Steelers Antwon Blake On Playing Special Teams: ‘I Just Want To Be A Wrecking Ball’

Pittsburgh Steelers third-year defensive back Antwon Blake was second on the team in special teams tackles in 2013 and he’s going to be hard to keep off of the 53 man roster this year. It takes a unique kind of player to be successful on special teams and Blake recently went over a few of those characteristics.

“I feel like if you want to play special teams you have to have a high motor and great work ethic, because every special teams play is most of the time one single play,” said Blake, who was signed by the Steelers just prior to the start of the 2013 season following his release from the Jacksonville Jaguars. “So you got to go your hardest on one play at a time and the people that do that successfully, I feel like they’re the ones that make an instant impact.”

Blake also revealed his thought process when running down the field to cover punts or kickoffs.

“My mindset when I go down there, I just want to be a wrecking ball,” said Blake. “I feel like nobody can stop me. Somebody gets in my way, I’ve got to move him. I got to bowl through them.”

In addition to being a standout special teams player for the Steelers, Blake is also showing that he has value as a cornerback. Special teams coach CarnellLake praised the Texas-El Paso product during the May draft and Blake talked about what it’s like to play for him.

“Carnell Lake is someone who I’ve been a fan of growing up,” said Blake of his position coach. “To my eyes, he’s a sure Hall of Famer, so it’s kind of a dream come true to be coached by someone like him. It’s easy to listen to him. It’s easy to understand what he’s saying and believe what’s coming out of his mouth because I’ve seen him do the things that he’s asking of us. And it’s just a great feeling to know that you’re being coached by somebody with that kind of pedigree and background.”

As far as goals for Blake moving forward, they’re really quite simple.

“For one, I want to continue to raise the level of play that I have on special teams to maintain my niche with that, but also at corner, I want to emerge as someone who’s in the lineup consistently and ultimately becomes a starter.”

  • steeltown

    Love this kids attitude and confidence

  • cencalsteeler

    O.K….. I’m jumping on the Blake bandwagon! Who’s in with me? The door is open, come on in.

  • Jacque Strappe

    Great attitude. And crucial for the success of this team.

  • shawn

    I too am Hesitantly getting a little more enthusiastic behind Blake … but i have to question his lack of playmaking at UTEP …. in 2 years just 1 int ???

  • steeltown

    I believe he was a reserve defensive back his first 2yrs in college, but then as a starter he had 11PDs and 2FF in 2010 and had another 8PDs and an INT his senior yr

  • Miley Cyrus

    I came in like a wrecking ball!

  • Miley Cyrus

    Shut it you wanna be know it all

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    Excuse you

    You need a hug Hannah?

  • Jacque Strappe

    Don’t be such a twerk.

  • shawn

    ya … thats what i read … not a lot of productivity … couldnt get a good highlight film on him either … but saw some drill work of him … and man cant deny he is VERY smooth, explosive & polished with his footwork !

  • steeltown

    Not a lot of INTs obviously, but still productive in all other areas

  • Toddy Bravo

    Ditto. I love his attitude. The praise being heaped on him by the coaches is very telling.