Steelers Heath Miller Still Considered A Second Tier Tight End

It’s the dead time of year so we are due to have our share of player rankings by position over the course of the next month. On Wednesday, Chris Wesseling of got the ball rolling with his look at the tight end position and chose to go with the tier approach.

After placing Jimmy GrahamRob GronkowskiVernon Davis in his top tier of tight ends, Wesseling listed Pittsburgh Steelers Heath Miller in his second tier along with Jordan CameronJulius ThomasJason Witten and Jermichael Finley.

Here is the blurb about Miller:

Miller, meanwhile, is the AFC’s answer to Davis. If Pittsburgh used Miller in a similar fashion to Graham, he would clear 70 receptions on an annual basis. It’s no coincidence that the Steelers got off to an 0-4 start as Miller worked his way back from an ACL and finished with the conference’s best record in the second half of the season once the tight end was back to full strength.

In my opinion, this is the right spot for Miller even though he only scored one touchdown in 2013. From Week 4 on, only six tight ends caught more passes than Miller in 2013 and the veteran’s 73.3% catch percentage was tops among those six.

Will Miller top 70 catches in 2014 now that the knee injury suffered at the end of the 2012 season is a distant memory? I wouldn’t rule it out. 60 catches, however, should be a slam dunk and Miller should also see his touchdown numbers increase quite a bit as well.

2013 Receptions Tight Ends Week 4-17

Tony Gonzalez 102 72 70.60% 766 7
Jimmy Graham 104 63 60.60% 857 12
Antonio Gates 93 63 67.70% 648 3
Jordan Cameron 87 60 69.00% 648 3
Jason Witten 88 57 64.80% 702 6
Greg Olsen 85 57 67.10% 622 5
Heath Miller 75 55 73.30% 558 1
Charles Clay 83 55 66.30% 556 6
Martellus Bennett 74 53 71.60% 624 2
Julius Thomas 70 51 72.90% 594 8
Delanie Walker 72 51 70.80% 472 5
  • falconsaftey43

    Have to love Heath Miller. Steady as can be. It will be a sad day when he has to hang them up, he has provided the TE position unquestioned stability for years. Hope he still has 3-4 good years left.

  • Steve

    Heath is not fast but has some of the surest hand for a TE in the league. Steelers did suffer last year when Heath was out with no eminent replacement. Need to draft a replacement that will take his place.

  • steelster


  • Lewis

    There was a time when TE’s did more than catch balls. in that world Heath is without a doubt Top Tier.

  • exactly what I thought^

  • Smashmouth

    i Honestly can’t wait to watch how opponents cover our offense this year with our o line looking more stable than it has in quite a while, and with improvements to the running and passing game – blount, bell and a dose of archer with will johnson at fullback as well as Heath back to full strength and antonio brown leading a much deeper receiver corps

  • Weiss Chad

    He may not be the fastest or strongest,but I’d take Heath on my team any day


    For THIS team Miller is top shelf…idk what Colbert would’ve done if Ebron was still on the board @ 15, but I get the sense the dual purpose TE is what Haley wants.


    Some are unproven, but on paper, Ben has NEVER has this much talent around him on OFC imo…if the OL is truly on the up tick, this team can be dangerous this year with just a marginal improvement on DEF.

  • steeltown

    This is about right based on the “New” League.. so of course the top tier guys are the best pass catching TEs, but Miller is still top tier when discussing all around play over the course of a career. That’s why these rankings are often misguided, they don’t reflect the essence of certain positions… TEs are so much more than just big WRs

  • steelerdre

    Heath is not a guy who simply cares about the numbers that’s what makes him truly a special player. He will always be one the best TE in the league, especially in my eyes.