The Maurkice Pouncey Contract Freakout Is In Full Gear

It’s funny to see everybody freak out about the new five-year extension that Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey received on Thursday when they don’t really know or understand the original details, of which there are few.

First, Pro Football Talk reports that Pouncey’s signing bonus was $13 million. It sounds like that, along with whatever he will make in 2014 is the only thing that was guaranteed. We’ll see.

Just to be clear, Pouncey was scheduled to earn a $1,288,375 base salary in 2014 and a roster bonus of $2.75 million. If both of those numbers weren’t massaged as part of the extension, that likely means that Pouncey will earn $17.038 million in 2014. (UPDATE: Those numbers appear to have been massaged.)

PFT also reports that Pouncey has non-guaranteed roster bonuses that he can earn in March of 2015 and 2016. In PFT’s original report, they stated that the March roster bonus in 2016 is $3.5 million. That’s not guaranteed folks and presumably the same goes for his 2016 base salary. That base salary, judging by the early reports is $3.5 million.

The yearly amortization of Pouncey’s $13 million signing bonus is only $2.6 million. In other words, should they have to release him prior to paying him his 2016 roster bonus, they will have a $7.8 million in dead money to eat. However, if that were to happen, he more than likely would be designated as a post June 1 cut and that would mean a $2.6 million dead money charge in 2016 followed by a $5.2 million dead money charge in 2017. That’s not a lot of liability.

  • Deuce22

    How does this change our cap situation with the likes of extending Worilds and Ben?

  • srdan

    I love incentive based contracts. Great work FO.

    Great offseason!

  • Iron Cadet

    Very little chance a deal gets done with Ben this offseason now. Still have to sign 2 draft picks. I think they might be able to fit Cortez Allen in still

  • mem359

    Kaepernick’s contract ended up being a lot more team-friendly than the initial reports made it sound. Maybe Pouncey’s contract will be the same way (beyond what Dave pointed out).

    I’m wondering how much Munchak was pushing for this. He had a chance to kick the tires the past two weeks, and seems to really like Pouncey.

  • Bill Sechrengost

    This sounds like a good deal for the Steelers. I’m not sure what the cap hit is now compared to the $5.5 million+ that it was originally going to be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually lower now. I don’t think this extension will affect anyone else’s possible extension at all (Cortez Allen, Big Ben). He’s getting paid the going rate by the look of it. I have to say good job Steelers front office. Now let’s get to the next one (and get the other two draft picks signed, while they’re at it).

  • SteelersDepot

    Judging by the La Canfora report, Pouncey’s cap charges over next three years will be 2014 $5,000,625 – 2015 – $8.1M, 2016 – $9.6M

  • steeltown


  • Eric MacLaurin

    9 mil a year is pretty tough to figure out but I can’t say we should have expected much less. If he did indeed take most of the injury risk it’s probably a fair deal.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    When does the 2013 salary cap section get updated to 2014?

  • Jimmy Monster Ackerman T

    Smdh ugh wat a joke

  • Lil Smitty

    Do think Ben might have wanted 53 signed. To help extend his career.

  • shawn

    You are right, I agree it is funny how we all over react ….. hence being Stiller Fans … but doesnt change the fact that we sure didnt get any kind of deal on this contract !

  • steeltown

    If everything holds true, nothing past THIS year is fully guaranteed. That’s pretty Team friendly.

  • steeltown

    If everything holds true, nothing past THIS year is fully guaranteed. That’s pretty Team friendly

  • SteelersDepot

    You are kidding, right? Just look at the guaranteed money.

  • shawn

    No Offense … but Im so sick of people talking about guaranteed money … it means almost NOTHING …NOTHING … why do people insist on looking at the unlikely side of contracts …

    there is no reason to think by his play over the last several years that he will not fulfill his contract and see every dime of it!

    While its nice that we wont be on the hook for too much if he goes out and has a career ending injury this year which is highly unlikely anyways … and even more unlikely that he will all of a sudden become a hack and not have repeat seasons as in the past … what i object to is his the overall amount of the contract … While they obviously werent going to get him for cheap …. I would have much rather had the EXACT OPPOSITE …..

    MORE GUARANTEED $$$ for a slightly less overall contract … much better play … i really think its only a matter of time before teams realize that this is the FAR SMARTER move to keep a good team intact !

  • SteelersDepot

    You know how foolish this sounds, right?

  • shawn

    For a person that uses statistics an awful a lot you sure do seem to disregard them when it comes to contracts !!! We are obviously on two different sides of the coin … I am in favor of things that are statistically likely to happen … and that is him playing out his contract … so why not make his contract more guaranteed with a slightly baked in discount that would naturally come with that …

    If you want to play the low odds of him having a career ending injury and/or performing poorly and thus give him higher yearly money but less guaranteed than by all means … as long as you know that in this case that is a low % play !

  • SteelersDepot

    So you want to give a player more guaranteed money that you do not believe plays well or can stay healthy? Ok, got it.

  • shawn

    LOL … I think you are confused by reading too many different people’s posts … i am all for extending him as I think he is a solid player and see no big injury concerns !

  • shawn

    Foolish huh … LOL … then why would it have worked so well for almost all of our high performance guys BB … Troy .. TImmons … AB … Heath … i can go on … you take your way & i take my way … and we can easily look back and see who would have outperformed … and the winner is … MY WAY by a mile !!!

  • Gerald Brown

    Shawn I could be wrong but isn’t that what the Redskins did with Albert Haynesworth? More guaranteed money up front.

  • SFIC

    I can’t believe that Pouncey was persuaded into signing this contract. He is obviously confident he will be injury free thru the next few years otherwise he has no guaranteed money later and the Steelers will take a very small hit releasing him. On the other hand, if Pouncey stays healthy and gets back to the Pro Bowl, he will probably be getting paid far less than his counterparts. The Steelers are taking a risk that Pouncey could go on IR again this season, but this is far better than risking waiting until the offseason if this coincides with Pouncey having a stellar 2014 season. We would have had to dish out a lot more $$$ and a lot more guaranteed $$$.
    This is a brilliant move by Khan. Only $13 mil guaranteed. Avg $8 mil over 6 years

  • Iron Cadet

    i completely agree, and I could be wrong on the odds of a new deal for BB this offseason. Just going with what ive read, have not done the numbers yet for myself.

  • shawn

    Well granted the scenario doesnt work with every player …. for obvious reasons you dont do it with older players/ unproven players or other scenarios that they are not likely to finish off the contract (Haynesworth prime example) ….

    But in situations like Pouncey … that they are proven … young (not too young ) and are CORE players to the team … it is a pretty safe bet to give them more guaranteed for slightly less overall $$$ thus saving your team money and enabling it to keep more of the players and be more competitive !

  • shawn

    He’s the highest paid C in the league … ( i havent confirmed … going off what everybody says) so if he stays healthy and goes to the Pro Bowl …. How exactly will he be making FAR LESS than his counterparts ???

    Is this the new math I hear about that they are teaching at school these days ?

  • Andrew

    Folks, this was the best case scenario in terms of a contract with Pouncey. Did you want to see him walk next year or at the least tagged?

  • Rupert

    Thanks Dave, I always wait to read your explanation of the numbers (when they’re available). You break things down well for morons like me. I don’t think we had a choice but to lock him up. Let’s hope he plays to his potential throughout a long career. Here we go!

  • Benjamin Simpson

    I’m proud to be a Steeler’s fan for life. The total commitment this organization has is unparalleled to any other sport organization in my honest opinion. That is why SteelerNation is an unparalleled fan base within the NFL. I just can’t say enough about the style and manner in which this franchise has been lead. It truly speaks to the quality of people within this organization and the patriarchs, the Rooney family. It doesn’t surprise me that we have SIX SuperBowl trophies in the showcase. This is a win for everyone with invested interest in the Steelers. It was truly obvious that Maurkice felt the respect that the Steelers Org. has for him. I’d be willing to bet that respect will translate to future probowl type play well into his career.

  • CrazyTerry

    Fact is unless he flames out like Woodley injury or performance wise, he is going to see all of that money even if he doesn’t improve. Steelers are not cutthroat like NE. They will keep you even if you are overpaid by a million or two . Paying a center 9M is not wise when you lack the money to pay for a premium LT or corner. We saw what happened when Pouncey went down. The line survived. We saw what happened when the LT struggled. Disaster. Or when a corner struggles. Disaster.

  • CrazyTerry

    When Pouncey went down, which was the biggest problem on the OL? Was it Center? Obviously, he is not the most irreplaceable player on the team.

  • CrazyTerry

    What’s foolish. It is just a different approach. I personally would not want to give him much guaranteed money in case his injury situation continues. But I do not see enough of a discount for signing an oft injured player a year in advance., How much money did Pouncey really give up considering they outdid the Alex Mack contract.

  • CrazyTerry

    Yeah but he got 13M, he wouldn’t have gotten if he didn’t say signed past this year.