Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey Very Emotional During Press Conference

Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey spoke to the media on Thursday after signing his five-year contract extension and below are a few of his comments. At one point during the press conference, Pouncey became very emotional and nearly broke down crying.

Opening statement:

I’d like to start it off first off thank Art and Mr. Rooney, Dan, Kevin Colbert, Coach Tomlin. It’s like a dream come true. I was just telling coach Tomlin outside, ‘It seems like five years all over again.’ I’m ready to start this path and help this team get back to where we need to get back to and I’m excited about the new venture and it’s really an awesome feeling. Words really can’t say enough about this.

On if he envisioned this happening:

You really don’t even think about it. I was telling one of the rookies today, Wes, we were sitting in the hot tub and I was telling him, ‘Man it flies by so fast, it feels like yesterday I got drafted and this is year five and on a new deal, and it’s really unbelievable.’ I’m so thankful for this moment right now. It’s just truly awesome

On what makes him a leader:

I think just being myself. I’m a hard worker. I go out there and try to do my best every single day. I try to give advice whenever I am asked and just try to lead by example. I think I’m a little more outspoken than most guys and I think some of the guys really appreciate that. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not.

RE: Temptation to test free agency:

That was never on my mind. I never wanted to leave the Pittsburgh Steelers and I think with me missing all of last year, I think the contract wasn’t even on my mind. I think getting back out there and showing my team that I was ready, and getting back out there learning a new offense and getting back out there to prove myself all over again, I think that was more on my mind than anything.

Re: Important to get something done before training camp:

Honestly, I didn’t have much of a role in it. Whenever they did approach it, I told my agent to get it done as soon as possible and let us move on and think about other things.

Re: On if he thought injury last season would play a role in next contract.

I didn’t think that I was ever going to be able to walk again. The contract was the last thing. I think that football was the first thing that came to my mind. God’s been good to me. Words can’t explain this. It’s unbelievable what all is going through my head right now.

Re: On his leg strength:

I’m totally fine. I’m doing everything possible. I still do rehab all of the time with Coach Garrett Giemont and I think it’s on the right path. There’s no problems right now.

Re: What this tells him about the Steelers organization and the way they value him based on his circumstances coming off of an injury.

Words cant explain that. (long emotional pause)

Re: Was it important to him to be the highest paid center in the league.

I’m just glad to be a Pittsburgh Steeler, to be honest with you guys. (voice cracks while fighting back tears).

Re: Has he come to appreciate what it means to be a center for the Steelers with Dawson, Webster and so forth?

Most definitely. I’d do anything for this team. I think that showed over the past and I’m ready to start something new now and lead us where we need to get back to. I’m trying not to bust out crying, so it’s hard to really talk right now.


More coming.

  • grw1960

    So much for keeping a tough guy image

  • steeltown

    Crazy to think he’s still only 24yrs old

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    ANNND my next jersey purchase will be a Pouncey 53. Don’t like the number but oh well.

  • Ed L

    Ok now start being a little smarter with your words, and actions. STOP making stupid comments too the press, WEAR A CAP SUPPORTING A GANG BANGING MURDERER and be a true Pittsburgh Steeler. You’re not in Baltimore, You’re in Pittsburgh

  • Marcus

    that was his brother you idiotic joke of a steeler fan your so quick to try to judge someone you don’t know that you don’t even have your facts straight and that goes to the moron that liked your comment as well

  • Yiz

    So I guess your Mr Perfect? Outside of the Hernandez hat wearing incident, there’s nothing negative you can say about this dude. ALL CAPS, you sound ridiculous. He is a TRUE Steeler, which is why the Rooneys gave made him the highest paid center in the league.

  • Big White

    Wow. Just saw the press conference. To be so overwhelmed at the moment he said he’s just so happy to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. That doesn’t happen in Dallas or Green Bay.

  • SteeldudeMT

    Valascez was just as good – off the couch last year – Watch the tapes – see pouncey get tossed around like a rag doll.

  • stlrfan

    No – it was him AND his brother. Good job calling someone names though. You really are a tough guy!

  • walter mason
  • steeltown

    I think you are referring to Velasco.. and yes he played admirably, and actually the year prior he was rated pretty high in regards to Center play, but he’s nowhere near the pedigree and athlete that Pouncey is, not to mention the 5yr age difference.

  • Carl

    Like it or not, its the Steelers. They do what they do whether it makes sense or not.

  • Big White

    At first I was absolutely ticked off at the hats. I thought they were doing it out of solidarity, but from what i hear Hernandez has always been a headcase. I think now they were mocking him to their inner circle.

  • This just makes me love the Steelers, and everything they’re about, all the more.

    I’ve had my doubts about Pouncey, questions about his health, his performance even when healthy, his character (remember those tweets from a while back?), and even his dedication to the team, but this was a pretty impressive display, and I hope the “new” Pouncey will be the great player and leader most of us think he can be.

  • John C

    They were probably afraid that it they didn’t wear the hats he would have them killed!

  • John C

    Lets see….locking up the most important position on the O-line for the next 6 years who happens to be a player that made 3 pro bowls in 4 years and is only 25 years old….this makes a lot of sense to me….stop listening to Pro Football Focus and their statistical ratings…this kid is one of the best centers in the league and hasn’t hit his prime yet!

  • John C

    Hasn’t even hit his prime yet!

  • NW86

    Maybe before you call someone names and tell them they don’t have their facts straight, you should get YOUR facts straight.
    Who is the “idiotic joke of a steeler fan” again?

  • 2443scott

    some times away from game shows the player how hard it is to stay in league and how much you miss it …some times it makes them better because they know it dont take much to be on out side looking in …he really didnt mention the money but he surely mentioned how he loves being a steeler

  • Jonas

    And the on year where he didn’t make the pro bowl it was due to a unfortunate accident!!
    Both one first and second All-NFL team appearance, too 🙂

  • Garrett Hunt

    If you’re going to call someone idiotic and a moron, then at least use the right “your”.

  • DoctorNoah

    Me too. Is someone offering that?

  • Tanner Blackman

    Maybe they gave him a good offer because they are baiting him to bring his brother in to play LG when he becomes a free agent. Good thinking Pitt

  • steelster

    tough guys cry weak guys don’t.

  • steelster

    It happens in a lot of cities and the packers are as well run as the steelers.

  • steelster

    I think the tackle position is the most important on the offensive line. I wonder what the patriots pay their center since they have the best offensive line. I know the put a lot of money into the tackle position to help protect an aging qb, a very smart move.

  • James Kling

    Not to mention Velasco is further behind in his recovery, and he was cut by Munchak in Tennessee. And if it comes down to Cody Wallace and Velasco, frankly Wallace played pretty well in relief too, and is 100% healthy. You can’t overlook Pouncey’s upside, and his potential fit in Munchak’s system – his best years are ahead of him.

  • steeltown

    VERY good point, regarding Munchak releasing Velasco while in Tennessee

  • walter mason
  • Benjamin Simpson

    I’m proud to be a Steeler’s fan for life. The total commitment this organization has is unparalleled to any other sport organization in my honest opinion. That is why SteelerNation is an unparalleled fan base within the NFL. I just can’t say enough about the style and manner in which this franchise has been lead. It truly speaks to the quality of people within this organization and the patriarchs, the Rooney family. It doesn’t surprise me that we have SIX SuperBowl trophies in the showcase. This is a win for everyone with invested interest in the Steelers. It was truly obvious that Maurkice felt the respect that the Steelers Org. has for him. I’d be willing to bet that respect will translate to future probowl type play well into his career.

  • Aric Brown

    I respectfully disagree… ESPN tells you the Packers are as well run

  • Travis Brockie

    Agree to disagree. Steelers in a class all their own. CLASS being the key word. Go Steelers!

  • Travis Brockie

    Not to mention the zone blocking got thrown out the window soon as he got hurt. Much easier to be a center running a power run game than zone.

  • steelster

    I don’t watch espn

  • CrazyTerry

    Mike P will demand at least 10M once he sees his brother’s contract. Mike Pouncey has been rated higher than his brother. Where is the cap room.

  • CrazyTerry

    That zone blocking was going to be a mess whether Pouncey was healthy or not. The coach just dd not connect.

  • CrazyTerry

    You know the world does not revolve around the Steelers. We couldn’t even fill the stands last year. What kind of fans don’t even show up for games they paid for. We have the best road fans in the NFL. But let’s not act like we are such a singular franchise . Stuff like this does happen in GB too.

  • CrazyTerry

    Having digested the news, i still don’t like the signing. But people are right when they say he hasn’t hit his prime yet. He was great as a rookie and he looks more solid than PFF gives him credit for. Still, I have some doubts. So let’s hope he plays like one of the top 3 centers in the league soon enough. I don’t care if my hunches are proven wrong if it helps the team.

  • Weiss Chad

    Tied w giants for most Super Bowl rings in last ten years.

  • Weiss Chad

    Mike pouncey is a stud.Even though It’s extremely unlikely IMO that we ever land mike pouncey ,I must admit I fantasize about pouncey,pouncey,and decastro as our center and to guards.Give Miami Gilbert foster and a second.I can remember hearing reports that if the dolphins didn’t draft him steelers were debating trading up.Didnt we draft Heyward that year?I remember reports saying he was most overrated player in first is gonna unleash hell this year

  • Marcus

    when I said his brother I was talking about when he said “stupid comments to the press”

  • SfSteeler

    Foster-Pouncey-DeCastro allllll day long!

  • unfurious

    Sociopaths don’t cry, but that’s defense.

  • Big White

    Dude they let go of their best player ever. He went on to have his best season as a pro. 40 TD and 9 picks all the way to the NFC Championship. That would never happen here. Give me a break. Packers may have beaten us in a Super Bowl, but their players tie to the city is NOT even close to what goes on here in the Burgh.

  • ND_Steel

    Agreed, I’m cautiously optimistic. Just a lot of money for the center position. Would have rather splurged on a CB, DE, or WR.
    DeCastro and Pouncey are athletic, but do they move anyone backwards? Wear out a defense? Why have bruiser backs in Bell and Blount if you don’t have road grader linemen…seems like a mismatch.

  • srdan

    I love this team. Its a team