Steelers 2014 Draft: Rookie Contract Estimates

The 2014 NFL Draft is now behind us and there are now nine new Pittsburgh Steelers players that will be signing contracts between now and the start of training camp. Below is a look at what the contract total values and 2014 charges will be for the 2014 class, according to estimates done by Over The Cap.

The signing bonus numbers and cap charges should be considered as approximates.

Steelers 2014 Draft Picks Contract Estimates

RoundPickPlayer2014 BaseSigning Bonus2014 Cap ChargeContract Total
115Ryan Shazier$420,000$5,234,328$1,728,582$9,507,198
214Stephon Tuitt$420,000$1,672,324$838,081$4,609,444
333Dri Archer$420,000$506,016$546,504$2,726,016
418Martavis Bryant$420,000$439,220$529,805$2,659,220
517Shaquille Richardson$420,000$190,052$467,513$2,410,052
533Wesley Johnson$420,000$144,560$456,140$2,364,560
616Jordan Zumwalt$420,000$104,852$446,213$2,324,852
639Daniel McCullers$420,000$78,680$439,670$2,298,680
715Rob Blanchflower$420,000$59,400$434,850$2,279,400

  • steeltown

    Nice, thanks Bryan

  • NW86

    So let’s not be shocked when they start signing some of the later picks. People still think that they don’t have cap space to sign these kids, but remember that the current 51st man on the roster is at $495,000, so anyone whose cap hit is less than that can be signed without touching their salary cap figures at all. Even the 3rd and 4th rounders would only bump the cap very slightly. Only the 1st-2nd guys have to wait until June 2nd.

  • scott2443

    i am thinking this is why steelers stayed away from cb`s and wr`s early in draft they wanted more speed and play makers then need at first ….plus they need money to re do few more contracts ….way i hear it next year should be alot more cap friendly for steelers and a few more vets be gone as well maybe they feel this year they have the people and next year it be lets get those cb`s and wr`s

  • PoKey21

    For as stressful as the NFL lockout was this was definitely one of the very good things that came out of it. Atleast when the NFL locked out they actually did address some issues that needed fixed. Looking at you NHL and NBA!

  • dave

    The contracts are pretty much slotted – the guy you take at 15 whether it’s Shazier or Dennard gets pretty much the same deal – a little less than 14 and a little more than 16. (Maybe a QB tries to break the slot somewhat but not a CB or WR). I don’t think they passed on Dennard based on a rookie contract.