Steelers Invite 20 Unsigned Undrafted Players To Rookie Minicamp For Tryouts

The Pittsburgh Steelers rookie mincamp gets underway on Friday and 52 players are scheduled to take part in it.

The Steelers nine draft picks, nine undrafted players and 14 first year players that were signed will be joined by 20 other undrafted players and that are being given tryouts over the weekend.

First year players are also allowed to take part in the rookie camp and that list is headlined by wide receiver Justin Brown, who was drafted by the Steelers last April in the sixth-round.

As far as the players being brought in for tryouts goes, current Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin can serve as an inspiration to all of them. Garvin, who went undrafted last year, was signed by the Steelers after impressing the coaching staff as a tryout player. Garvin didn’t stop there as he wound up making the final 53 man roster out of training camp and even dressed for the season opener against the Tennessee Titans. In total, he dressed for 15 games in 2013.

Number Player Position College
50 Ryan Shazier LB Ohio State
91 Stephon Tuitt DE Notre Dame
34 Dri Archer RB/WR Kent State
10 Martavis Bryant WR Clemson
31 Shaquille Richardson CB Arizona
67 Wesley Johnson OL Vanderbilt
56 Jordan Zumwalt LB UCLA
74 Daniel McCullers DL Tennessee
87 Rob Blanchflower TE Massachusetts
61 Chris Elkins OL Youngstown State
79 Ethan Hemer DE Wisconsin
62 Kaycee Ike OT UAB
47 Howard Jones LB Shepherd
8 Brendon Kay QB Cincinnati
71 Josh Mauro DE Stanford
62 Roy Philon DT Louisville
65 Will Simmons OG East Carolina
80 Eric Waters TE Missouri
33 Alvester Alexander RB Wyoming
15 Justin Brown WR Oklahoma
13 Danny Coale WR Virginia Tech
18 Jasper Collins WR Mount Union
42 Jordan Dangerfield S Towson
45 Bryce Davis LS Central Oklahoma
74 Christopher Hubbard G UAB
65 Al Lapuaho DT Utah State
30 Miguel Maysonet RB Stony Brook
45 Dan Molls LB Toledo
19 Kashif Moore WR Connecticut
17 Lanear Sampson WR Baylor
30 Devin Smith DB Wisconsin
9 Brad Wing P LSU
49 *Jordan Hall HB Ohio State
2 *Mason Espinosa QB Ohio Wesleyan
4 *Terrance Owens QB Toledo
50 *Vincent Jones C Utah
56 *Adam Gress OT Penn State
57 *Grant King OT Georgia State
26 *Jake Demadel S St. Francis
33 *Lew Toler CB Rutgers
34 *Corey Brown CB Ohio State
8 *Cameron Truss CB Bowling Green
37 *Devon Carrington CB Stanford
27 *Najja Johnson CB Buffalo
44 *Maalik Bomar LB Cincinnati
40 *Delbert Tyler LB Hampton
46 *Shayne Gordon LB Pittsburgh
61 *Mike Franklin DT Sheppard
64 *Jibreel Black DT Michigan
42 *Cody Webster P Purdue
9 *Dayonne Nunley CB Miami (OH)
38 *Dorian Bell LB Duquesne
  • dgh57

    It would be nice if one of those CBs listed would flash enough to get a further look!

  • Alex Kozora

    Keep an eye on Nunley. Three-time First Team MAC who racked up a bunch of tackles. Shows he’s willing to get his nose dirty.

  • scott2443

    so two more qb`s are in camp besides drafted kay …..wonder if landry feels he might be in trouble

  • Superdriller316

    Dave, do you know what’s the deal with Nick Williams? First he’s number is changed, then he’s not on the list for rookie mini camp. Is it due to his injury?

  • SteelersDepot

    You read the interview from the other day? He’s not ready just yet. As for the number, maybe he sold it.

  • Superdriller316

    Must have missed that one. Thanks

  • RMSteeler

    Trib-Review reported today that Nunley is going to San Diego mini camp. Did he change his mind?

  • joed32

    Not a chance.

  • Alex Kozora

    Not sure, just going off what Steelers’ report. Nunley not listed on Chargers’ roster.

    Not uncommon for tryout players to go to multiple rookie camps in the hopes of a deal. Believe Jones is going to the Chiefs’ minicamp right after he’s done with the Steelers.


    Progress. Isn’t it SWEET?!

  • CuldesacBill

    I don’t really see much that’s very interesting out of the 20 tryout players. Maybe Corey Brown from Ohio State or Adam Gress from Penn State, only because those positions seem a little thin in camp.

  • Luis Grove

    Dave, any news as to wether Spence will be able to attend?

  • Thanks for the tip! He looks like a player to watch–ditto, possibly, re Najja Johnson. What’s your take on punter Cody Webster? I saw that he was the third-rated punter in this year’s draft and had good stats and accuracy.

  • Alex Kozora

    No clue about him aside from stats (43.5 avg in 2013, long of 73). But seeing how he’s the third punter, don’t expect him to get a contract. Someone who can give return guys reps during minicamp.

  • GoSteelerz

    Wow… Just watched 13 minutes of awesome highlights of CB Lew Toler… This film was better than what I’ve seen from top prospects in the draft. Granted this is highlights, but we’re talking 13 minutes of highlights, so that’s pretty nice, it shows we’re not talking about fluke plays. Plays zone, off coverage, and in your face man-to-man, flips the hips and runs with receivers, sometimes runs the route better than the receiver does, gets his head around and makes plays on the ball (something our defense desperately needs), great recovery speed when he looks beat and closing speed to make plays vs the run as well, avoids and/or blows up blocks to make tackles in the backfield vs runs and screens/short passes, shows significant physicality. Now this film was from his time at Western Michigan, so I didn’t see anything from his time at Rutgers as he had a season cut short due to injury, so we’ll see if his game can translate to the next level, but the tools and ability, including speed, look to be there on film. I was really impressed with him. I couldn’t find much on the other CB’s, but what I did see of Nunley wasn’t bad, looked like there was potential in the brief bits of film I could find. After seeing that film of Toler though… I hope he shows his stuff in the tryouts and gets a chance… He could be the guy we need that nobody knew about!!!!

  • RMSteeler

    As deep as the draft was in certain positions, this may be the best year to find some special UDFA’s.

  • GoSteelerz

    Also watched a 3 minute highlight film of S Jake DeMedal. Granted it’s just highlights, but those were pretty good. Flashes coverage ability, physicality, ability to shed blocks and make tackles for losses, and special teams splash plays. Looks like a very nice prospect with the classic Pittsburgh Steeler’s physical attitude. Hope he can turn some heads!

  • westcoasteeler

    #56-Jordan Zumwalt

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I hope they give him a fair shot. I’ve watched Golden and Allen for a couple years now and neither is ever going to be a “splash player” in my opinion. Why keep them as security blankets?

    Jake closes vert fast (which is exactly what LeBeau asks of his safeties).

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    In my opinion the UDFA with the best odds of making the roster/practice squad is Josh Mauro (DE) (Stanford).

    A lot times with D-Lineman it’s not so much about measurements. It’s about coordination and quickness and technique.

    A classic example is Jared Allen. Drafted in the 4th round. 6’5″, 265 pounds, 2.72 forty, 1.68 split, 13 bench reps. How did that guy possibly become one of the NFL’s top pass rushers? His superb technique.

    I’m not saying Josh Mauro is the next Jared Allen, but he definitely has the coordination and quickness and tenacity to be a productive pass rusher.

    I’m projecting a starting DL of: Tuitt – McClendon – Heyward, with back ups of: Arnfelt – Thomas – Mauro – McCullers.

  • Wing t

    Did the demedal kid play at Wilmington high school in Pennsylvania?

  • nicolaisim

    It’s just bodies or in this case arms to make practices work.

  • nicolaisim

    Thanks for sharing – that is some highlight tape. Highly instinctive and really fast at getting to the ball. Like this guy…

  • Rubem Dornas


  • Patrick Reid

    Where is Taurean Poole,RB Tenn. on this list? I thought that we signed him to a futures contract. Jordan Dangerfield is very impressive. Along with Demedal, Toler and Mauro. Should have good shots at making the 53/PS.

  • James Kling

    A 2.72 40?

    No wonder Jared Allen rocks!

  • I expect we’ll know one way or the other after this weekend…whether they’ll ask him to stick around for OTAs.

  • GoSteelerz

    I completely agree with you about Dangerfield and Toler as my posts above describe. DeMedal is definitely worth a look as well, I like his attitude and physical presence. Mauro is worth a look, I think he fits what we do. I can’t wait to see what these guys do in the preseason, assuming they get that far!

  • glenn rowles

    i know he is better then the other punters we have