Steelers G David DeCastro Says Versatility Will Be Offensive Identity In 2014

Many people seem to be concerned about the Pittsburgh Steelers lack of a true identity on offense as they exit their offseason practices. Those same people view that lack of an identity as weakness as they don’t believe an offense can be whatever they need to be based on the defense or weather elements that they face.

Third-year right guard David DeCastro seems to be a very honest and forthcoming when he decides to talk to the media and in a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, he was asked to describe the offensive identity in just one or two words. His response wasn’t very surprising.

“I think we’re pretty versatile,” said DeCastro. “I think that’s a good word for it. I think we’ve got a solid line up front, solid running backs, receivers and obviously a great quarterback. I think that we can be very balanced and very effective at what we need to do to win a game and that’s important.”

While some might have the fear that a versatile offense means being a jack of all trades and master of none of them, DeCastro’s not one of them.

“No, I don’t thinks so,” said the Stanford product. “I think whatever it takes to win a game is what we’re going to be. I think in the NFL you have to be balanced, be able to do many things. Whatever it takes or whatever the scenario is. So whatever that team is giving you, you have to react to it and put yourself in the best position to win. And I think we’re able to do that with guys and the personnel that we have.”

So what about having more of a run identity on offense in 2014? Offensive linemen love that, right? DeCastro spoke about that topic as well.

“Every offensive lineman wants to pound the football and run it, but that’s no realistic in this day and age in the league,” said DeCastro. “With the receivers and the quarterback that we have, you know we’d love to be up in games and just hand the ball off to [Le’Veon] Bell and [LeGarrette] Bount and call it day, but we have to score some points first and then be able to do that. And you never know what’s going to happen in a game.”

In order to be a versatile offense in 2014, the Steelers need a talented offensive line that’s both athletic and physical so that they can quickly switch gears. DeCastro believes the unit they currently have in place has that ability.

“Yeah, we definitely do,” said DeCastro. “I think we have a really cohesive, great line. We just, like always, need to stay healthy and that’s the key.”

  • Steve

    Staying healthy and no major injury’s are the key. On offense being unpredictable and balanced will keep the other teams D guessing as to what is coming at them.

  • Jason White

    Honestly that’s just what I want to hear. All this talk of identity gets thrown around. The Arians fans want that deep passing attack to be the main focus of the offense even if you don’t have the line to hold up consistently for those 7 step drops. Some old school fans want the ground and pound attack with 30-40 runs in a game. I just want a balanced attack with the ability to attack any and all areas of the field. You hear a lot of people say when you have a quarterback like Ben that you have to throw it 50 times a game and that it can’t be the Dink and Dunk, has to be huge yardage. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the game but he is always gonna be at his best when he has a balanced attack to work with. Versatility has the power to beat any defense if you can do everything well. If healthy the Steelers offense has the potential to be a deadly one. If the Steelers defense improves to the level I think it will the Steelers could and likely would surpass the 10-6 record I predicted after the draft and will be a threat to any team in the AFC including the Broncos and Patriots. I gotta see them in pads before I predict something more concrete.

  • Miguelipto

    I agree. I think by mid-season this offense could be dominant. Our defense will benefit from this by being on the field less and better field position on average than the last few years. I think 10-6 is realistic with most wins in the 2nd half of the season after this team gels. This offense could offer some real thunder and lighting with it’s combination of power and speed.

  • steelster

    Decastro will be Le’ Veon Bell’s new best friend.

  • Weiss Chad

    I think this offense will avg about 23 pts a game.I don’t see it being a dominant offense but I think consistency is the key.I think the run game is gonna be much improved and will be one of better steelers offense in yrs but not as dominant as say top five in the league.. The key to this season Imo will be what we have in our defense.Imo special teams just might win us an extra game or two this year also.After next years draft the rebuilding/re tooling process should be complete and hopefully we will be on our way to a cpl more rings.Its very exciting to see all these new young faces.Dick lebeau was quoted the othe day as saying this year was as good of otas that he’s been a part of.Thats a good sign:)..I wish it was training camp already

  • Jim McCarley

    I think that having no identity can serve you well, when it comes to being able to not tip your hand on every series. When defenses can’t really get a grip on what you are doing or what you want to do, then you have the upper hand, imo. Being versatile, allows you to do many things. Sure, it’s fun to grind the ball for a few plays to get a first down , but completely fooling another team and walking down the field like you own it is so much better. People make so much out of “forcing your will on another team”, as Tomlin says, but to me, nothing gets in to another teams head like when they can’t figure you out. If they are just getting pushed around up front, they may indeed figure a way to stop it, but if they are just getting embarrassed by misreading a play and being our of place, then that is how you get in to their heads…i don’t care much for sub package offenses, because when you bring in different personnel, defenses automatically change what they are looking for….You need to be able to run every play in your playbook effectively with a base 11 package…..and not have to substitute players to run certain plays…..I think they need to have two backs in their all the time, unless, of course they are in a definite pass play like 3rd and long or 4th and long…..other than that….basic football with your best 11 players on the field running everything from sweeps to draws to deep passes, all from the same look. I really like this team. Much better than the last two years. I look forward to good thing.