Steelers Rookie CB Shaquille Richardson Will Not Miss OTA Practices

As expected, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie cornerback Shaquille Richardson will indeed be able to attend the OTA sessions that get underway on Tuesday.

During the Steelers recent rookie minicamp, head coach Mike Tomlin announced that Richardson and fellow rookie, UCLA linebacker Jordan Zumwalt, would both be forced to miss the OTA practices because of both players being from schools that use the quarter system.

As I stated previously, a quick research following the draft showed that Richardson’s school, Arizona, uses the semester system and not the quarter system.

This is great news for Richardson as being able to attend the OTA practices and mandatory summer minicamp should definitely help in his early development and understanding of the Steelers defense.

Richardson was the Steelers first of two fifth-round draft picks this year. He was originally recruited to UCLA by Steelers defensive backs CarnellLake, but transferred to Arizona prior to the start of his freshman season after being dismissed by the school following him being arrested for suspicion of felony theft.

  • Matt Manzo

    Good news!!!

  • steeltown

    This is good news

  • DoctorNoah

    I hadn’t realized about the felony theft thing. Any details on that?

    A few more like that and he would’ve been recruited by the Ravens and Bengals.

  • whisn

    It’s interesting how character becomes less of an issue, and potential becomes the over-riding priority the further down the draft you tend to go. We missed on Hawthorne last year, (not sure what was up with him?), so we really need this guy to pan out!

  • joed32

    He and two other freshman players supposedly stole a student’s purse. They were cut from the team and later the charges were dropped.

  • CuldesacBill

    I’m glad that has been confirmed. While I don’t think Richardson will get much playing time at CB during his rookie season, the practice time will be invaluable. He can really learn from the experienced CB’s on the team.

  • gene mann

    that is great news regarding a stupid rule

  • Douglas Andrews

    Time for the NFL to reconsider this rule. It only stunts the growth of players.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Because the NFL is the only consideration of football players set to graduate from college

  • Steelers@2010

    No, if they really needed a CB, I think they would have taken one sooner. Obviously the Front Office/Coaches feel as though they are good with the players they have on the roster. I think they are nieve though, we all shall see.

  • Steelers@2010

    I agree with you there.

  • shawn

    not really … the draft just panned out that way … I’m pretty confident that they were targeting Gilbert and would have taken him … ( him & Ebron ) were prob the biggest targets …. just happened that they were both gone and they weren’t excited about the other top CB’s …

    personally i really liked Verret as well … but its really hard to spend a 1st on a primarily slot CB … i liked the Shazier pick in retrospect because it upgrades a need big time and ASAP without too much time spending on the bench & thats whats needed in todays game … you have to get the top picks on the field as soon as possible or else you lose them in FA without getting much use out of them …

    watch what happens to Seattle in a few years when they will not be able to pay all their top performers !

  • shawn

    The more i look at this guy … the more i see he has all the skills to be a good CB … very athletic, good size/speed … knows how to wrap up … makes plays on the ball, etc … his problem is consistency … he is definitely capable of doing everything well .. its just if he will be able to do them day in or day out … and basically thats whats going to determine if he makes it in this league or not ….

    Would be awesome if we found our future replacement & upgrade for Gay or even as a solid #3/or #4 CB … I would be very pleased with those results !

  • steelster

    the hawks will be fine. they are already making extensions and have a lot of depth. It also helps to have Paul Allen as a owner because he will max out the salary cap if he has a winner.

  • joed32

    The Steelers max out the salary cap every year, most teams do.

  • shawn

    i tend to disagree … in 3/4 years they will take a big drop .. still decent of course … but just too many big salaries …

    having 5th round players become stars is a double edge sword … its great at the beginning … but really hurts later on when u have to pay them big bucks as well as the early rounders too … i just can’t see them keeping their core intact !

  • HiVul

    Both the Seahawks and the 49ers are benefiting a lot from the fact that their QBs are still in their rookie contracts if I’m not mistaken

  • shawn

    Yup …. but in the case of the 49ers i think they are in better shape than Seattle as they are just loaded with new talent and keep those draft picks coming ….

    I was not a fan of Seattle’s draft and they are going to need to hit some winners after they end up losing some talent … just these 4 players alone Earl Thomas, Sherman, Chancellor and QB Wilson … are going to be a big portion of their Salary cap a few years down the road …. they are going to need to make some big decisions …

    Lucky for them they have about 3+ great years left before we can expect any kind of breakup to that Nasty D

  • HiVul

    Douglas wasn’t saying that the schools should change their quarter system to accommodate football players, just that the NFL shouldn’t stop players from quarters schools from participating in OTAs etc

  • Steelers@2010

    I agree; as a matter of fact, they pretty much announced that they were targeting Gilbert and would have selected him if he was still there at #15. Ebron? I don’t think so, and truth be told, I’m glad they did not. I was hoping Kyle Fuller would be there, then Chicago swooped him up at #14. I like the Shazier pick as well, it upgraded a position of need, three #1 picks and a 2nd at the LB position, an upgrade at DE as well. I actually like everything they did with the exception of the #3 pick. I think they reached for this kid the same way they reached for a QB in last years draft.

  • Bob Loblaw

    I know that. Does it put some players at a disadvantage? Sure. But it also protects players who want to get a degree who happen to go to quarter schools. At a lot of quarter schools, missing this portion of the year is a good way to fail a quarter’s worth of classes. Leaving that choice there puts a rookie between choosing to finish their degree a put themselves in a coaches bad books, or chase an unlikely career in the NFL with no degree to fall back on.

    NFL eliminates that choice letting the player to finish school while remaining in the coaches’ good books.