Five Friday Night Questions Concerning The Steelers

It’s Friday night and in order to keep your minds sharp while you drink your favorite beverage, I have five questions for you to answer below.

1. In your opinion, what’s the biggest story through the first two weeks of OTA practices?

2. In addition to Le’Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount, Will Johnson and Dri Archer all making the 53 man roster, would you consider keeping another running back? If so, who? Is he on the roster, currently?

3. Rank Darrius Heyward-Bey, Derek Moye and Justin Brown as it relates to how much and how well each can contribute in 2014 and only 2014.

4. Over the course of the last four seasons, Lance Moore has averaged 55 catches. Will he be over or under that number in 2014?

5. How many of the nine draft picks will make the final 53 man roster and which ones fail to do so?

  • Crowned

    1. Why is Tuitt being worked in so slow?
    2. No.
    3. DHB, Justin Brown, Derek Moye.
    4. Yes.
    5. Yes. Going against history, all 9 make it.

  • Frank Nitti

    1. Ryan Shazier directly into the first team line-up

    2. I don’t think we will, but If we sign another RB, it might as well be LSH (depends on his health)

    3. DHB > Moye >> Brown; I don’t buy into the Brown reports

    4. over

    5. Seven; McCullers & Zumwalt ==> PS

  • Iron Cadet

    Number 4 wasn’t a yes or no question

  • steelster

    1. No big story
    2. yes, they resign LSH(health permitting)
    3. DHB,brown,moye
    4. under 55
    5. 8. McCullers doesn’t make it.

  • Crowned

    Thanks, fixed.

  • chris ward

    1. IMO Ryan Shazier right in with the one’s as a rookie and was a little surprised to hear that Cam Thomas was at left DE and Heyward on the right DE.
    2. I like the RB core with Bell, Blount, Archer, Johnson as the 53-man roster RB’s
    3. Probably would say DHB, Moye, then Brown.
    4. Moore over 55 catches.
    5.7 make the 53 man roster, McCullers and Johnson on practice squad.

  • John C

    1. Nothing
    2. Just the 4
    3. Brown – DHB and Moye cut
    4. Under
    5. 7

  • Milliken Steeler

    You should watch him catch. He almost beat Moye out last year with Moye having a year being on the practice squad He runs better routes and he is a tall receiver as well as having special teams experience.

    I bet Moye doesn’t make it this year,

  • Brian Miller

    1. The amount of speed, especially on defense! Can’t wait to see it in real action.
    2. Not on the actual roster, only on practice squad.
    3. DHB, Brown, Moye – I kind of believe the hype right now, but if the rumors are true about him doing well, and playing all positions, I can see him passing DHB.
    4. Under
    5. 8 – I really like this draft class, and truly believe that the majority of them can/will make the roster.

  • Matt Manzo

    1: JBrowns reports. I expected him to get washed out by all the new guys.
    2: those 4 are perfect!
    3: DHB, Brown, Moye. In rooting for Brown though.
    4: under. Wheaton will take a lot of those.
    5: 8. Zumwalt to the PS. Zums my guy, but I think he missed valuable time at OTAs and it sounds like SoOto and Moats can handle OLB depth this year. I also think Mcullers makes the team in Fangupos spot!

  • Jason C.

    1. Since people have already said Shazier with 1st team, I’ll go Worlids injury. Is he just being overly cautious in voluntary workouts or is this a pattern?
    2. Nope. Even if Archer struggles in training camp he won’t be dropped as a 3rd round pick and will be our third down back.
    3. DHB, Moye, Brown. I love the idea of DHBs talent, even after his many failures.
    4. Under. Wheaton exceeds expectations, stealing catches from Moore.
    5. McCullers out. 50/50 on Zumwalt. So, 7.

  • Aric Brown

    1. Ben taking a bigger leadership role
    2.No. FA pool if any injuries
    3.DHB, JB, Moye… DHB being the only contributor… big playability and freeing up space for other receivers
    4.Under… way under im thinking max of 35 but i bet almost half are for a first down
    5.Shazier, Tuitt and Archer are the only locks and Mcullers is the only player i dont see having a real shot at making the team

  • patrick Mayfield

    1. Moving Timmons to buck (Which lets Shazier start)

    2. I would not but the Steelers always have 5 so I expect them to. Best guess IMO is a waiver wire guy. Lack of competition at rb and fb is maybe a top 3 failing of the offseason. From the current roster it’s Maysonnet v. Alvester neither likely worthy of the 53.

    3. DHB>Brown>Moye I think DHB will see 20 snaps at 4 WR sets and maybe a game or two as injury fill in. Even if he’s not getting the ball he can take the top off the coverage. Brown will likely make it on ST but you won’t hear his name. Moye maybe out the outside of the bubble at this point. Moye is a slower, lankier less experienced DHB.

    4. Under. I don’t expect him to outdo Cotchery. 35-40 more likely.

    5. 7 Zumwalt and McCullers. Zumwalt has to beat Spence, Garvin, So’oto and I think he’s behind all those guys. If he can play outside then he has a shot but no way inside. McCullers likewise I don’t see at NT due to his height. We have too much depth at DE in Mauro, Tuitt, Arnfelt for him to make the roster there.

  • Riverstko

    1 New starters Shazier and Wheaton Looking Good!
    2 No, use that roster spot for a WR(5)
    3 Moye Brown Bey
    4 Over
    5 8 Zumwalt could play spec. teams, Blanchflower out but on PS

  • dgh57

    1. So’oto taking reps from Carter who needs to go!

    2. No. But if they do it could be someone already on the roster like a Tauren Poole.

    3. J. Brown-DHB-Moye. Brown wins out because we need a backup punt return guy behind Archer and to keep our #1 WR A. Brown from doing that task!

    4. Under. Unless the injury big hits.

    5. Seven. Zumwalt and Mount McCullers to the PS though I wish they could make the teams because the positions they play are important.

  • Jeff

    1. Why Vince isn’t taking the starting reps at ILB and what’s going on with Blanchflower?

    2. Alexander has an outside chance.

    3. DHB, Brown, Moye

    4. Under. (especially with Heath healthy this year)

    5. 8. Depending on how Paulson does in training camp, Blanchflower could be the odd man out or it could be Wesley Johnson.

  • dave

    1. Nothing yet till they sign Santonio.
    2. Yes, but not on the roster yet.
    3. Moye, DHB, Brown
    4. Under, too many other options.
    5. 5 make the roster, Richardson, Zumwalt, McCullers, and Blanchflower will not.

  • Douglas Andrews

    1. Coach Peezy’s having an impact with our young LB’s
    2. Yes I would consider another running back but only on the practice squad.
    3. DHB Justin Brown D. Moye
    4. Under…with a healthy Heath Miller don’t see Moore getting 55 catches
    5. I’ll go out on a lime and say 8/9 with Zumwalt being the odd man out.

  • Guest

    2. seems like most fans are overlooking Will Johnson.. Imo, if you want a true power running game. You better have a solid FB and I believe he is just that. The man can catch, block, and run the rock.. Not really sure why he hasn’t been utilized more thus far. An oversight if you asked me..

  • Zach

    1. In the absence of Troy, Will Allen taking 1st team reps instead of Shamarko (I don’t see Shamarko as Troy’s replacement).
    2. Yes (they have had 5 RBs usually). not on the roster and taken after Sep cuts.
    3. I have no idea between DHB and Brown, but Moye is the last.
    4. More like 40 catches if Wheaton is what we hope he is.
    5. All 9.

  • Matt Manzo

    I didn’t know WAllen was starting over Shark? That makes me worry!

  • Zach

    Yep Matt, that makes us two! I’ve said repeatedly here that I don’t see Shark as Troy’s replacement, and it seems that he will become the next will allen (a quality backup). Although I hope I ahve to eat my own words! Will allen (himself a 4th round pick) actually filled in well the last years.

  • JohnB

    1. No-huddle coming along nicely, Shazier in starting lineup first day out. Health.
    2. I think we should have one more for depth purposes, don’t want WJ as RB.
    3. DHB>Brown>Moye…DHB cause of experience, but I want Brown.
    4.hmm under.
    5. Johnson and Zumwalt…if Bryant doesn’t stay motivated he could be PSed.

  • walter mason

    1- Shazier
    2- yes, LSH
    3- DHB, Moye, J. Brown
    4- over
    5- Five

  • Dupree

    I would be very surprised if the Team doesn’t view him as the long term replacement for Troy. They traded a 3rd rounder for him.

  • shawn

    I will be curious as to how it plays out … I too think there is a decent chance that Shamarko is not Troy’s replacement … but either ways he will be a valuable DB in our secondary that can play the slot or back up the Safety position … He has plenty of speed and can Hit … so i think it is a win either way … but i think after this season we might have a better idea if we look to the draft for another high Safety pick … either way I hope Will Allen is not taking too many snaps away from Shamarko … he needs all that he can get for his development, especially since I see this being the last year for Will !

  • Zach

    yep, it’s a nice story to follow through camp. I agree that either being a slot DB / backup safety it’s a good pick.

  • ApexSteel

    1.Team Speed
    2.Not really.
    3.DHB, Brown, Moye
    5. 6 make it. McCullers, Blanchflower, and Johnson get cut.

  • Jonas

    Thomas is 310lbs and Heyward 290lbs – imo it makes sense having the lighter (pass rushing) DE on the blind side, the stuffer on the strong side!

    And also when shifting to a 3-4 under (might as well be a 4-3 over), it makes sense having the heavier DE inside (more or less 3-tech) and the more athletic on the outside (5 or 6 tech). Sam could than get his hand in the dirt or not..

  • Jonas

    I was very suprised that So’oto seems to impress.. did not have him o my radar!

  • Jonas

    As far as I read, Roy Philon impressed the scouts more. Technique-wise for the Steelers 5-tech duties..

  • John Romanski

    1. As always, big news or small news, the injury report.
    2. No. Need that spot elsewhere. Pick a guy off the street if necessary.
    3. In that order, which presumably is the current depth chart.
    4. Under. He’s past his prime.
    5. Seven. The 2 6th rounders.

  • nicolaisim

    1. John Mitchell’s comparing Stephon Tuitt to a young Aaron Smith and saying
    “This guy in shape in the right frame of mind is a heck of a football player.”
    That’s not trown out a lot by this great coach.
    2. Not currently. OTA’s won’t reveal a whole lot about RBs and even in training camp I just can’t see them carrying another back. If this is the case there’s an additional spot on teams for a LB or possibly a TE.
    3. Derek Moye, Justin Brown, DHB. I’m excited to see about Justin Brown in camp. DHB drops way to many passes and catching the ball is still the most important skill-set, so I don’t think he makes it and that’s fine.
    4. Over, but slightly. Thinking 60-65.
    5. 7 – McCullers and Zumwalt heading to practice squad. Zumwalt needs to get stronger and make the team as a backup OLB. I’m also not sure about Wesley Johnson – I think he makes it, thinking they’ll carry eight and him beating out Whimper (Which would be awesome).

  • Jim McCarley

    1. I’m still excited about Porter and Munchak…
    2. No, not on the starting roster,…four is enough to dress.
    3. Brown , Moye, DHB will disappoint.
    4. under
    4. I’ll say Wesley Johnson because he’s too big to play special teams…I like McCullers to make it for goal line packages..

  • Geoff Cordner

    1. No news is BIG news. No drama, no injuries.. I like.
    2. No other RBs please. We are set.. Archer is going to surprise!
    3. Justin Brown, and then a tie between DHB and Moye (as neither will make roster!)
    4. Lance Moore will be over 55 catches and easily. Perhaps a down year for Antonio Brown.. either way he’s going to be the new safety blanket for Big Ben.
    5. Wesley Johnson, Blanchflower and McCullers all won’t make the roster. They will be in practice squad though!

  • Donny Simmons

    1- Jason Worlds injured, saw that coming! Other than him I like the reports on the line.

  • HoustonJr

    1. Who will be the starting WR opposite A. Brown – Wheaton or Moore?
    2. No; I’d keep an extra WR or LB this year.
    3. DHB can be an excellent gunner on ST. Moye and Brown will not contribute.
    4. Over. Say hello to Ben’s new security blanket.
    5. All make the team except fifth rd. pick – OL Wesley Johnson

  • Shannon Stephenson

    #1 Shazier is the biggest story in my book as he is playing with the starters
    #2 I personally would like to see another HB and think Alexander has a 15% chance of making it.
    #3 I would have it Brown, Bey and then Moye. Brown IMO is the best of the 3 at ST and I believe the last WR position will be a guy strong in that department. I feel Moye is a classic overachiever but he does not have much upside. Bey will be given a chance to compete and if Mann can get him on track Bey maybe a huge surprise but I think we have seen the best of Bey and he will find it hard to make a roster spot
    #4 If we look in the recent past on what the #3 guy has done for us I feel it suggests that he will not…I see 30-40 catches.
    #5 Because of our lack of quality depth I see most of these guys making the roster. I am really worried about Zumwalt making the team but outside of him I see most of the guys have a good shot at it.

    Thats my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • RedCarpetDefense

    1. Dri Archer blowing off OTAs to go hang out with Gronk and Johnny Football in Vegas. ( this statement just as ridiculous as the story which turned out to not be true)
    2. No, I would prefer to keep a 6th WR or extra lineman on defense or offense.
    3. JB, DHB, Moye
    4. Under. He was with a QB that knew him well and had some chemistry there. We have quite a few, though unproven, potential weapons on offense. It’ll be quite the challenge to get everybody touches. Aside from AB and Heath everyone else will have a modest reception amount this season.
    5. 5 will make it with Johnson, Richardson, Zumwalt and Blanchflower to PS.

  • Matt Manzo

    We might be jumping the gun with SoOto but it’s nice to hear that one of those guys is being noticed!

  • Biophys

    1. The biggest story is the lack of story about Blanchflower. Or perhaps whether or not Harrison/Brett will be signed.
    2. I hope not. I’d rather they kept an extra WR or DL or CB.
    3. Tough between DHB and Brown. But since it is only for 2014 production and not to gain experience, I’ll go with DHB. Hard to say, since I have seen either play ST.
    4. That’s 3.4 catches/game? And Jerrico had 46 last year? I’ll take the under, and hope that it’s because (a) the entire WR corps stay healthy, (b) Archer and Bryant develop quickly and get a slice of the pie, (c) we are able to ground and pound a bit more due to improved O-line and D.
    5. Six.

  • TBone

    1. No huddle offense and wide receiver speed.
    2. No .. they have exactly what they need.
    3. All I can say .. is wee will see 😉
    4. I would have rather seen a question here about defense.
    5. I’ll call it 6 out of the 9 draft picks will be on the field come game day.

  • Brendon Glad

    1. Team speed improvement. 2. For sure. 2 of those 4 aren’t even true TB’s. Need to see the pads on, but I’m guessing no, he is not on the current roster. He will be a 3rd down veteran all-purpose RB similar to mewelde moore. 3. Brown, Dm, DHB…I’ll be stunned if DHB makes the squad, and since the likelihood that he has improved a lot at this stage is slim…it will mean someone else has been far less promising than I see them. 4. Under. He will have a smidgen less…like 48. 5. 8 of 9 will make it….but zumwalt will make the PS.

  • steeltown

    1. Shazier running with 1st Team right out of the gate.
    2. Possibly, maybe LSH but could also see Alexander on the PS instead
    3. DHB, J.Brown, Moye
    4. Under, but not by much
    5. 8, I think McCullers could be the odd man out, but that’s pure speculation he could easily make it as a backup NT if C.Thomas is used at DE early on. We’ve carried as many as 10LBs in the past and with the supposed versatility of Zumwalt and knowledge of the scheme I think he might make it if he excels on special teams