2015 NFL Draft Likely To Have April Start, Unlikely To Take Place In New York

If you are one of the many hoping the 2015 NFL Draft is moved back to the month of April, it sounds like you might be in luck.

According to a Thursday tweet by NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, the league is currently looking at dates in the window of April 22-25 and also April 29-May 2 for next year’s draft.

In addition to the draft possibly returning to an April start, there’s a good chance that New York won’t be hosting it. While McCarthy said Thursday that the league is “focusing” on New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles as possible locations for the 2015 draft, sources have told Adam Schefter of ESPN that scheduling issues have made New York City the least likely option of the three cities.

ESPN also reported on Friday that Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston are other cities that currently being considered as host for the 2015 draft and that a final decision is expected to be made by the end of June.

  • mem359

    Since Pittsburgh is unlikely to get a Super Bowl bid, have the draft there.
    Arrange for the draftees to make a trip to Canton before the draft (like the Steelers did recently for their rookies).

  • CW

    Like the Canton trip idea.

  • Pitfan0513

    I hope they have it in Chicago, attending an NFL Draft is definitely on my bucket list!

  • Ike Evans

    thank god….the date this year was ridiculous

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Pittsburgh would be an interesting choice. Not sure they’d go from NYC right to the Burgh, but we did host the G-20 Summit, so you never know.

    I guess the two most likely venues would be Consol and the Convention Center.

  • steelster

    Why hold it in L. A. they don’t have a team.

  • joed32

    The NFL wants to have a team in L.A. The people there don’t care about getting a team, but we do have a lot of fans of other teams. I went to a Steeler Charger game and the stadium was more than half black and gold. I could picture the draft being similar.

  • steelster

    L.A. has already failed twice with teams. I could see the jaguars moving to L.A. and failing. I live in Portland and we are the largest city with only one professional sports team would and love to have an nfl team. Steeler road games always get a big turn out of steeler fans.

  • Ahmad

    Bring the draft to Pittsburgh! If they put it April 29- May 2 I might be able to go in person since classes end around that time.

  • joed32

    Yep. except that they failed 3 times, The Chargers started in L.A.