Not Much Wiggle Room When It Comes To Steelers Two Unsigned Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Steelers head into Wednesday with two draft picks currently unsigned and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks it might take a little bit longer to sign defensive end Stephon Tuitt and wide receiver/running back Dri Archer.

Bouchette wrote on Wednesday that the hold up on getting those two picks signed could be related to base salary amounts.

Teams have run into a little trouble getting third-round picks signed because agents in that round are trying to negotiate higher salaries. From the fourth round and down, the rookies get minimum salaries each year, although there is no rule they must. it was like that in the third round too until some team broke ranks by paying more than minimum and now the third-rounders are trying to get more.

While I understand where Bouchette is coming from, both Tuitt and Archer really don’t have much wiggle room. In the case of Tuitt, the players that were drafted one pick ahead and one pick behind him were both given minimum first-year base salaries of $420,000.

In fact, the four-year base salary total of the four-year contract signed by Paul Richardson is only $65,466 more than that of Trent Murphy, who was picked right after Tuitt. There’s also only a difference of $174,572 in the signing bonuses given to both of those players.

So what’s the real holdup? If it is indeed base salary amounts, we’re really not talking about a lot money. with either of these two. In other words, if either of these two players remain unsigned¬† past next week, it really will be a surprise.

  • NW86

    For Tuitt, I would actually think it could have to do with guarantees. Last year Bell got his 2nd round salary guaranteed, and some early 2nd rounders even got partial guarantees or at least early roster bonuses on their 3rd year. That early roster bonus in year 3 could be what Tuitt is looking for (because it forces the team to make a decision on them early and if they release them, they can hit free agency in March).

    I don’t see any of that happening for a 3rd round comp pick though, so I would really be surprised if we don’t hear that Archer has signed in the next few days.

  • 2443scott

    hope they save it and not blow it ….as some have seened just cause your signed dont mean you have a career in nfl

  • treeher

    I can see Tuitt’s agent negotiating for something like what you described. His argument is “My client is first round caliber and everyone knows it. He deserves to be at the top of the 2nd round heap at the very least.”