Steelers S Troy Polamalu Ranks No. 61 On 2014 NFL Network Top 100

You might not know it and you might not even care, but the NFL Network is now almost halfway through with their annual Top 100 Player series. If you do care, you’ll be glad to know that the Pittsburgh Steelers will have at least one player represented this year in the rankings after going 8-8 once again in 2013.

After barely cracking the list last year at No. 91 due to him being hampered by a calf injury during the 2012 season, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu jumped up 30 spots this year thanks to his play in 2013.

“Troy’s one of a kind. He’s not Greek, but he can read Greek,” said veteran Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor of Polamalu during the video ranking vignette of the safety . “If you want to talk about going in caves and chilling with monks, that’s what he do.”

I’m not totally sure that the 61st ranked Polamalu can read Greek or that he hangs out in caves with monks, but I do know that a healthy version of the eight-time Pro Bowler can still make an impact on the field.

Last season, Polamalu set a career-high in forced fumbles as he was responsible for causing five of them in 2013 even though he was required to play quite a bit at linebacker out of necessity.

While we have already discovered over the years that the Top 100 Player series isn’t really voted on by as many players as the network would like you to believe, the ranking of any Steelers player that winds up making the list is always worth highlighting and fun to debate.

With 59 more players yet to be ranked, one would think that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will once again make the list. Wide receiver Antonio Brown should also finally make his debut on the list this year as well.

  • 2443scott

    love how hes ranked where he gets ranked in diff rankings …but their isnt a team in nfl that wouldnt take him in a heart beat …..i bet hes won more games in his play than some of the so called ranked number 1 through 5 cbs in league.

  • srdan

    Polumalu as a safety is a good player, perhaps even great.

    Polumalu as a playmaker is one of the best players the NFL has seen in a long time. I would rank him top five along with Lewis, Reed, Dion and White. I’m sure there are others that could be argued onto htat list, but I feel confident that it would be hard to bump polumalu off the top ten list of playmakers the league has seen. The other thing he is good at is that his plays happen at important moments. I was first row in baltimore on sunday night and saw a 4th quarter play that solidifed our season.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Yup. He’s great. And this year if the Front 7 start causing mayhem like the old days, you will see his FF’s drop, but his INT’s go back up like the old days. He along with Allen should be the big winners. Let’s hope we signs of that this year, otherwise we may have to wait until they all get it right in 2015.

  • Agustin-ARG

    TROY 4 3ver