The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers 2014 Draft And Rookie Minicamp With Scott Brown Of Episode


Season 4, Episode 105 of The Terrible Podcast is up and with co-host David Todd needing to take care of a few personal items on Tuesday, I am pleased to be joined for nearly a full hour by Scott Brown, who covers the Pittsburgh Steelers for

To start off this episode, Scott fills us in on what it’s like working for ESPN. He tells us about the freedom he has at the major media outlet and how it compares to working for a newspaper.

Scott and I then move on to talk about the Steelers 2014 draft and he gives us his thoughts on several of the players selected this year.

Scott was present for the Steelers rookie minicamp that was held this past weekend and he fills us in on the things that stood out to him.

As usual, a few more talking points are mixed in and discussed during the show that are not mentioned in this recap.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 105 of Season 4 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Dom

    Good job filling in Scott, Can’t be easy

  • srdan

    Dave T, I hope everything is well!

  • Matthew Suloman

    Yawn.. He should stick to The Blog

  • Matthew Suloman

    I meant Mr. Brown. Love Mr. Todd

  • StarSpangledSteeler


    I love this site but I think you’re off a bit on projected snaps. It seems like you anticipate every one of our starters to play all 16 games. When was the last time we had all our WR’s healthy for an entire year? When was the last time we had all our RB’s healthy for an entire year?

    Look at Vince Williams. He was projected to get virtually no snaps. If Brown or Wheaton or Moore gets hurt, Bryant is probably the #3 WR. If either Bell or Blount get hurt, guess who is our #2 RB?

    Football is a game of attrition. You HAVE TO take injuries into account when you’re assembling a roster or projecting snap counts. (IMO)

  • shawn

    I really dont know where this 7 snaps a game for Dri is coming from … utterly ridiculous in my estimation … in my view people are really off with their projections … people are wondering about rushing plays and not enough balls to go around … its not really hard to figure out

    1. Bell 20+/- a game
    2. Blount 5+/- a game (more or less depending how much they want
    to rest Bell)

    3. Dri 5 +/- a game (15+ snaps offense a game)
    4. WJ /others a couple snaps a game at most

    Thats about 30+/- rushes a game …

    ***I think what everybody is missing is its not how many carries or plays that Archer gets in a game that will justify his late 3rd round pick … its his IMMENSE EXPLOSIVE POTENTIAL in the PLAYOFFS that makes him so valuable … in the playoffs you need to have as many weapons and mismatches as possible and thats where his best value comes from !! I think he will do well in the regular season …. but if he doesnt have heavy stats in the reg season and has a few explosive plays in the playoffs to help us win games i think he has filled his role superbly !

    I dont exactly understand what Scott was thinking when he said that a team could simply neutralise Archer in Kickoffs by kicking it out of the end zone …. which absolutely makes no sense … Kickers try to kick it out of the end zone every time regardless of the returner … if it was so easy touchbacks wouldn’t hover around 50% even less at Heinz field especially in the winter … so he will get plenty of chances on returns irregardless of how much kickers want to kick it out of the end zone !