Steelers Attracted To Versatility Of New Offensive Lineman Wesley Johnson

The Pittsburgh Steelers love to have players that are versatile and that’s a great way to define Vanderbilt offensive lineman Wesley Johnson, the second of two fifth round selections made by the Steelers on Saturday.

“The first thing you’ll hear about him is he’s very versatile,” said new offensive line coach Mike Munchak of Johnson. “He’s a guy that’s made over 50 starts in the SEC at all three positions. so he’s a guy that we feel that can come in and play center, guard or tackle depending on where we need him.”

Playing in the SEC means that Johnson is battle tested, according to Munchak.

“He played against guys like [Jadeveon] Clowney last year and played well against top level competition week in and week out for a long time. So that gives you a feeling that he’ll feel very comfortable coming into the NFL and fit in nicely with us.”

During his media conference call, Johnson says he’s most comfortable at tackle but understands his versatility is what the Steelers like.

  • steeltown

    Nice solid value pick for a late 5th Rd selection

  • Ike Evans

    love this pick

  • Brian Tollini


  • Steelers@2010

    The only pick I disagree with is Dri Archer in the 3rd round. IMO, that was a huge reach. Other than that, I think it was a solid draft. My Grade = B

  • shawn

    1-4 A+ 5-7 C …. Archer was a great pick … dont follow the sheep !

  • shawn

    can i ask why ?

    honestly … disappointed in rounds 5-7 … see possible depth picks with not one possibility of a starter or serious contributor … would have much rather traded most of our picks and moved up a little and gotten a guy like Yankee or similar quality that would Start rather quickly … we didnt even take a chance on one of the interesting Tackles either no boom bust possibilities … we completely settled in the late rounds !

  • Ike Evans

    Quality depth behind starters that may or may not be quality

  • shawn

    Ok … I get it … he’s very versatile, smart (doesnt hold or make dumb penalties) and doesnt give up sacks ….

    a little light but seems like a quality depth guy that has a chance to make the roster

  • shawn

    Im liking our chances next year … no real weaknesses …. our Defense should be much improved … and our Offense which was middle of the pack should also be more explosive …

    BUT a BIG but … one thing that has me a little worried and no one is talking about is our OL … sure they looked pretty good late last year … but i still remember how god awful they were in the beginning of the year … these are the same guys out there .. not like we upgraded or replaced any of them .. there is no guarantee that they won’t revert back to that pathetic performance from last year again …

    ALMOST everyone is taking it as a forgone conclusion that they will carry on where they left off at the end of last year .. i hope so, but I’m not taking anything for granted !

  • Ike Evans


  • Steelers@2010

    No, I’m not saying it was a bad pick; I actually like the fact that they now have some speed returning punts/kickoffs. I use to fringe each time I saw a RB back there returning punts that weighed 200LBS+. We all know that was Haley’s thinking and Tomlin bought into it. I just think they could have gotten him a round or two later. Desir was right there.

  • shawn

    I would have loved to had him in the 5th .. but dont think he would have lasted … unfortunately those scat backs or fast guys were coming off the board in a hurry …

    I dont think they were high on desir because we passed on him in the 4th as well … not sure though

  • Gautama Om

    Safe pick. Definitely not boom or bust type. He has a good chance to be a SOLID starter for us and that is ALL that I ask from a 5th rounder.

  • Steelers@2010

    You could be right; I’m not sure why though. Desir went to the Browns, I hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the rear end.