Ben Roethlisberger Has Some Advice For Johnny Manziel

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is a kid that likes to have fun off of the football field and pictures of that fun are usually broadcasted out over social media by not only him, but TMZ and others.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger can somewhat sympathize with Manziel, but believes the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner isn’t helping his own situation with his actions.

“It’s tough, because he’s already got the ball rolling and it’s hard to really just stop it,” said Roethlisberger of Manziel during a Monday interview on 93.7 The Fan. “I think some of it he’s brought it on kind of himself. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t do social media, because you’re asking for it. So when you’re tweeting stuff and Instagramming and all of those other things they have out there now, when you’re doing all of that stuff you’re putting it out there yourself. So of course you feel bad, you want to be able to have just a normal life, but when you’re putting it out there, it’s hard to do that.”

While Roehlisberger did say that he has yet to meet or talk to Manziel, he believes the rookie should heed a quote that he recently heard that best applies to his situation.

“I like the quote that I heard, it might be even one of his teammates said, ‘As a rookie you should be seen, not heard.’ I like that, I might start using that for our guys. It’s pretty good.”

Roethlisberger and the Steelers open the 2014 regular season at home against the Browns and I’m sure that Manziel will be seen and heard from plenty more by the time that game rolls around.

  • joed32

    I think Ben does too many interviews.

  • steeltown

    I like that Ben doesn’t use social media, more players should do the same. He says it perfectly when referring to “a normal life” obviously these players are for the most part famous and rich and a normal life hardly applies, but the best way to try and live a normal relaxing, drama free life is to not participate in the social media craze. Like he says, you’re putting it out there yourself.

  • srdan

    I give BB a lot of credit. He has come a long way from the rape allegations. He has become a lot more consistent in the community, media and the field. He made a conscious decision to change his life and he has. I give him a lot of credit for his maturation. He is in a position now that he can offer advice.

    Now let’s win the 7th, and I’ll give him even more credit.

  • steelant

    joed32 he the starting QB of the steelers

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Well said, srdan. I also think Ben has matured tremendously in the past couple years. You can tell he’s taking on more of a “fatherly” approach as far as the rookies go, which is both surprising and respectable.

    Sometimes we forget, these NFL players literally live rockstar lives. They are young, they are famous, they have money, they have access and preferential treatment in most places they go.

    It’s very difficult to give these guys “reality checks” once the ball starts rolling. Glad to see that Ben is at least trying.

    I just think it’s funny that Ben seems to see a lot of himself in Johnny. And that he’s warning him. “Be careful, kid. You’re in the big boys club now. And this club will humble you quick.”

  • 20Stoney

    Just wish he’d keep the advice for his own teammates. Let the Browns worry about “Johnny Football.”

  • srdan

    I get your point, but Ben was getting advice from Ray Lewis when he was going through the rape allegations. These guys don’t see teams, I think they view each other as a part of a fraternity. Similar to my workplace, I am better friends with people in other departments than in mine.

  • bushwack 23

    So…, A serial rapist who attacks young girls in bars and then pays to have the video evidence destroyed is giving Johnny Football advice? No thanks.

  • steeltown


  • srdan

    You signed up on the site just to get that tidbit off your chest? You are bushwhacked.

  • bushwack 23

    Oh wait, it was just alleged that there was logged in evidence from security cam footage in the last alleged incident, where charges were dropped because the evidence disappeared. My bad.

  • joed32

    They don’t have security cams in bathrooms.

  • Benjamin Simpson

    I know what you mean but, I’m sure he was ask what advice he would give the rookie.

  • bushwack 23

    C’mon I’d find it just as funny if it was Josh Gordon giving advice. At least Gordon has actually met the guy. We just hope Josh isn’t giving him rides to practice.

  • srdan

    You dont have to worry about that. Josh is not allowed to practice.

  • Benjamin Simpson

    Most of the interviews are a means to plug their charity events and when your the starting QB and a leader of your football team. Everyone wants to know your opinions.

  • Claire Bartell

    I think we have heard from just about everyone on what they think Manziel should or shouldn’t do. Stop asking the question…you are just adding to the hype.

  • frednash

    when ben retires from football

    he’s going to be one of the best tv color guys ever

    he might be better than anyone

    he has that goofy look about him!

  • Aric Brown

    You should at least google the incident before blabbering nonsense

  • Jeff

    People still talk about this? Lol… Give it up, the guy is married and has 2 kids now!

  • bushwack 23

    Which one?

  • steelster

    Why would manziel listen to big ben.

  • Aric Brown

    I would say both since neither situations are even remotely close to what you are saying

  • Weiss Chad

    Well said

  • Weiss Chad

    Lmao.For one this is America not Iraq ..You are innocent til proven guilty..For two how do you know he paid to have evidence destroyed?Did you destroy it??Were you there at witnessed it or do you just like to go on public oppinion as your own and judge someone you know nothing about for doing something you know nothing about.Detectives couldn’t find any evidence of a crime but you have??Not only that but you put your own twist on it and decide to say he paid someone to get rid of evidence.Im not saying he did or didn’t do it ,but all it is is allegations..-just sayin

  • bushwack 23

    At least I got somebody laughing over there. You guys are all so serious, not like when you’re trolling the Browns message boards. I don’t know that Gordon didn’t simply miss a scheduled test or didn’t know what someone was smoking in his car either, but the more times he gets caught the more guilty he looks. My whole point was that may be he should not be throwing stones.

  • 2443scott

    my advice for manziel duck run hold your hand up so coach sees you have a question because your in the afc north and your playing for the 2nd named browns team because every qb before you learned that advice already..

  • 20Stoney

    I know that isn’t how it is anymore. One of the things that irritates the crap out of me is seeing a Steeler laughing it up with at Raven or a Bengal on the field after a loss when I’m sitting there feeling sick. Definitely not Jack Lambert’s league. I’m a dinosaur.

  • 20Stoney

    He has quite a history brother.

  • IckyD

    He was never accused of rape.


  • IckyD

    You’re trash and a troll.

    What kind of decent soul wallows in your kind of filth?

    Do you enjoy seeking out other fiendish hypocrites?

  • IckyD

    And your wretched fantasy deepens as it becomes more public.

    Are you aroused by such grotesque trolling?

    If so, seek therapy- or an excorcism.

  • IckyD

    The one with your sister- where you watch from the dark shadows in the corner.

  • IckyD

    You’re obsessed with Ben and secretly want him to take you like a young virgin girl. It’s jealousy.

    Isn’t it?

  • IckyD

    Who should not throw stones?

    You’re the only “pitcher” here. Do you “catch” too?

    Ben was not accusing- he was attempting to offer advice- but you turned it filthy immediately.

    You could be so much more…

  • SG

    So tired of hearing about Johnny Goofball…..guy will be lucky if he manages to still be in the league in three years.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    Good advice from Ben… Manziel needs to grow and and slow it down before he hurts his career.
    Ben was in the same situation himself when he was younger and more immature.
    Like I said, good advice but being young, I doubt Manziel take it from Ben like Ben didn’t want to take it from Bradshaw.

  • Zach Clary

    He was accused but he wasn’t charged.

  • Zach Clary

    He’s the starting QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers and it’s the offseason. Reporters and the media in general are looking for anything to report right now as stories are few and far between. Ben deserves some credit. He’s definitely matured into a true field general and leader of this football team. He’s saying all the right things it seems and I think he’s come a long was since the outlandish rape allegations earlier on in his career.

  • Zach Clary

    The way that Manziel is going isn’t looking good. Kid needs to tone it down. Reminds me a lot of Matt Leinart a former Heisman winner that had a ton of hype surrounding him coming out of USC and put more effort into partying than actually playing football. Nothing wrong with a little fun but keep it to yourself and stop being a distraction for your team.

    Just my .02 cents. If Manziel fails I’m not going to complain because in the end the Browns are the enemy.

  • srdan

    The only time I troll browns forums is after a Steelers win. So 2 to three times a year. lol

  • Dan

    Every summer, I read about new players, new coaches, new front office in Cleveland and I get concerned. Oh they got this top draft pick or that great FA, and I think they might be a real problem this year. Again this year, I have those feelings, but at least this year the thoughts are appeased a bit by all the goofball stuff going on with Johnny and the Gordon suspension. The Browns have screwed up some potentially pretty great players under several coaching and FO regimes, so we have to believe there’s something wrong with that place, and that it will continue. I was most pleased to see that this year their big slogan/mantra is: “Play like a Brown” Lets all hope they do!

  • treeher

    Immaturity. Sense of entitlement. Favorite son treatment. Fan adoration. Too much money. Put it all together and only the strong, dedicated personalities will overcome the temptations of fame and fortune.

  • MC

    its not like he’s 18. He’s old enough and there have been many stories in the past of people coming into the league like this then crashing and burning. Let him do what he wants and deal with whatever ramifications come with it.