New Details Of Maurkice Pouncey’s Five-Year Contract Extension Emerge

More details of the five-year contract extension given to Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey on Wednesday are now emerging.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Pouncey will pocket $14 million in 2014 and that means his base salary has been lowered down to $1 million from the $1,288,375 million he was originally scheduled to earn.

If that report holds true, then the $2.75 million roster bonus that Pouncey was originally scheduled to earn in 2014 was rolled into the extension. In other words, the new money given him is around $44 million.

La Canfora also reports that Pouncey can earn $5.5 million in 2015 and that is the sum of both his base salary and non-guaranteed roster bonus. In addition, Pouncey can earn $7 million in 2016 which is also made up of a base salary and a non-guaranteed roster bonus.

If the numbers above hold true, Pouncey’s cap charges for 2014-2016 will be $5,000,625.00, $8.1 million and $9.6 million with nothing past 2014 being fully guaranteed.

  • steeltown

    Damn… very nice

  • Bill Sechrengost

    I wonder now who will be next. They actually freed up a little more room under the cap for 2014. I see Cortez Allen being next, actually. I’m sure his average for the new contract will be much lower than Pouncey’s. I would imagine Ben’s new contract will lower his cap hit for 2014, although it might not be a lot, since his new deal will average $20 million+ a year. They still have room under the cap to do all of these.

  • Mike Amaro

    The Magical Wonders Of Omar Khan.

  • srdan

    indeed very nice. How does this compare to Mack?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I am not even sure the agents know what the Steelers put together for their clients. They just sign it…lol

  • NW86

    In terms of total value, it’s higher. Mack got $42M/5yrs and became the highest paid center. Pouncey’s deal is $44M/5yrs. Mack may have gotten more guarantees though.

  • srdan


  • Matt Manzo

    Now that that’s over, let’s hope he performs like we want him to! If all goes right this is a great signing. He’s one of our core young guys.

  • NW86

    I know there are still details to be released and I know that there isn’t a lot of this contract fully guaranteed, but let’s be honest, they will have sunk so much money into him this year that it won’t be feasible to release him in 2015.
    For now, I am still not a fan of this contract. Sure, they can get out of it if they want, but then they will have no starting-caliber center and a large amount of dead money on the cap. If he stays healthy, plays well, and they do keep him, they are devoting more money to their center than any other team in the league. Is Pouncey the best center in the league?
    Also, think about the precedent this sets as the rest of their O-linemen approach the end of their rookie deals and look for an extension.

  • steeltown

    We don’t have any other pro bowlers currently on our OL, their contracts wont be anywhere near this.
    It wont be long before Pouncey is not the highest paid Center, especially with the cap rising annually now. By the end of this deal, if he plays out the entire contract, he wont even be in the top tier of contract amounts.

  • SteelerMike

    So the Steelers just paid out approx $10M more for the 2014 season (over what Pouncey was scheduled to make) for a 5 year extension (2015-19) where they will still be paying him year to year as the one of the highest(if not the highest) paid players at his position – with the biggest benefit to the Steelers being that his base salaries are not guaranteed in the last 5 years.

    This is the first bad move of the offseason for the team, which otherwise has been very strong. If Pouncey struggles coming off his ACL injury, the team basically just gave away $10M. If he does play well, they will still be paying him year to year at an exhorbitant rate for a single offensive lineman.

  • shawn

    i think he still will be near the top when his contract is done … and come on lets face it … you have to be kidding yourself if you think this will have no impact on DeCastro’s next contract !

  • joed32

    I think they may have checked the knee out. They may also have asked Munchak if he thought Pouncey was good enough to warrant a long term contract. It sounded that he was very happy with both him and DeCastro.

  • shawn

    Thats exactly the way i see it as well … dont get me wrong … like the guy and like they extended him .. but once again they just paid too much $$$

  • dkoy85

    It’s pretty funny that people are complaining about paying him too much over the course of the next 6 years- Wonder what these same people would be saying if we let him walk in FA next year?

  • SteelerMike

    Agree, I’m glad they extended Pouncey, but not at this cost. I don’t think he’s worth 10X more than a player like Cody Wallace who proved capable in an offense that played very well down the stretch of last season.

    I would have preferred they did a moderate contract extension with a player like Cortez Allen – invest a bit more in him now, but end up paying less later.

  • steeltown

    DeCastro’s play over the next 2yrs and the contract amounts of other OGs across the League will have an impact, yes

  • DarthVenamis

    I look at this as more of short term extension. I just don’t believe that Pouncey will play at that $9.6M cap number at the back end of his contract. He will either be further extended reducing that hit or released with no further guarantees if he stays injured or his play doesn’t live up to the cap hit.

  • SteelerMike

    I can appreciate the idea that Munchak is high on the abilities of Pouncey and look forward to seeing how he does under the new coach.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Great news now lets move on to Cortez Allen IMO the next extension/contract.

  • LucasY59

    Glad he won’t be leaving for Miami to go play with his brother, maybe Mike will come to the Steelers, when his contract is up, should be the same time Foster’s contract ends

    also glad that there are no long term guarantees, If he gets injured again or doesn’t fully recover from this injury.

    I expect/hope he returns to being the All-Pro he was before the Injury and then he is worth the $ to be the leader of the O-line for at least the next 5 years

  • shawn

    League contracts are the primary comparison you are right … but dont discount team comparisons as well … it has and does happen … we cant make every good player on the team … the HIGHEST player in the league !

  • Yiz

    You said it, Omar Khan is an unsung heroe who doesn’t get enough credit.

  • shawn

    WOW u are reading my mind … that is exactly what i want them to do … in regards to Allen !!

    i also dont believe in the philosophy in putting all the $$$ in a handful of guys other than the QB … which is pretty much mandatory !

    I like Pouncey and am glad that he will continue to be a Steeler but it would be hard to argue the theory that you wouldnt get more bang for your buck by keeping a Velasco or Wallace and spend that savings on a Shut down CB or a Premier LT …

  • shawn

    I think you are missing the point … i think most people are for the extension just that it came at such a high cost … lets say if they had even came in at a slightly reduced number of around 1 mil less a season … i dont think you would have heard much complaining … but the fact that coming off a serious injury and being rewarded with the highest contract in the league kinda gets people a little fumed !

  • John Williams

    I beg to differ. He put us in a bad cap situation with some bad signings…Willie Colon, LaMarr Woodley….lots of dead money. We should have signed Keenan Lewis.

  • Zach

    Totally disagree — his policy (signing old veterans and restructuring) made it possible to reach the super bowl in 2010. Had we got it, few people would be complained. As for Keenan, he never gave a chance to the steelers to make an offer for him, he wanted to go to NO.

  • Luke Shabro

    Sometimes I think you guys live in an imaginary world where every player happily takes far less than market value. This wasn’t even a head scratcher like Colon. What is the alternative? End contract negotiations over a few million and then watch him walk in FA?

  • Luke Shabro

    In hindsight it looks like a mistake that we let Keenan walk but I can’t really blame the front office at that time. Lewis hadn’t proven anything until 2012, a contract year

  • Zach

    yep and, again, he didn’t give a chance to the steelers to sign him when his contract expired. hard to blame the front office.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Mike – I think you have nailed the main issue. Why extend him right now?

    Here are the three major points as I see them:

    1) Is Pouncey “worth” 8 million per year? (Just talking about his abilities?) I can see how the Steelers management answers yes. He is among the top 3 centers in the NFL. He has proven his skills and worth ethic over a number of years. He is young. He is the Captain of our OL. He helps other teammates be better. He produces in the run game and pass game (protecting Ben against dominant DT’s). If you’re gonna spend big money at least spend it on a guy like Pouncey rather than Colon or Starks.

    2) Can we afford to pay a center 8 million dollars? No. When you’re paying a franchise QB 20-ish million/year you don’t have that luxury. I know he fits right now (2014). But in years 3-5 when we don’t have the cap room to re-sign some of our younger stars I believe this signing will be viewed as a mistake. And I think a good solid center can be found for 2-3 million per year. I don’t think Pouncey provides 5+ million extra dollars in production over a guy like Wallace.

    3) What do we gain by doing the extension RIGHT NOW (in 2014)? The answer is nothing. We’re not getting him any cheaper. The better move (financially speaking) is to wait until 2015, and see him play a whole year on that knee. If he’s healthy, fine, you pay him the same amount.

    Let me be clear. I like Pouncey. I’m happy to have a pro bowl center on our roster. But given the choice between: Cody Wallace (OC) (2 million) + Alturan Verner (CB) (6 million) or Maurkice Pouncey (OC) (8 million) + Willie Gay (CB) (1.5 million) … I’m taking door number one.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    What everybody is missing is that he is NOT guaranteed beyond ’14. This has to do with the makeup of the line financially. You have essentially a bunch of rookie contracts and Foster. If they need to pay Beachum in two years, they can reevaluate Pouncey’s play. They will pay Decastro but have no money invested in the oline. They need a couple of all pros, and they have it in Pouncey and Decastro. Do any of you think it is odd they gave Pouncey money before Ben… I know his deal is up sooner, but I wonder.

  • dkoy85

    I understand all of that. I wish they would have paid less as well, but I understand WHY they did it. Over the last how many years the oline has been plagued with injuries and poor performance and aside from last year, Pouncey was the lone bright spot. He is the star, the leader, the best offensive lineman we have. He is our main man, no other can replace him type of player(unless we want to pay more than what we paid him last year in FA for a top center). And I believe they saw enough of his knee so far to know he’s where he needs to be.

    How much would we have to pay after this year assuming Munchak improves the line as a whole and makes Pouncey even more coveted to other teams? There would be a team willing to match whatever offer we would lay on the table(which our offer would be more than $44 mil) and beat that with guarantees and more money. I think instead of getting fumed we should take a look at what prompted the Steelers to make him the highest paid center in the league- in the end Pouncey may just have taken a hometown discount.

  • shawn

    What part of my post DONT you understand ???

  • shawn

    He DEFINITELY didnt take a discount … I like him and glad we extended him … but all this talk about him being “ALL-WORLD” and getting paid for it is a little ridiculous …

    Actually last year proved somebody COULD replace him (actually 2 players did) and our OL at the end of the season did not do half bad … actually one post reported that the offense was averaging 28 pts a game over the last half of the season which is not bad …

    You could actually make a pretty convincing argument to spend less on the C and put that money into a top CB or LT and get more value from it … Not saying I would go that direction but it is a viable argument !

    not saying they should have let him walk … but i just dont think it was the shrewdest move the FO has done !

  • Luke Shabro

    The part where you were wrong. So I guess basically all of it

  • shawn

    You think Market Value after a serious injury is the highest paid player at his position in the league …. what dream world are you in ….

    First off he’s not the Best Center in the league PERIOD ! .. . Good yes .. Solid Yes … deserving of a top contract yes … HIGHEST …. nahhhh …. the FO could have made a more shrewd move … and if you cant see that .. then you’re blind !

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Zac. The question is WHY did he want to go back to New Orleans? And WHEN did he decide this?

    If you go back and read the entire Keenan Lewis history you’ll see that he loved Coach Lake and wanted to stay here with him. It was Tomlin (and LeBeau) who let personal feelings interfere with on field performance and started gay instead.

    Many fans believe if Tomlin would’ve treated Keenan the way Lake did, he would’ve loved to stay in Pittsburgh. He would’ve seen the field sooner. We would’ve extended him sooner. And he wouldn’t have reached the point where he set his mind on returning home.

    It was not Omar Kahn’s fault directly. But due to some of his bad contracts on older players the Steelers knew early on we could not afford 5 million for Lewis (a young highly rated CB). The coaches knew he would probably be gone anyway and treated him so. It does have an indirect effect.


    Looks like a win-win contract when you drill into the details…this contract and the upcoming one for DeCastro reinforces my thought that Gilbert is not long for this team without a solid year…imo Johnson or Adams will be the starter @ RT in ’15.

  • steelster

    I agree, well said.

  • Lil Smitty

    I didn’t think Coach Lake was hired until Lewis’ last year?

  • SteelerMike

    I wouldn’t have been terribly upset if he left in FA next year. There’s a fine line between paying a premium for your best players and losing the ability to field a strong, deep roster. If Pouncey had walked, the Steelers would have put his money to good use elsewhere on their roster.

  • Dan

    Not sure we’d be able to afford Mike if he is still a top guard in two years. I think with Markice and DeCastro, we’d be fine in the interior with a mid-priced guy at LG. Plus I’m not convinced Mike’s head is screwed on straight.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Lake was hired March 7, 2011. He coached Lewis his last two years.

    Lewis was drafted April 25, 2009. He signed with the Saints March 14, 2013.

  • Louis Goetz

    You people do realize that Omar Kahn didn’t make any of the decisions you guys are complaining about, right? Kahn didn’t decide which players to extend and which ones the Steelers let walk. He didn’t even decide what amount of money to pay players. He’s the Steelers’ negotiator; not the owner, president, general manager, or head coach. Kevin Colbert and Co. decided which players to extend offers to, and for how much. Kahn was given the parameters the Steelers were willing to accept and he went and got the best deal he could get for the Steelers that was within those parameters.

  • Benjamin Simpson

    I’m proud to be a Steeler’s fan for life. The total commitment this organization has is unparalleled to any other sport organization in my honest opinion. That is why SteelerNation is an unparalleled fan base within the NFL. I just can’t say enough about the style and manner in which this franchise has been lead. It truly speaks to the quality of people within this organization and the patriarchs, the Rooney family. It doesn’t surprise me that we have SIX SuperBowl trophies in the showcase. This is a win for everyone with invested interest in the Steelers. It was truly obvious that Maurkice felt the respect that the Steelers Org. has for him. I’d be willing to bet that respect will translate to future probowl type play well into his career.

  • SteelerMike

    Thanks Louis, great post.

  • Michael Pearce

    We never offered Keenan a contract. He could have been signed very easily if we really wanted him. The shock was that New Orleans was able to get him at such an average contract. We never got into any contract offer with Keenan. They decided to let him go without even an offer. Huge mistake by the GM and we will pay for that for the next few years. He should have been resigned and Ike Taylor should have been cut outright. Worst mistake our GM has made in his tenure here.

  • Zach

    well said.

  • Zach

    well said, I would have extended pouncey for 6 mil/yr maximum. I think the steelers overpaid 30% to keep one of their core players that munchak seems to like a lot.

  • Zach

    very well put.

  • Yiz

    Let’s get it straight, Omar Khan takes care of managing our cap situation (hence finding money when there looks like none is available). However, he’s not responsible for who gets signed (Woodley or Colon) or for how much, that would be on Kevin Colbert. For the record, we were in tough cap situations because of the number of big contracts we had (result of having so many big time players on our team).

  • Luke Shabro

    Just seeing if I’m blocked on here…