Steelers CB Ike Taylor Pushed Himself To The Breaking Point During Offseason

Pittsburgh Steelers veteran cornerback Ike Taylor has always been a workout warrior during the offseason and it shows every year when he arrives at training camp. Taylor, who has worked out in Florida with renown trainer Tom Shaw for several years now, recently admitted recently that he pushed himself even harder this offseason.

“I am working more on explosiveness,” said Taylor in a recent interview with Teresa Varley on “Coach Shaw has gone back to the old school New Orleans workouts, you have to pass out before you come and talk to him. We drink the water, but we are going all the way in. I have been at my best when we had that mindset in the offseason. I said coach put me to the breaking point.”

Taylor had a few of his own breaking points on the field last season with the Steelers that resulted in him having one of the worst seasons of his career. Because of that, there was a lot of speculation that he would be released over the course of the offseason unless he took a substantial pay cut.

Taylor wound up taking that cut in pay, but just because he’s only under contract through this season, the 34-year-old doesn’t sound like he has plans of calling it quits anytime soon.

“Regardless of what my contract says, I am going to stretch it out as much as possible,” said Taylor. “This is what I like to do. I like OTAs training camp minicamp training camp, I like going through it with the guys, I like going through the process. I am not going anywhere. I am lifer. When it comes to Pittsburgh, I am a lifer.”

Taylor missed the Steelers first set of OTA practices last week, but it sounds like he’s back in town now and will present for the second set of practices that get underway on Tuesday.

  • srdan

    He pushed us to the breaking point last season lol

  • cencalsteeler

    I commend Ike on his off season training. I wonder though, if Tom Shaw addresses his weakness, which we all know is catching the ball. If I was Lake, I would send all the secondary with the receiving corps for some reps with Ben every once in a while. And to add to that, Ike should be catching Ben’s warm up throws on the sidelines before games, too.

  • blue

    Ike T still Steelers best Corner

  • shawn

    You got to love this guy !!! I definitely think he will have a much improved season … man i hope he gets on the coaching staff when his playing days are done …. he has had a good career but is even a better person …. no one can represent being a Steeler better than him !

  • colingrant

    One of the least appreciated Steelers of the past 20-30 years. Professional, loyal, durable, committed, selfless, loves football and loves being a Steeler. Rare package.

  • Bradys_Dad

    The corners (and the entire secondary for that matter) get a big stinkin’ load dumped on them but it all starts with the front 7. If the front isn’t putting the pressure on, giving QBs a month of Sundays to find an open receiver, it can get very ugly in the secondary. There’s no “I” in team win OR lose. People need to cut Ike a break. The man is a warrior who bleeds black and gold.

  • Ken

    My thoughts exactly. He is held to a higher standard than anyone else on the defense.

  • mem359

    Or get Landry to do the throwing. He needs more practice anyways.

  • Does anyone know whether there’s a professional offseason WR boot camp (or a DB camp, or for OL, DL, LBs, QBs, RBs, etc.) that’s run by elite retired pros & offered to prospects or existing pros who want critiqued and intensive coaching by masters of their positional technique?

  • OIF3gunner

    Man, I love Ike Taylor!

  • Steve

    Sorry folks, was never an Ike fan but Steeler lifer. If what Ike did in the offseason translated into him being better during the season, all for it. Just because he is a workout warrier does not mean he will do better during the season. All Bark and no bite, cause when the wistle blows, Ikes man is always open, that is why they took him off the best reciever last year because of poor play. No player is above the team and when I see poor play, gotta say it.

  • Big White

    Never seen a corner look so good one snap, and terribly exposed the next.

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    He had one bad season. Look up the stats. He really didn’t even have a bad season more like a couple really really bad games. He has consistently shut out the other teams number 1 receiver for 10 years. He is one of the best steelers of this generation. Learn how to watch football. Then you can talk it

  • Steve

    Sorry Lucas, been watching football longer than you been alive. Ike has been belly aching for years about making the pro bowl and never has nor will. I watch players and single them out during games and Ike was terrible in 13. Ben is the best of this generation along with Troy, James Harrison was my favorite for years but he is gone now. Just telling the way I see it.

  • IckyD

    There was zero pressure on opposing QBs from the front 7; DBs cant cover forever.

    Your criticism of Ike is wrong on a number of levels.

  • IckyD

    Lucus is right- you are wrong.

    Be a man: admit it.

  • Steve

    This is it for me tonight,, ZZZZ’s are callin. When Ike blew the playoff game in Denver with Tebow QB. Can’t believe he wanted Pro Bowl after that lousy play on his part. This is a free country and have every right to say as I see it. My criticism on Ike is honest and what I see. Would not be surprised if he lost his job this year due to poor play IMO.


    As a friendly reminder, that play shouldn’t be pinned on Ike. I wish I could post the link to the Steelers Depot breakdown of that play.

  • Steve

    Wish you would, Ike blew it and the season ended.


    His play overall that game was atrocious……… but on the final play there was blame to go around.

  • Steve

    Ike has been playing poorly for years, the workouts are not working on the field anymore. Yes he looks good but so does Miss America.


    This site does not allow links to be posted.


    On the final play, Ryan Mundy (in because Ryan Clark could not play in Denver) was in an Inverted Cover-2 look and bit too hard on the run fake…… he then couldn’t recover fast enough to provide the underneath help required on that play and that Ike was expecting.