Report: Steelers Sign Rookie WR/RB Dri Archer

According to Field Yates of the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed third-round draft pick Dri Archer.

Archer’s four-year deal is expected to total out at around $2.748 million and include a $506,016 signing bonus.

Archer is the Steelers eighth draft pick to sign and that leaves defensive end Stephon Tuitt as the only member of the 2014 draft that has yet to come to terms.

So far during the OTA practices, Archer has been used at both the wide receiver and running back positions. On Thursday, head coach Mike Tomlin indicated that the Kent State product will be attending meetings related to both of those positions.

  • Melly


  • steelster

    Archer will prove to be a steal in the draft

  • Benjamin Simpson

    I believe this move will bring the Steelers Special teams to a new level in which has never been a strength of their history. It is a game of field position. This guy can take it to the house it seems at will.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m excited to see his strength and toughness on the field. I think that’s what will separate him from other scat backs. As small as he is he seems strong and tough; I’m hoping to see him pop a few DBs! Should make the splash plays even more splashier!

  • Benjamin Simpson

    I’m excited as well and agree with you except he’s not small, he’s short. This gut out bench a lot of linemen in the combine at 173lbs. It will surprise some players this season just how tough this short baller is. This guy can do it all..

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    He did more reps at the combine than Hyde and Hill, two guys that are considered power backs. In comparison DeAnthony Thomas, a very similar back, only did 8

  • Weiss Chad

    Loved the pick then,love it even more now

  • Weiss Chad

    He’s got the heart of a lion

  • Benjamin Simpson

    You know I was really impressed with 20 reps, but the thing that I was surprised to see was how well he runs between the tackles. His highlight reels are enough to get defensive coordinators nervous and me excited..

  • cp72

    Think Dri is more Eric Metcalf than Jamal Charles. That’s not knocking Dri. The older Steelers fans can remember Metcalf killing us.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Eric Metcalf “like” for a guy drafted at the end of the 3rd round would be a great pick for us.

  • cp72

    100% agree.

  • Lil Smitty

    If he is attending both meetings,then is it safe to assume he is also pretty intelligent? That is the one factor that seems to make a big difference in the pros. If he can read defenses and understand our offense this year, he could be the steal of the draft.

  • SfSteeler

    this new steelers speed in all 3 facets is gonna jack with teams this year!

  • Louis Goetz

    I’ll admit, when people talked about liking Archer’s strength and toughness on the field, I kinda rolled my eyes. How strong — in NFL terms — is a guy who’s only 173 pounds? Well, at the Combine he put up 225lbs. 20 times. Meanwhile, Martavius Bryant (211lbs.) did only 16 reps., and Shaquille Richardson (194lbs.) only did 14 reps. Go do the math, pound for pound, Archer’s 20 reps were more, at 173lbs., than any other player drafted by the Steelers. Maybe I shouldn’t be an idiot and roll my eyes until I educate myself.

  • James Kling

    All right, now let’s get Tuitt… (sorry couldn’t resist)…

  • steeltown

    Nice… one more. Then let’s attempt to get C.Allen locked up.