The Terrible Podcast – Steelers 2014 NFL Draft Recap Episode


Season 4, Episode 103 of The Terrible Podcast is up and co-host David Todd and I get right into talking about the nine players that Pittsburgh Steelers selected in the 2014 NFL Draft.

David and I get things started by giving you our quick overview of the Steelers draft before attaching early grades to it.

We go pick by pick after that and breakdown each player as it relates to strengths and weaknesses, and also speculate about the chance of each to make the final 53 man roster out of training camp.

We look at a few areas that the Steelers seem to be short at depth wise and wonder specifically about the depth at the outside linebacker position in 2014 and the cornerback position in 2015.

As usual, a few more talking points are mixed in and discussed during the show that are not mentioned in this recap.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 103 of Season 4 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • shawn

    Good Podcast !… thing about Bryant is … of course he won’t start week 1 or likely EVER for that matter … i dont think they brought him in for that reason … he is a role WR (which we needed) and depending on if he even shows a glimpse of what he can do in training camp and in pre season specifically … i would not be surprised one bit if he is the 3rd WR in many of the packages by mid season and if that is the case wouldnt be surprised at all if he contributes 400-500 yds with 5 -6 TDs when its all said n done … especially in the playoffs

    THis is not the Steelers of 5 yrs ago or even 3 yrs ago .. they are going to let the youngsters play and play soon …. unless they stink up the joint … all 4 guys ( Tuitt, Shazier, Dri & Martavis) will get significant playing time real real soon !

  • Axe Skot

    Beachum, fellas.

  • Dom

    I think you guys meant Beachum. I’m looking for the recap with Dave Te.

  • James Christensen

    No, I don’t think you are missing the boat on the OLB thing. I didn’t have a problem with any of the picks over the weekend (after I got over the shock of not taking Dennard in the 1st,) but passing on an OLB in favor of Zumwalt was a head-scratcher, and Shaquile Richardson seemed a bit of a reach based on ratings by a number of sites. I’ll be rooting for Howard Jones to show something in camp and at least make the practice squad.

    Good draft, overall. We are younger and faster.

  • SteelersDepot

    What did I say? I talk too fast and my brain lags behind?

  • Dom

    I believe you said Benjamin a few times but without re listening to it I wouldn’t be so sure

  • joed32

    I think Zumwalt may end up on the outside or as a backup at both spots. He played all over the place at UCLA.

  • Matt Smith

    Dave Todd is the name butcher. A couple times every episode.


    Maybe the Steelers didn’t value the OLB position as much this year because they play so much sub package football. You have a lot of guys that can rush the QB in Worilds, Jones, Cam and now Shazier and Tuitt. Plus they are talking about getting Steve in sub packages. Depending on the front 4-2-5 or 2-4-5 maybe they feel they have a lot of different option there. That’s all I can think of.


    I don’t see him as a role WR. He has the potential to be similar to AJ Green. He’s raw, and probably could of used another year at Clemson. Which is fine for us because if he came out next year he’s not a 4th rounder.

  • Jon Crissinger

    Yeah, you both started running with Kelvin Benjamin instead of Kelvin Beachum.

  • shawn

    He does have similarities to AJ … but he has a lot to improve in his game & that will take a while … I dont think he will ever become a true 1 or 2 WR, but obviously possible with his talent … by role i mean, no matter how raw he is he can be used now due to his rare size and speed which i think they will take advantage of immediately …especially they will give him chances in the RZ and see what he can do right away … !

  • srdan

    Good podcast.

    You do a lot, but talking fast is not one of them lol. Thats good for some of us, the less fortunate in the gene lottery.

  • MC

    haha yeah i noticed that.

  • MC

    Not so sure about that. I mean i don’t thikn any thought Antonio Brown would be a starter let alone the number 1 guy after being drafted in the 5th round. Bryant has the potential to be anything in my opinion.

  • shawn

    Looking at ABs skill set it was easy to see how he could be a #2 guy pretty quickly, and at least be a # 3 slot guy if not #2 …. I just dont see the same qualities in Bryant at all !!! (can’t see him getting 70+ catches /1000 yd + seasons )

    Thats not to take away anything from him, I and the rest of the fan base i think it is safe to assume would be ecstatic if he becomes a solid #3 with big play potential and contributes in big play situations !

    Would you be disappointed if he turned out Alvin Harper like performances ( 8 TDs/ 700+ yds) but coming in big plays and timely situations to help us win key games …. i know i sure wouldnt be disappointed !