Steelers CB Ike Taylor Still ‘Pissed Off’ About Being Asked To Take Pay Cut

The Pittsburgh Steelers asked veteran cornerback Ike Taylor to take a $4.25 million pay cut this offseason and apparently he’s still not very happy about it.

“I’m pissed off about it, still am pissed off about it and I’m going to be pissed off until the end of the season about it,” Taylor told The Jim Rome Show. “Did it hurt me? Hell yeah. Does it still hurt? Yeah, it hurts, but hopefully I can go in and bounce back this year, do what I need to do on the field and we will see what happens after.”

This is really the first time that Taylor has spoken out this negative about the situation and he admitted Monday that he thought about exploring the free agent market.

“I had seen a few guys who didn’t take pay cuts and went to other teams and it didn’t work out for them,” said Taylor. “So, at the end of the day, I didn’t want to leave Pittsburgh, point blank, period. I’ve got a lot of relationships – I have a lot of friends, I gained a lot of business relationships in Pittsburgh. Just hearing from other guys coming from other teams and being on the team with Pittsburgh, they say it’s like no other; it’s like day and night, so I’ll listen.”

Taylor admitted a few weeks ago that 2013 was a “so-so” year for him and that he has to get better this season. In an effort to do just that, he also recently said that he modified his offseason training. According to Pro Football Focus, Taylor allowed a 62.8 completion percentage last season. Had he not taken a pay cut and been released, he more than likely would’ve had to settle for a one-year deal very close to the minimum, so the fact that he’s still earning $2.75 million this season shows he made the right decision.

Taylor is entering his 12th season in the league and thinks the pay cut that he took will be all for nothing if the Steelers don’t win it all in 2014.

“Year 12 means nothing, if I don’t win a Super Bowl,” said the 34-year-old.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    At least he’s honest. Ike has done a lot for this defense, and has remained loyal to the Steelers. He’s consistently healthy and a fierce competitor. And after a down year, he feels like old news. Has to sting for such a hard worker.

    Hopefully his determination shows on the field like it usually does.

  • ApexSteel

    If you don’t want to take pay cuts then play better.

  • Steelers@2010

    He can’t be that pissed off, he signed the contract. If he was so pissed off and felt as though he deserved more, he could have said no. Of course they would have released him, I think he knows that as well. How many teams would be foolish enough to pay an aging CB nearly $9M that has clearly lost a step, and isn’t a playmaker? He may be pissed off, but reality is what it is, reality. This will clearly be his last year with the team, unless he is willing to take even yet another pay cut.

  • Steve

    IMHO If Ike didn’t take a pay cut it would have turned out exactly like James Harrisons contract did last year. Where he would have signed for less money then he would have made with the Steelers.

  • John A Stewart

    This guy bumped his head last year management was pissed off at him because of his poor play he’s lucky he’s still here him and his ten yard cushioning’s.

  • ApexSteel

    He’s supposed to give a large cushion. That’s how the defense is run…

  • Superdriller316

    Watch this be the year he gets hurt and goes on IR.

  • John A Stewart

    Please stop it 10 yard cushion add up to first downs which in Ike’s case equals td’s enough said.

  • Kurt Williams

    I like Ike and who wouldn’t be pissed if asked to take a paycut in whatever job one has. He took the hit and hopefullly will be better this season. He wanted to remain a Steeler so pride took a back seat.

  • Jason

    If Ike was lining up improperly and giving too big of a cushion like you say then wouldn’t it be on the coaching staff to correct this? ApexSteel is right. This large cushion, while annoying, is a staple of Lebeau’s scheme and if Ike is as bad a you point out then wouldn’t it stand to reason that giving a cushion would help him out? I can’t argue that he had a bad year but I think glaring weaknesses across the board on D brought to light some weaknesses we’ve had for a while on this team.

  • Jason

    How many teams would be foolish enough to pay an aging CB nearly $9M that has clearly lost a step, and isn’t a playmaker? Easy the Raiders. They paid Woodley who is easily as bad as Ike though much younger. I’m only half kidding but I agree with your point. Ike knew he wouldn’t be getting any offer that would be worth leaving the situation he has in Pittsburgh.

  • Big White

    Music to my ears. Perceived disrespect is a tremendous motivator.

  • ApexSteel

    The idea of the defense is for the pass rush to force a rushed pass so that the DBs can come up and make the tackle for a short gain or a play on the ball. Also it’s a 7 yard cushion.

  • 2443scott

    well any one be mad about a pay cut…but i know he feels he can still play every player coming to end of there career feels same way …but out of all the comments he made the part of going to another team is fact you dont get payed and its more then likely a 1 year deal ..and chances are he never fit into a diff def …and you can see from other players who come to the team how they feel they are wanted and treated then there old team ..if he didnt sign he end up more then likely at cardinals and die on vine there so he has this year yet as a steeler unless he takes another deep pay cut again

  • John A Stewart

    Ike is done enough said

  • stairman

    watch this be the year he has 6 interceptions, shuts down wr’s, Then what happends next year? I know you are laughing, but what if………

  • dgh57

    If Ike plays 10 yards off it’s because the play called is for him to play in zone coverage. If he was a press CB they would call more plays that would allow him to play closer to the line and more to his skill set.

  • 20Stoney

    The only way he has 6 interceptions is if he get his hands on about 30 balls and at least one or two stick in his facemask.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Ike is one of my favorite Steelers. Hoping for a bounce back year.

  • Superdriller316

    If that happened, most people would die of shock. I only hope that happens.

  • I hope so bad he has a good season this year. Not just for my enjoyment but for him personally. Great team guy with the right attitude.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Heard Ike talk for a number of years now and he’s no dummy. He knew. Just like the Steelers knew. Only reason he’s on the team is that they are loyal to the guys who have played well for us. He has enough in the tank to be good but he is well past his prime. Guys like Clark didn’t even get an option because everyone except the Skins know he’s done. This will be Ike’s last year and he brings alot for the young guys. If it is his last, I do hope he leaves with another ring.

  • Steelers12328882

    I’m surprised you didn’t quote this part of the interview…

    “It’s like you get to a point, why me? Like, I didn’t show my loyalty?” said Taylor. “I’ve been a good guy – not saying I’m flawless, I have my flaws, but you want to talk about a standup guy, who takes the blame even when he doesn’t have to. You want to talk about a guy who’s going to come in in-shape, not waiting to build up into shape when he gets to camp. Or you want to talk about a guy who’s unselfish and puts his team before his family and friends, you want to talk about a guy who has loyalty, yeah it’s me. It’s me you’re talking about. When you come to me and ask me for a pay cut, I’m like ‘Damn, out of all these people, you want to ask Ike.’”

    I don’t quite understand what all this coming out of Ike’s mouth is about, but out of all the Steelers(besides Woodley) he was the obvious choice for a pay cut, or he would have been cut. It’s that simple. I guarantee if he was cut he’d only get a 1 year deal from a team that would probably pay less than what he’s making from the Steelers after the pay cut. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t he still one of the highest salary players on the Steelers? This is not motivation. It’s a distraction and I’m really disappointed in his choice to complain to the media about it. This and Keisel’s agent saying he wouldn’t play for “minimum wage” just shows that most football players are full of sh*t when they talk about putting the team first. Gimme a break! The Steelers are just as loyal to their players as players are to them. It’s a business. He’s lucky to be making 2.75 mil for the Steelers this year, and the Steelers are lucky to have his services this year. Now, play ball and shut up.

  • Louis Goetz

    I simply cannot understand (or just stand by and accept) criticism of two Steelers. The first is Aaron Smith. The second is Ike Taylor. I don’t need to talk about Smith right now. Since about 2005 Ike has taken on the opposition’s #1 WR mono y mono, no matter who it’s been, including Megatron, without any help whatsoever. And he hasn’t said a damn word about anything. You’ve NEVER seen him scream for attention, admiration or validation like the Richard Sherman’s of the NFL. He’s just come to work each and every day – for more than a DECADE now – and done his job. PERIOD. And you want to know how good he’s been at it? Between ’05 and ’10 Chad Johnson was one of the premier WR’s in the NFL catching 469 passes for 6,659 yards and 41 TDs in that time frame. Against Ike he caught 47 balls for 552 yards and only ONE touchdown in 11 games over a six year span. He shut Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco down, IN HIS PRIME, every single time he saw him, without exception. Why’s he not on the same level as Woodson, Shell and Blount? Because he doesn’t intercept the football. And I’d probably put him behind all three of them, but there certainly isn’t anyone else between them. Is he the same guy entering year 12 of his career as he was entering year five? Of course not. None of the three guys above were either. I’m not going to knock him for it. The man’s given his life to the Steelers and we’ve been able to enjoy it. Just say thank you.

  • Dorkewicz

    You’re not the only who hates the 10-yard cushions, but I’m afraid that it’s probably the way LeBeau runs his defense. It’s all predicated on corners who can make the tackle immediately after the catch, a bend but dont break style of defense

  • CrazyTerry

    Ike, if one of the greatest Steelers ever – James Harrison – was released, why are you freaking complaining about taking a pay cut. You got a good amount of guaranteed money in your contract and were well paid for a bad year last year. You should be thankful that the Steelers offered you a million extra than you deserved. 2,75M for you is a joke. Colbert should not have offered you anywhere in the 2M plus range.

  • CrazyTerry

    Also, his agent must have told him not to be a fool to turn down a very generous offer from the Steelers. Not one team would have offered him that money.

  • CrazyTerry

    Yes, that is true. But what is the point of giving a huge cushion once the other team makes it to the red zone? At that point, it makes more sense to play it tight and Ike has been terrible even then.

  • Geoff Cordner

    I like the honesty. Who wouldn’t be pissed about a pay cut after being an essential element of one of the best defenses in the NFL for years? But, it is a part of the business, and considering his options – I think he made the best choice for himself and his family. I was rooting for Ike to have a bounce back season before this interview, and I’m rooting for him even more after this interview.

  • Kurt Williams

    Yes, indeed.

  • John A Stewart

    Man you too sweet don’t forget Ike open his mouth where’s his loyalty.

  • ApexSteel

    That doesn’t happen.

  • NW86

    Amen! I wish I could give this 10 “up” votes. Agree with everything you said and I would add this. CB is the most thankless job in the NFL anyway, you go up against a talented athelete who already knows where he is going, you have to react, and you can’t touch him or get in his way or you will get flagged. Even still, if you manage to beat him 59 of 60 times, then the 60th time you slip and he beats you for a TD, suddenly everyone hates you and thinks you are worthless. Ike has taken on the toughest assignments every week for years, and won way more of them than he has lost. Without him, the team would have 2 fewer SB rings. And yet, Steeler Nation hates on him every chance they get. I just don’t understand it.

  • steeltown

    Good. Use that emotion and take it out on opposing QBs and WRs

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Ike, we truly appreciate what you’ve done for the organization over the years. Thank you. Now, as management, I’m telling you I can no longer afford to pay you $6-9 million a year. You have made 10’s of millions over the years, so you should be all set for life after football.

    Here’s the bottom line: We pay you and let you play for less, so you have the opportunity to win. If you play great this year, great! If you can play until you’re 40, great! If you want to try to win more championships, this is the way it’s going to be. If you are just about the money, we will have to thank you and say “Goodbye.” Otherwise, let’s go win some Super Bowls soon. No need to complain.

  • HiVul

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that they’re “letting him play for less so you have the opportunity to win,” that makes it sound like it’s a favor. At the moment we clearly still need Ike to start, just not at the original price

  • SfSteeler

    NFL coaches are sharks, when they smell blood they feed…until you prove you can adjust, there gonna go back to the well until it runs dry…so, we had Taylor gettin’ killed last year…

    so, Taylor had a bad year, now we know hes not our number one, unless Cortez gets hurt and then…!?

    ps…im just glad the NFL isnt like the NBA and MLB whom garauntee contracts…once a player hits 30 now, its a slippery slop and there needs to be more performance related cause contracts…

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Would I be upset if I took a 4-5M paycut….sure but I am still making a few million. Everyone knew except for Ike that he would have to take a paycut. I hope he plays well but I do not think it will make much difference in his pay even if he does.

  • stairman

    stick in his face mask, thats funny. I have the giggles picturing him with a football stuck in his face make, while making a football move it jars out after 3 steps, and hits the ground. How do the refs rule it, lmao!!!!!!

  • Steelers@2010

    I’m still laughing, and I will be laughing all the way through Training Camp. I’ve always been one of Ike’s biggest supporters, especially after his first contract, I was screaming for the Steelers to resign him. He was an awesome cover corner for years, but he has never been a play-maker. That separates him from the elite class. Besides the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Redskins, I really don’t see another team paying him nearly $3M to start. I think he has to have a monster year to remain with the team beyond 2014.