Report: Ravens RB Ray Rice Expected To Receive ‘Significant’ Punishment

A suspension figures to be announced soon for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and one member of the media is hearing that it will indeed be more than just a few games.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Rice and his wife were at the NFL headquarters on Park Avenue Monday and he’s hearing the punishment that will be handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell will be “significant”. In Hubbuch’s tweet, he listed 4-6 games with the possibility of it being longer.

The Ravens open the 2014 season with three straight division games and it’s looking like Rice will be suspended for all of them. While I can see him being suspended for up to six games, I will be surprised if he gets more than that.

Back in March, Rice avoided prosecution for the felony aggravated assault of his then-fiancee (and now-wife) following an incident that took place in an Atlantic City hotel after being accepted into a pretrial intervention program.

  • Jeff

    My bias towards the ravens aside, 4-6 games for knocking a woman unconscious to me still isn’t a “significant” ban… 8 games minimum would be a start

  • pittsburghjoe

    This guy needs to be banned from the game. Let me get this straight, an NBA owner gets banned and has to sell his team for something he said, and this guy only is facing a several game suspension after knocking a woman unconscious? Sterling got what he deserved. Rice should be punished as equally severe.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    You can’t defend what Ray Rice did… but if you look at him overall he has been an outstanding teammate and member of his community. I know I am in the minority here but I do not think he should have the book thrown at him. One bad mistake should not ruin your life.

    He should be given a second chance imo. Goodell should make up a practice of probation like our court system has for first time offenders like Rice.
    If he behaves and this was (as it probably is) a first and only problem for him good… if he makes a mistake again then the punishment should be for a season.

    That not only respects those who have had good behaviour and make one bad mistake but it is also motivation for a lifestyle change and a lot more fair imo than the random glass house punishments the NFL brass hands out like candy.

  • Madi

    Hey pal, name just ONE other profession where you get fired for punching a woman out cold. Oh, wait…

  • Jacque Strappe

    Hey, welcome to the vague wagon, hearing 4 to 6, maybe more. Talk about spitballing.

  • SteelPierogie

    When Ray Rice brought his wife to work today, did she go willingly,or did he drag her there, like a caveman? Was it national bring your wife to work to meet your boss for pity day? What a class act!! He didn’t do anything on. The field last year, and he wont this year!!!

  • Paddy

    I don’t care if he cared for Mother Theresa in the past he just can’t hit a woman…ever

  • steelster


  • Skinny Merlino

    Maybe she blew haloti ngata during half time then kissed ray

  • Douglas Andrews

    His actions were caught on camera. I’m pretty biased as a Steelers fan but when we look back at Big Ben’s situation he received a 6 game suspension which was reduced to 4 games without even being prosecuted. Reports are that Rice is great in the community and a good teammate. I don’t doubt that at all as he’s not been in any trouble prior to this incident to my knowledge. A 6 game suspension would seem like an adequate enough punishment.

  • steelster

    yes, but it was ben’s 2nd offense. This is rice’s first but I agree 6 games at least.

  • IckyD

    Let’s see……get accused maliciously of unproven wrongdoing by vengeful persons w/no proof whatsoever, no arrests, no charges and nothing except a year-long stalking and abuse by hateful media and public- get a 6 game suspension, “kindly” reduced to 4 by His Royal Highness Roger GODdell.

    Get in elevator w/fiance, KHTFO [on video], and drag her utterly unresponsive body out into hallway [again, on video]- several months AFTERWARDS charges are filed there “might” be “significant punishment” of………4-6 games????

    w.t.f. ?

  • 2443scott

    so how many women have been assaulted by football players of late …the nfl fines and suspends players for hits they call bad and thats against guys in pads …heres a woman with out any that and gets hit and draged…there is video of it not like so many other accounts of players hitting women …nfl is doing all kinds things to stop concussions in players …they suspend players for smoking pot for a whole season …what will they do here i will be watching to see … anything less then a year would be a joke in my opinion ..we will see if goodels protect the innocent from injury includes women who get treated this way .

  • Douglas Andrews

    I’m not defending Big Ben’s actions I thought he made some bad decision and in doing so he earned that 4 game suspension.

  • IckyD

    And where all the “War on women” types demanding justice?

  • IckyD

    Sterling’s “gf” edited all those statements just right, so i wouldn’t say Sterling “got what he deserved”. Not so long ago it was OK to have your own opinion in America, even if no one else agreed.

    Being forced to sell a multi-multi-million dollar sport franchise for an unpopular opinion is stupid.

    Knocking out your fiance in an elevator is generally a felony, except for “certain” millionaires.

    I disagree on Sterling, but mostly agree on Rice: at least a 1 year ban.

  • IckyD

    One bad mistake is all most men get.

  • IckyD

    Would you or I get a “second chance” after that?

    F..k no.

    1-3 state time…IF it’s our ONLY offense ever. Maybe.

  • IckyD

    “2nd offense”?

    Of what, exactly?

    Not being nice enough to crazy girls?

    You mean Ben’s “ZEROth offense”.

    Don’t swallow the media load.

  • IckyD

    Ben Roethlisberger has NO criminal record, charges, or arrests.


    Ray Rice can’t say that, AND he got caught on the elevator vid knocking her out.

  • IckyD


    How did he “earn” 4 games off?

    B/c of all the whining about him?

    Where’s all that outrage about Rice?

    Ben earned nothing. Deserved nothing. And would’ve won that SB if it wouldn’t have so embarrassed all the trash involved….yeah- i said it: that game was fixed from get-go.

    But don’t worry- i’ll never mention it again.

  • IckyD

    fwiw, the nfl pretty much lost my loyalty that year.

    i’ve never been as excited about it since.

    All SteelersNation was betrayed yet again by Goodell & Co.

  • steelster

    Big ben got what he deserved and so will ray rice.

  • Ryan

    Sterling is forced to sell because what he said was costing the league sponsers. Around 14 known league sponsers were backing out. Its not about free speech its about money. He was costing the league money and because of an agreement he and all owners signed that gave the league the right to boot him regardless of the fact it was private conversation or not. Plus he didnt help his case with his past behavior and his terrible interview with Anderson Cooper.

  • Douglas Andrews


  • Lee Pettigrew

    Did he admit to hitting her? Did he really knock her unconscious? I just don’t know what the facts are. Everyone said Ben raped someone but there were no facts nor charges…here there seem to be charges. My goodness, if there is proof of this it will be more than 4 games I assure you.

  • Lee Pettigrew

    And by the way Sterling has the right to say what he wants…God help the other owners when he digs up dirt on them….wish he was a little younger to pursue it.

  • NW86

    Good post, and I’ll join you in that minority. While I do think Rice should be suspended for a couple games, I’m not one of the people who think he should have the book thrown at him. Everyone wants to compare him to Ben – or now Sterling, which is a crazy comparison because he was an owner, not a player, and it was in a different league. But two wrongs don’t make a right – just because they over-reacted on Ben before he was charged doesn’t mean they should do it again. Let’s also think of the countless players out there with multiple arrests and even jail time, who haven’t been suspended for more than a game or two. I’m not saying that is right either – just that a little consistency would be nice. Rice has never been in trouble before, and yes, he did something we all find despicable, but no charges were pressed.

  • Axe Skot

    If you think this is the first time he laid his hands on a woman, you are extremely naive. He didn’t slap her, he didn’t grab and shake her, he knocked her out, unconscious. If anyone did that to a woman in my family, he’d “fall” down a flight of stairs. Furthermore, it is really hard to respect his now wife, and believe she isn’t in it for the paycheck.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    That’s a lot of assumption or physic powers on your part.

  • Axe Skot

    Just as you assume that because he is an “outstanding teammate and member of his community” that makes him a person of character and deserving of a free pass. Some players go above and beyond when it comes to charity work and the like, but it is more or less part of the job of a pro athlete these days and really isn’t a good indicator of a whole lot. He got a huge break in court, which I find appalling, why should he get one with the league? He certainly won’t get one with me.

  • Fuamatu-Ma’afala

    Well that’s too bad because Bernard Pierce is better.

  • Johnny Loose

    All I know is if he ever goes after Troy Polamalu again he will get another ‘significant’ body slam.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    Not sure if you understand the meaning of the words assumption or assume.

  • steepens

    I couldn’t agree with you more. When there is video footage of the incident implicating wrongdoing, the punishment should be much harsher. I live in the Baltimore area, and all the Ravens fans love to remind me how the NFL favors Steelers and how Ben got off easy. I can’t wait to hear the collective Baltimore response if Rice gets only 4-6.

  • Axe Skot

    Well, if you think that you aren’t making assumptions about his character, I am sure you don’t the meaning of the word. Do you know him personally? I don’t have to assume much here. When people show you who they are, believe them. There is video. What I do assume is that he has a track record, maybe he doesn’t but that doesn’t matter in the end. With my psychic powers I surmise that someone who drags their unconscious girlfriend out of an elevator then turns as though he wants to flee the scene when a guard arrives, more put out that he is caught than horrified by his actions and concerned for her well-being, has probably been in a similar situation before. I don’t assume he is a scumbag, he showed he was a scumbag. Again, doesn’t matter if I assume one way or another about how he is away from the public eye. He showed who he is.