Steelers LB Ryan Shazier Shouldn’t Miss OTAs With Ohio State Now On Semester Calendar

Being as new Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier went to Ohio State, several of you have expressed concern that he might miss the OTA sessions and mandatory mini camp due to the school’s calendar. You will be happy to know that is no longer a problem.

Previously, Ohio State products, tackle Mike Adams, defensive end Cameron Heyward and linebacker Thaddeus Gibson all missed valuable offseason practice time after being drafted by the Steelers because the school was on the quarters system. However, as of last June, Ohio State moved to a traditional semester calendar, so that means Shazier should be able to attend all of the offseason OTA practices in addition to the mandatory mini camp.

First up for Shazier though will be the Steelers rookie mini camp and that gets underway next weekend. After that, The Steelers will begin their OTAs on Tuesday, May 27 – the day after Memorial Day.

  • steeltown


  • 804Stiller

    This is good news. That seems to set Wheaton back too.

  • shawn

    Yes … good news indeed !

  • Addison

    My excitement for this guy is at a fever pitch for this guy now

  • PA2AK

    Thinking about this gives me some positive outlook. While there were plenty of other reasons why, this is likely another reason why Heyward didn’t start earlier. Also, thinking about Mike Adams (who doesn’t seem to make the brightest choices) and missing a lot of critical mental reps, then dealing with the stabbing…might we be in for a significant jump in production with him (in addition to the Munch hire)? Wheaton also dealt with this, but looks to be a bright spot going forward as he progressed quickly in spite of it.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Glad Ohio State made the switch!

  • PA2AK

    I’m with you…kept seeing what’s his name on here mention him for the first round, but never thought twice about the kid. With all the points being thrown around after the pick…looks to be very positive.

  • scott2443

    real good news …this means he can get the full effect of joey porter early and offen

  • Paddy

    Heyward and Adams were seniors so they had to graduate.