Steelers 2014 Draft Class Highlight Reels From has put together short highlight reels of several of the players selected in 2014 NFL Draft and surprisingly they almost completed covered the Pittsburgh Steelers draft class. The two players they don’t have clips of are Rob Blanchflower and Shaquille Richardson.

Round 1, Pick 15 (15) Ryan Shazier ILB 6’1″ 237 Ohio St.

Round 2, Pick 14 (46) Stephon Tuitt DE 6’5″ 304 Notre Dame

Round 3, Pick 33 (97) (Compensatory selection) Dri Archer RB 5’8″ 173 Kent St.

Round 4, Pick 18 (118) Martavis Bryant WR 6’4″ 211 Clemson

Round 5, Pick 17 (157) Shaquille Richardson CB 6’0″ 194 Arizona


Round 5, Pick 33 (173) (Compensatory selection) Wesley Johnson OT 6’5″ 297 Vanderbilt

Round 6, Pick 16 (192) Jordan Zumwalt ILB 6’4″ 235 UCLA

Round 6, Pick 39 (215) (Compensatory selection) Daniel McCullers DT 6’7″ 352 Tennessee

Round 7, Pick 15 (230) Rob Blanchflower TE 6’4″ 256 Massachusetts


  • Craig Ressler

    Man, did we get good value with Tuitt! You can see his potential to be a really good DE for us.

  • PA2AK

    Talk about getting your hopes up! Here we go,,,

  • Darryl Battle

    And they all came from a 3-4 defense. If all of these rookies get it in training camp, our defense should be pretty effective. I love how the RB tackled himself by running into McCullers. Jordan Zumwalt does look a little like Lambert. Blitzburg may have returned with a touch of the Steel Curtain. At least I hope… I think I’m a little too excited right now. Two thumbs up Colbert and Tomlin.


    Hey, you HAVE TO check out the McCuller highlight reel above…’s hilarious!!
    I mean, half the tackles he makes, while he’s taking on 2 blockers the RB runs into him (nowhere to go), bounces off of him and falls down!!!!!
    This is gonna be great – can’t hardly wait til he gets on the field and Mc moves to DE where he’s just going to be awesome!!
    Just hope he doesn’t rot on the bench for like 4 years.

  • Browning_fan

    Anyone else notice Shazier celebrating the safety while the loose ball was still rolling around the endzone?