Chuck Noll Dead At 82

The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost a legend this evening as former head coach Chuck Noll has passed away at the age of 82.

Noll was named head coach of the Steelers on January 27, 1969 and coached the team to four Super Bowl championships over the course of 23 seasons.

Noll retired with a 209-156-1 record in all games, including a 16-8-0 post-season record.

In 1993 Noll was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

  • Louis Goetz

    The second saddest day in Steelers history.

  • SG

    So sad, RIP Chuck. Greatest coach of the greatest team of all time.

  • Chazsteelerfan

    Great coach, great man, thanks for everything Chuck. The Football team just got a lot better wherever you are now

  • afrazier9

    Rest in peace coach sad in the nation

  • cp72

    God bless….thanks for setting the standard. The most underrated coach of all time.

  • BigSnack

    we celebrate your life today

  • swoosh18

    RIP coach Noll, you were the greatest and the reason The Steelers have been and always will be the most respected franchise in NFL history. Without you it never would have happened. Very Sad day for steeler nation.

  • Matt Manzo

    This ones for Coach!!!

  • Steelers@2010

    The Greatest NFL Coach of All Time, highly underrated too. I watched him coach all four of those Super Bowls Teams of the 70’s. He will deeply be missed, but his legacy will forever live. R.I.P. Chuck.

  • michael young

    “Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.” – Chuck Noll

    RIP Coach.

  • Benjamin Simpson

    Rest in peace Mr. Noll.. You truly were a coach that understood the importance of fundamentals and being a technician in regards to every aspect of play on the football field. You leadership in respect to focus of the task at hand and only concerning ourselves with what we can control set the table for the greatest dynasties in the NFL. Your presences itself has impacted the lives of millions. Your life’s works shall be celebrated for many, many years to come. You are immortalized in Pittsburgh Steeler and Hall of Fame history for ever. You will not be forgotten. Thank you for all you have done.

  • Michael Pearce

    A shocking and sad day to all Steeler fans and Steeler Nation around the world. I grew up watching Noll mold the lowly Steelers into the Greatest Dynasty the NFL has ever and will ever see. I truly feel this loss, as much as if it was a member of my own family. In a way he was to all of us. Gigantic loss to Pittsburgh, The Steelers, and the entire NFL. RIP Charles Henry Noll, The Emperor.

  • CrazyTerry


  • dgh57

    Sad day for Steeler Nation as we lost a great Coach and a great man who was a HUGH part of four of the six SB Trophies we now have.

  • steelster

    A sad day. My heart and prayers go out to his family.

  • Dave Lammers

    sorry to hear stealer legend has died

  • whisn

    RIP Chuck – the drafting, the discipline, the coaching, the attitude, THE MAN!

    Chuck made me a Steeler, thanks Chuck.

  • Zach

    RIP coach Noll. On an unrelated note, I hope we go after CB Brandon Flowers.

  • 2443scott

    i woke to this shocker ..i saw on my facebook hines ward commented about it …i remember when he became the coach and saw all the superbowls he won …some times i wished he had more involvement in the steeler drafts over the years ..i always felt he never got the accolades he deserved winning so many superbowls and the team he build by the media ….but the nfl and the steeler fans surely gave them …and the hall of fame surely shows it … he can now coach for the big guy up in heaven i am sure their was a line from the heavenly gates all the way to his spot in heaven with steeler fans shakeing his hand along the way in peace coach you just won the big one a spot in (heaven)

  • Just want to say that if it wasn’t for Chuck Noll, I would have never became the fan of football that I am today. He made me a ‘super fan’ of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He turned me into the ‘Steel Maniac’ that I am today by bringing together the greatest bunch of football players the world has ever seen on one football team. I remember watching them was a kid and I’ll never forget the state of utter stunned amazement I was in when I saw them play for the very first time. They truly were a team of super athletes. There will never be a tighter-knit group of players and a tighter-knit sports franchise than the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chuck Noll was one of the main reasons for that. His never ending pursuit for greatness spread to his players and they would clime the highest mountain for him as they would win four super bowls in the 70s with him at the helm and more than likely would have won six had it not been for a few injuries to players that set them back before that goal could be attained. A quiet man was Noll as he would stay out of the spotlight only to put the Steelers in the spotlight as they would thrive to be the team of the 70s and the greatest team of all time. Chuck was a true master of the draft and he proved it by turning things around in Pittsburgh. He put together a team that will forever be remembered as the greatest of all time. Chuck was the master. There will never be another coach like him. (He died at age 82 which was also the jersey number of the most reliable wide receiver the Steelers have ever had in John Stallworth who was drafted by coach Noll in a way that only he could have gotten it done at the time. Those who know what happened with that draft way back then know what I mean. That was a brilliant move, Chuck.) You will be missed and never forgotten. R.I.P.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Chuck Knoll arrived in Pittsburgh with a difficult task. He was about to take on the coaching duties of the team that had been losing for 40 years. With the support of the Rooneys, over the next 12 years he created one of the greatest dynasties the world has ever seen.

    He was a great teacher, a great motivator, and he did something much more important. He not only built championship teams but he also built great characters, great men. These men were not just great champions, great professionals but also great family men and great leaders, men who would go on to be respected leaders in their various communities.

    He is undoubtably the main reason for the turnaround of the Pittsburgh Steelers. From losers to one of the greatest franchises the world sports scene has ever produced. In honor of this great leader of men this morning I will have a brandy with my espresso. Thank you Chuck Knoll.

  • Jacob Dixon


  • dave

    Chuck Noll has always been so under-rated because he wasn’t a loud-mouth self-promoter (cough…John Madden…cough) People still call him Chuck “Knox” or Chuck “Knoll”. I’ll always remember him as the best of all-time, even if the national media overlooks him.. RIP Chuck Noll

  • Virdin Barzey

    What an amazing coach, family man, individual. He was great and will always be great in the hearts and minds of all us Steelers and to the entire city of Pittsburgh.

    I pray that they do something on the jerseys this year to honor Chuck. I don’t need another Jersey but you can never have enough especially if it is dedicated to Chuck. This whole season should be about Chuck.

    Never forgotten..Always a champion.

  • steeltown

    RIP Chuck