Steelers 2014 Redraft Thread

It’s time to have some fun and do a redraft exercise for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here are the rules:

You must either choose the actual player that the Steelers selected in each round or another player that was taken before their next selection.

Here are the results by round.

Here is my redraft:

Round 1 – ILB Ryan Shazier – Ohio State – While I would have loved cornerback Kyle Fuller to last one more pick, I am on board with the selection of Shazier. He is an incredible athlete and that speed will come in handy. He also has a solid chance to start week one and that’s certainly encouraging. Yes, Darqueze Dennard would be another choice, but I will address the cornerback position shortly.

Round 2 – DE Stephon Tuitt – Notre Dame – Now that I know Tuitt lasted this long, I have no problems with getting him in the second round of my redraft. The only reason I didn’t select him in my final mock draft was because I was convinced he’d be off the board. If the Steelers got the 2012 version of Tuitt, they will be in great shape a far as the defensive line goes for several years.

Round 3 (Comp) – CB Jaylen Watkins – Florida – Watkins will more than likely wind up as a slot corner at the NFL level, but he can play outside in a pinch. He is very versatile and would have made a solid special teams contributor for the Steelers in his first year. I like his upside more than that of Dri Archer. This team needs cornerbacks more than kick returners. Hopefully Archer makes me eat these words.

Round 4 – WR Martavis Bryant – Clemson – Yet another actual pick that I’m on board with. A young wide receiver with both speed and size is hard to come by in the fourth round. Bryant has the upside of a 60 catch a season receiver that can provide seven or more touchdowns a year as well starting in 2015.

Round 5 – CB Shaquille Richardson – Arizona – As a second cornerback taken in the draft, I can live with Richardson. It will take some time to develop him, but the way I drafted above, I could see a future Steelers secondary that includes him starting opposite Cortez Allen with Watkins playing in the slot.

Round 5 (Comp) – T/G Wesley Johnson – Vanderbilt – This looks homerish, but I am on board with this pick assuming that he kicks inside and finds a home at left guard. I would rather him play inside the phone booth instead of outside of it. Hopefully he gets stronger and fills out a tad more. He might be a practice squad player in year one.

Round 6 – RB Marion Grice – Arizona State – Grice has nice size, but not great speed. He does, however, catch the ball well out of the backfield. Solid character with a nose for the end zone.

Round 6 (Comp) – OLB Randell Johnson – Florida Atlantic – Not much to choose from here, but instead of Daniel McCullers, who I’m not very high on, I would go with Johnson, a 3-4 outside linebacker that will need good coaching to develop into a reliable backup. No guarantees he would make the roster, but you get what you get this late.

Round 7 – TE Rob Blanchflower – Massachusetts – Yes, I have been on the Blanchflower upside bandwagon for a long time. If he doesn’t make the final roster, a year on the practice squad would likely do him good. Boom or bust pick.

Now it’s your time. Lets see your redraft below based on the rules above.

  • Sonny-James

    Good picks. The Steelers should invite you to their draft table 🙂 Seriously, this should be fun to look at a year or two from now.

  • SteelersDepot

    Best part about doing these. Well, really the only reason to do these.

  • srdan

    Well, that and frustrating others lol.

    Funny thing is with all the money the teams have, they are only taking slightly better guesstimates than most of us that do limited research and mostly listen to the media. Interesting to think about htat.

  • Zach Bolen

    Why not Perre Desir in the third instead of Watkins?

  • steeltown

    I like your re-draft

  • SteelersDepot

    Per the rules I wrote: Have to choose a player that was taken between actually Steelers picks. Desir taken after Bryant prevented me from doing such.

  • chris ward

    This would be my redraft, but I think the Steelers did a solid job in their draft selections.
    Round 1 ILB Ryan Shazier
    Round 2 DE Stephon Tuitt
    Round 3 (Comp) CB Ross Cockrell
    Round 4 WR Martavis Bryant
    Round 5 OLB Ronald Powell
    Round 5 (Comp) OT/G Wesley Johnson)
    Round 6 ILB Jordan Zumwalt
    Round 6 (Comp) RB Storm Johnson
    Round 7 TE Rob Blanchflower

  • steeltown

    Actually cant really argue with much of Bryan’s redraft, I like it and mine would be very similar, even the R.Johnson pick I agree with

  • Gregg Brunclik

    1. Ryan Shazier
    2. Stephon Tuitt
    3. Martavis Bryant
    4. Pierre Desir
    5. Jared Abberidis
    5c. Antonio Richardson
    6. Jackson Jeffcoat
    6c. Terrence Mitchell
    7. Dion Bailey

    I prob would still take Dri Archer if i can get him in the 4th or 5th round, Love the player just not in 3rd round. And i would still take shaquill to if he was around in the 6th. I know Bailey Jeffcoat and Richardson were undrafted, but they all were rumored to go anywhere from 2, 3, 4 round. Shocked they didn’t get drafted. i think we will look back in a few years and see the mistakes made by the whole nfl when jeffcoat and Bailey are starting and producing for seattle.

  • srdan

    If you take Archer in the fourth, that means that you just switched the rounds for Bryant and Archer.

  • Big Joe

    I also had Jaylen Watkins as my 3rd rd Comp pick and Maron Grice as my 5th Rd Comp. For the 6th Rd Comp I would have gone with Beau Allen

  • Big Joe

    Even if he hadn’t been, I think Desir didn’t fit what the Steelers look for in the CBs. While he had the height and weight, he didn’t have the speed. Watkins did. Brock Vereen was another possibility, but I think he got taken after Bryant as well and may have fit our 5th Rd pick had he fallen that far but Richardson was a good pick I think.

  • Andrew

    1. Ryan Shazier; Knowing now they want to play him inside has me wondering if Mosley would have been a better pick. Excited and eager to see him play these next couple of seasons though.

    2. Jarvis Landry – Hopefully Tuitt dominates.

    3. Ross Cockrell – Team still appears corner needy.

    4. Carl Bradford – Hopefully the front office locks-up Worilds to a long-term contract and that he plays as well as he did in 2013.

    5a. Shaquille Richardson – Not much else between him and the other 15 picks, except Powell from Florida.

    5b. Wesley Johnson – I like the versatile lineman.

    6a. Marion Grice – Agree with Dave on this one. Not much college wear on his tread and caught a ton of passes compared to other RB’s in the draft.

    6b. Shamar Stephen – Keisel wasn’t bad last year and Arnfelt is still a little intriguing.

    7. Rob Blanchflower – Roethlisberger to Blanchflower has a nice ring to it.

  • Biggie

    I’m happy with draft and won’t be redrafting. 🙂

  • RW

    No words.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Assuming the Steelers drafted Zumwalt to be a special teams demon, and he probably is an upgrade there to Williams, Spence, Garvin, or Wilson when it comes to special teams, I would like it even better if they looked at Zumwalt some as an OLB. I would make 2 changes.

    1. I would have taken Bryant with our 3rd pick. It was between him and Archer right? So just move him up there.

    2. I take Desir at the place we took Bryant.

    I am okay with everyone else even McCullers who I think MIGHT be a developmental guy. Everyone isn’t making the roster and getting a pick which you can slide to the PS isn’t that bad of a problem to have.

  • Brian Miller

    I really like this draft by the Steelers…in fact, this is probably the first time in I don’t know how long that I have been this upbeat after a draft. That being said, here is my redraft!

    1. Shazier – really grown to love this pick
    2. Tuitt – same as above
    3. Archer – I’m not crazy about any of the CB’s that went right after Archer, and I am hopeful he vastly improves our special teams.
    4. Bryant – love this pick and I am ecstatic we got him here.
    5. Ronald Powell/Jordan Tripp – I like both of these players, would have loved to gotten one here, but we do need a CB, and our staff obviously loves Richardson.
    5. E. J. Gaines – although I do like the versatile OL, I agree with a lot of other people that we needed to double dip at the CB position. I would also have loved Robert Herron in this spot as well.
    6. Andrew Jackson – Not a whole lot to choose here, and would have preferred maybe a lineman here such as LTD, but I prefer Jackson to Zumwalt since we are going ILB.
    6. Andre Hal – would love this to go along with Gaines.
    7. Dixon/Dowling – great options at CB/S if we miss out on earlier picks, or a Smallwood as an OLB option, and frankly I wouldn’t have minded a Trey Millard either at FB. Lots of options at needs for us. I do like the Blanchflower pick, but I think we would have gotten him as an UDFA anyhow, or there were other UDFA options such as J.D. Duncan, Jensen, Lyerla, Leonard, Annen, or Navjar to name but a few.

  • Ike Evans

    1. Zack Martin OT/G/C Notre Dame-You really confident in Marcus Gilbert, Mike Adams, and beach continuing to flourish at LT/RT?. This kid is arguably one of the best lineman in this draft. He’s better then Lewan to me, and more polished then Greg Robinson. If they would have drafted him after guys like ODB, gilbert, and fuller were all gone I wouldnt have been mad at all.
    2. Stephon Tuitt DE Notre Dame- I promise you im not a Notre Dame Fan
    3. Martavis Bryant WR Clemson
    4. Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood
    5. Lache Seastrunk RB Baylor
    5. Telvin Smith LB Florida State
    6. Antone Exum CB/S Virgina tech
    6. Daniel Mccullers NT Tennessee
    7. Christian Jones OLB Florida state/Jackson Jeffcoat DE Texas (couldnt make my mind up

  • Matt Manzo

    Good one!

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s what I would’ve done too!

  • dave

    I really do like our actual draft, so this isn’t meant as a criticism – more of just a “what if?” scenario
    round 1 – Dennard – best CB still on the board
    round 2 – Tuitt – DE- can’t pass him up
    round 3 – Ross Cockrell – CB -double dip at CB
    round 4 – Martavis Bryant – WR- can’t pass him up here
    round 5 – Ronald Powell – LB
    round 5b- Lache Seastrunk – RB
    round 6 – Quincy Enumwa – WR
    round 6b – McCullers – NT
    round 7 – Trevor Reilly- LB
    Again, not really a criticism of the real draft, just an alternate universe – still mostly guys that the Steelers were interested in enough to have in for a visit – this scenario leaves us pretty well “set” at CB but still somewhat weak at ILB

  • Steelers12328882

    I’m a big fan of what the Steelers did in the draft, but just for fun I figured I’d try and switch every pick. After doing this exercise it made me appreciate our 2014 class that much more.

    Rd1) Kelvin Benjamin, WR FSU
    Rd2) Troy Niklas, TE Notre Dame
    Rd3) Justin Ellis, NT Louisiana Tech
    Rd4) Pierre Desir, CB Linewood
    Rd5) Ronald Powell, OLB Florida
    Rd5) Lache Seastrunk, RB Baylor
    Rd6) Jemea Thomas, CB/S?KR Georgia Tech
    Rd6) Drew Howell, LS Oregon
    Rd7) Seantrel Henderson, OT Miami

  • dave

    I think it will obviously be interesting in years to come to compare Shazier vs. CJ Mosley, Tuitt vs. Jernigan, to some extent Shazier vs. Dennard, and another one would be Sharmako vs. who we could have taken with that pick (I think it could have been Louis Nix)


    Ok, so I’ll go ahead and say that I am a fan of this draft and the ability of the Steelers to think outside the box, or defensive backfield as the case may be. I know the rules have been defined here but let is acknowledge that any redrafts are made with the clarity of hindsight.

    Taking Dri Archer in the 3rd was a calculated risk, grab an offensive weapon that has proven capable of being both a WR and a RB or pass in favor of a CB and HOPE to get Bryant (an offensive weapon) in the 4th. As I see it the Steelers where prepared to take a CB in the 4th if the receiver they wanted was not available knowing that they had addressed improving the explosiveness of the offence.

    With this in mind I can’t criticize the draft that they had one bit. Round 5 on are basically educated shots in the dark and some of the guys they drafted are great boom or bust contenders; especially Shade Tree McClusters.

  • Luke Shabro

    I really like your redraft Dave. Only thing I would do different is take Jackson Jeffcoat instead of Johnson.

  • Luke Shabro

    Whoops I broke the rules

  • Game_Time

    Good $h!t

  • Ike Evans


  • Ike Evans

    Appreciate it

  • EJ Gaines and Andre Hal — VERY good if we could have fitted them in. I thought it was a mistake passing on EJG.

  • cencalsteeler

    I’m going to sit on the outside and keep an eye on the Manziel pick. I saw where the Browns were going to take Teddy B., but last second pulled the trigger on Manziel. I’m not high on Manziel and actually think Teddy has the skills to become a great qb in the NFL. Are the Browns still cursed?…. woulda, coulda, shoulda!

  • DoctorNoah

    I trade with Houston for first pick and take Clowney. We give up Limas Sweed four years ago and a tube of Pringles. Josh Gordon, anxious about what the Browns will do at #4, lights up a joint.

    Watching my fantasy draft unfold is a fascinating experience…

  • Brian Tollini

    I am pretty pleased with what the Steelers did in this draft, but I have to admit, I would have gone a different direction….
    1. Darqueze Dennard-CB (Mich. St.) While I like the Shazier pick more and more everyday, passing on Dennard is just too tough to do. I know the question marks on his durability, but the tape doesn’t lie, the guy can play.
    2. Jarvis Landry-WR (LSU) I am probably going to get a lot of head scratching with this pick, but he is my favorite player (not named Dex McDougle) in this draft class. He is Hines Freaking Ward reborn. No, he isn’t tall, he isn’t fast, and isn’t a superior athlete, but I am going on record saying with the exception of Brandon Cooks and Sammy Watkins, he will have the most productive NFL career in this class.
    3. DaQuan Jones-DE/DT(PSU) With his versatility I am surprised he is still on the board at this point. You can certainly make the argument this is the Steelers biggest need, and waiting any longer is not an option.
    4. Pierre Desir-CB (Lindenwood) I am double-dipping because we need to double dip at this position. Desir likely won’t see any action until 2015 at the earliest, but I like the value here in the 4th round and we can certainly use the depth.
    5a. Ed Stinson-DE (Bama) More depth added on the d-line here. Love Stinson’s motor and he is a strong Man that is a good run stuffer. Fits the mold.
    5b. Jordan Zumwalt-ILB (UCLA) I will stick with this pick as I have neglected the LB position thus far and Zumwalt looks to be the best on the board. Like his style but I know his limitations. Special teams player that fans and coaches will fall in love with.
    6a. Jackson Jeffcoat-OLB (Texas) Not letting this guy go undrafted and luckily it is a position of need. I thought he would be gone by round 5 at the latest so I am pretty excited I can get him here.
    6b. Rob Blanchflower-TE (UMass) Another repeat pick and why not? Would have much much rather had Niklas in round 2 but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Blanchflower could surprise.
    7. LaDarius Perkins-RB (Mississippi St) My 2nd pick of someone who wasn’t even drafted. I guess this is my Dri Archer replacement. I like Perkins a lot for his quickness and his ball skills. Great hands for a running back.

  • Steelers12328882

    How about “mock draft contest winner”?

  • Brian Tollini

    What kind of Pringles?

  • Brian Tollini

    Oops, I broke the rules too. Damn.

  • DoctorNoah

    Original. It was all they had left at the bodega outside the NFL Draft.

  • moderatelysane

    For the sake of argument:
    1. Darqueze Dennard
    2. Stephon Tuitt
    3. Crocket Gilmore
    4. Carl Bradford
    5. Ryan Carrethers
    5c. Jared Abbrederis
    6. Jordan Zumwalt
    6c. Andre Hall
    7. Rob Gronkflower

  • Stuck in Ravens country

    1) Ryan Shazier – It was either Shazier or Dennard. Shazier is the right pick.

    2) Stephon Tuitt – It was Tuitt or Timmy Jernigan, DT from Florida State. Tuitt was the right pick.

    3) Ross Cockwell – Archer is a luxury pick the Steelers can’t afford. There are too many gaps on defense and a scat back can be picked up later in the draft or FA. Jaylen Watkins or Cockwell are the picks. Cockwell shut down Mike Evans. I would go with him.

    4) OLB Carl Bradford, Arizona State – It was either Bradford or Bryant. Bradford adds diversity. Dave Te loved Bradford and thought he could start immediately as an ILB. He’d also provide depth as an OLB. Bryant is a good pick but the Steelers are set at WR this year. Yes, Bryant will be used but not at the expense of not having anyone to back up Jarvis Jones and Worilds.

    5) Shaquille Robinson – I’m fine with it. Caraun Reid and Chris Smith are great value picks in the 5th round (as is A. J. McCarron) but we need a 2nd CB in the draft.

    5) (Comp) Wesley Johnson – This must mean Velasco can’t come back. If he can come back then I change my pick to WR Jared Abbrederis from Wisconson (or Robert Herron from Wyoming). If we still needed a 2nd CB I would consider Kendrall James or E.J. Gaines.

    6) FB Jay Prosch Wisconsin – Pick up an awesome FB. With Shazier, Bradford, picking up Howard James in UFA, and James Harrison later on as a backup, the Steelers would be set at OLB.

    6) (Comp) Daniel McCullen – For a 6th round pick (and staying within the boundaries of the rules) he’s the best pick on the board.

    7) Rob Blanchflower – I agree. I’ve liked him ever since Dave posted on him.

    UFA I would have liked to see in the Steeler’s camp (or would have considered picking) include:
    Antonio Richardson, OT Tennessee
    Kelcy Quarles, DT South Carolina
    Marcus Robinson, CB Florida
    Rashaad Reynolds, CB Oregon State

  • Shane Mitchell

    I like Archer in the 3rd over Watkins, the Steelers are set with their CBs this season anyways, they arent looking for a starter this season, they will have between 20-30 million in cap space to sign an experienced starting caliber CB for next season. Would rather they do that than waste a 3rd round pick on a CB that has less than a 1/3 chance to ever make it in the league.

  • shawn

    Browns was a really bad place for Manziel to go … i think he has less than a 10% of making it there … on the other hand i wasn’t super high on Teddy either, but i think Minnesota was a great place for him to go … i could easily see him doing well there !

  • shawn

    I dont know how much we will have after signing some of our younger guys … but i have to tell ya i like the idea of getting a proven player at CB as hitting on the draft is so low these days especially when it comes to us …

    Definitely think the play is signing a Solid FA to start next year and drafting a high (1st or 2nd round) CB to get into our system to take over afterwards or put in the nickel etc … that would be the best plan of action i think !

  • Alejandro Caballero

    I want Skov

  • Alejandro Caballero

    I’ll change zumwalt for Shayne Skov

  • Zach

    Good one, any insight on why the Steelers were so low on Desir?

  • Zach

    Interesting exercise — I think it shows we needed to get a lot of talent on defense from this draft. I could count Ben, AB, Bell, Pouncey, De castro as talented guys and playmakers on our offense. On our D, we only had Cam Heyward and Timmons at this moment (Troy would be debatable at this point of his career). I’m very high on Shazier and Tuitt becoming playmakers for our D. Hopefully Jarvis and Worilds can elevate their game, and this would give us a top 5 defense back.

  • Zach

    I find it very unlikely they will bring a FA CB to be our number 1…the 2015 free agent CB class is not strong enough. We could bring someone to be a #2 like Charles Tillman or Chris Harris though.

  • steelster

    the 2015 cb draft class is very strong 6-8 first round prospects. Maybe the steelers will draft a cb in the first round and he starts day 1.

  • Zach

    Let’s hope so!

  • shawn

    I think a #2 is fine … Cortez should lock the #1 job down after this season optimistically speaking ( I’m pretty high n him at least) on top of that i think they ail draft a CB high as well … so we should actually be in pretty good shape next year

    hopefully the 3 top positions i hope they draft are CB, TE and whatever weak link we find on our OL after Munchak has a year with them !

  • shawn

    would be nice !

  • steelster

    Hope that weak link isn’t OLB that will really set them back.

  • Zach

    I hope your scenario is right and Cortez becomes a good #1 — indeed with a veteran FA + a high 2015 draft pick, we should be set at CB as you said. I’m expecting big improvements in our young OL corp and I don’t see them spending another high draft pick on the OL unless we have the chance to grab a stud LT.

  • lefnor

    1. Ryan Shazier ILB
    2. Stephon Tuitt DE
    3. Justin Ellis/DaQuan Jones NT
    4. Martavis Bryant WR
    5. Shaquille Richardson CB
    5c. Wesley Johnson OT
    6. Jordan Zumwalt ILB
    6c. Terrance Mitchell CB
    7. Rob Blanchflower TE

    + UDFA Ben Malena 3rd down/passing RB

  • shawn

    gosh i hope not … i think we are set with starters & if we can at least develop one of the UDFA or depth guys to be a reliable back up we should be good to go !

  • Steelers12328882

    Yeah the only problem I had filing on defense was the DE position, so I think that says a lot about the value we received with Tuitt as our 2nd rd pick.

  • TheBlitz

    The Steelers philosophy for a corner is to keep the ball in-front of you, be a sure tackler, don’t allow big plays. Do they really need a 1st round corner for that ?

    I doubt it. I don’t think they will spend a high draft pick (top 20) on a corner unless the guy is truly special.

  • blue

    Great draft Stillers, we get fastest player in the draft & you don’t like the selection #WHATaJOKE

  • Ike Evans

    I think that would have been the pick if bryant,wasnt there….bryant was rated pretty high on their board…..besides that i heard desir’s speed concerned teams…shouldnt have tho he plays faster

  • Zach

    yep, perhaps it was the speed factor…some reported that the Steelers would have taken Gilbert in the 1st had he been available. After the Steelers draft, indeed it seems like they valued speed and athleticism.

  • This is really well done. Hard to find anything to disagree with. Past Shazier and Tuitt, both of whom I think were outstanding picks, I’d say:

    3. Watkins (though if they liked Bryant they should have taken him here to make sure they got him — it was hardly a lock he’d fall) — alternatively, Cockrell or McGill
    4. Bryant (unless they took him in the third, whereupon they could have gone with Desir)

    In any event, 3-4 is where they should have gone WR-CB in some way.

    5(1). Richardson (not sold on him, but he’d be fine as the back-end of a double-dip at CB given what Lake knows about him)
    5(2). Johnson (I guess, because I like his versatility, but I’d been fine going with Abbrederis here even with Bryant taken earlier)
    6(1). Enunwa (if not Abbrederis with previous pick, because a second WR would be good, but I don’t think the Zumwalt pick is terrible)
    6(2). Jeffcoat (there’s a chance McCullers turns out to be a steal, but I’d have liked them to address OLB in the draft
    7. Blanchflower (is there anyone in Steeler Nation who doesn’t like this pick?)

    In any event, things would look a whole lot better if they’d gotten a first CB in Round 3 instead of Archer.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    It’s interesting to compare my choices now with my choices at the time.

    Shazier was a pretty easy pick. I liked Mosley and Dennard until the combine where they showed they weren’t elite athletes. A fast ILB has been a high priority for 3 years.

    Tuitt and Murphy were very close in the second round for me. I appreciate that the ability of Tuitt to likely be plug and play from day one while Murphy is further away and requires a little more projection plus the immediate need at DE makes Tuitt a better pick. Murphy would have been very nice next year when we have to decide if Worlds is worth 10 mil per and I think will be a special player but Tuitt was worthy of a top 20 choice.

    I would have probably gone with Watkins over Dri as well. I was mocking a trade with SF and he was someone I started considering at 77. That said the Steelers selection of Dri at this point convinces me that they have addressed the concerns we all have to their satisfaction. There were a lot of good players on the board and they wouldn’t have taken the kind of risk some people are assuming. The choice of a developmental slot CB that can probably be had most years on a minimum deal or a potentially dynamic offensive and special teams player who has displayed durability to address his perceived fragility and who can contribute from the first play his year should be a question without a more significant red flag.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    It’s interesting to compare my choices now with my choices at the time.

    Shazier was a pretty easy pick. I liked Mosley and Dennard until the combine where they showed they weren’t elite athletes. A fast ILB has been a high priority for 3 years.

    Tuitt and Murphy were very close in the second round for me. I appreciate that the ability of Tuitt to likely be plug and play from day one while Murphy is further away and requires a little more projection plus the immediate need at DE makes Tuitt a better pick. Murphy would have been very nice next year when we have to decide if Worlds is worth 10 mil per and I think will be a special player but Tuitt was worthy of a top 20 choice.

    I would have probably gone with Watkins over Dri as well. I was mocking a trade with SF and he was someone I started considering at 77. That said the Steelers selection of Dri at this point convinces me that they have addressed the concerns we all have to their satisfaction. There were a lot of good players on the board and they wouldn’t have taken the kind of risk some people are assuming. The choice of a developmental slot CB that can probably be had most years on a minimum deal or a potentially dynamic offensive and special teams player who has displayed durability to address his perceived fragility and who can contribute from the first play his year should be a question without a more significant red flag.nter the zone were

  • RedCarpetDefense

    1. Ryan Shazier
    2. Stephon Tuitt
    3. Dri Archer
    4. Martavis Bryant
    5. Shaquille Richardson
    5b. Zach Mettenberger, QB
    6. Eric Pinkins, S
    6b. Randell Johnson, OLB
    7. Rob Blanchflower

  • srdan

    now im confused

  • LatrWildcat

    1.Ryan Shazier – was my 2nd favorite player going into draft. Unbelievable speed, explosion, quickness. Still growing as a player. The perfect ILB for today’s pass-happy NFL. His playing style reminds me of Farrior with even more speed, athleticism, & explosion.

    2. Stephon Tuitt – was my top choice for the 1st round going into draft. No kidding. I just about jumped through the ceiling when they picked him. He is the prototype of everything we want in a 3-4 DE. I posted a comment about him about a month or 2 ago detailing all his attributes. He excelled in every single criteria we want in a DE. I watched film of probably 150 players & he was the only one in whom I literally couldn’t find a weakness.


    4. Brock Vereen, S. Was the #1 safety on my entire board. Fast, very good feet to elude blocks, agile in man coverage, excellent range, closing speed in zone, productive, makes quick reads. Good height. Would have rounded out our safety position for the next 8-10 years with Mitchell and allow Shamarko to play in slot & closer to the line in quarters package. Would have been outstanding value for 4th round.

    5a. Chris Smith, OLB Ark. 6’1 266 lbs. Was my favorite OLB in this draft. Exceptional power to push pocket, burst around edge, thick legs & leverage to anchor, balance, long arms & strong upper body – locks arms & sheds well, holds gap & makes tackle vs zone runs, productive, agile enough to survive when dropping into zone. The prototype OLB for our 3-4. Can’t for the life of me understand why Colbert wouldn’t be all over this guy.

    5b. Wesley Johnson. Absolutely loved this guy on film. Would have been happy getting him as high as the 2nd round going into the draft. Strong punch, locks on, moves feet to maintain leverage, holds form & doesn’t lunge. Good athleticism at 2nd level to take out LB’s. Perfect for our outside zone runs. No-nonsense leader – this is Munchak’s pick all the way. Look at the S.Carolina game & watch him handle Clowney 1 on 1.

    6a. Quincy Enunwa WR Best tall receiver remaining. Good size, strength, in red zone. Good blocker.

    6b. Travis Carrie CB. Good length, quick twitch in coverage, adequate speed to carry WR’s down field, good ball skills. A little stiff & lacks true recovery speed.

    I know, WR & CB were big needs, but the players I would have taken in rounds 1 through 5 were just too talented to pass up & it would have stunted the growth of the team by settling for lesser players to fill perceived needs.

    7. Josh Stewart WR. 5’10 185. Posted a comment about him a while back as well. I gave him a 2nd round grade. He wasn’t even drafted. In my opinion, was the best in the entire draft at sticking foot in ground, changing direction, & getting open. Looks just like Antonio Brown in that respect. Excellent hands in traffic, awareness, separation out of his breaks. But best 40-time was 4.59 at pro day. It’s not all about the 40-time with WR’s. 4.59 is about as slow as you want to go with WR’s, but this kid’s quickness & balance trumps his 40-time.