

    its funny how some can get out jail free and some ordinary person gets the full shaft of the law …..lets see if goodells has also two sides to his justice .

  • 2443scott

    its the team that got lewis off

  • Jason Brant

    If he gets less than Big Ben, who was never even charged…

  • Jason White

    Should be 4 games minimum as far as I am concerned. Ben got 6 later reduced to 4 and there was no evidence other than some money hungry, sausage loving lizards making claims. In the Ray Rice situation there is physical evidence proving his wrong doing. The league should send a message that it doesn’t tolerate domestic abuse. Of course I don’t see Goodell being so harsh on his pet birds.

  • Pitfan0513

    4 game’s reduced to 2! Imo

  • Matt Manzo


  • Tom

    If Ben got 6 games, without criminal charges being filed…..what is “fair” for Rice?
    Just my opinion…..but I’d think at least 8 games.

  • steelcityinny

    My guess is Roger does nothing. Since the Ben suspension, which was too long in my opinion, he has really not stepped up to behavioral issues. I agree Rice should get at least 2 games, really should get 4. Just based on video alone, he is setting a horrible example.

  • Axe Skot

    Makes me think about all the men in prison serving 5-10 years for the same crime with less evidence against them. It pays to be rich and powerful.

  • Jeff

    I think his suspension will be highly based on whether or not the video tape from inside the elevator ever gets released to the public.

    If it does, 8 games. If not, then 2 games.