Steelers LB Vince Williams Sounds Ready For Training Camp

The Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up four weeks of offseason practices on Thursday, but second-year linebacker Vince Williams sounds like he’s ready to get training camp started as soon as possible.

If Williams’ string of Sunday tweets don’t get you excited about football season getting closer, I’m not sure that anything will.

Williams started 11 games as a rookie last season and played a total of 405 snaps. I doubt that he’s going to be a player that is teaching PE in August.

  • Garrett Hunt

    They need to find a way to regularly get him on the field

  • Jason

    Cool tweets aside there’s a reason they drafted Shazier and that wasn’t because they plan on getting Williams on the field a lot. I love his attitude but the bottom line is he is very limited especially in coverage.

  • colingrant

    Poetic …..

  • Garrett Hunt

    I would say unproven more than limited in coverage. He’s never had to do it much so he could still learn. Plus he is a beast in run stopping. I understand Shazier is the future at MLB, but I think the is a place for Williams somewhere on the defense even if it is just situationally.

  • ergomesh

    He is our run d middle line backer big stuffer smart and his goal line d is insane. Let shazier and spence handle the coverage and sub packages.

    Runner up to bell for rookie of the year for sure. Definitely defensive rookie if year for team. Imo

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I agree with both Garrett and Jason on this one.

    For years and years we watched Foote and Farrior get roasted in coverage by TE’s up the seam and WR’s on crossing routes. And that was in the days BEFORE Goodell’s passing league.

    You simply cannot afford to put big slow LB’s on the field in today’s NFL when you’re running a LeBeau style 3-4 defense.

    Having said that, we are a team that believes in DEVELOPING our players. Look at Brett Keisel. Look at Steve McLendon. Look at Kelvin Beachum. Guys with physical limitations who overcame those weaknesses to contribute productively.

    I think (with proper training) Vince Williams can show an increase in speed and coverage skills. It’s not just speed, it’s knowing technique. And he’s definitely smart enough.

    Also, football is different once the weather starts getting colder in December/January. A lot of teams look to run more. That is when Vince will really thrive.

    On a side note, hopefully LeBeau is dreaming up some packages where (when other teams go 5 wide, we can have Mitchell, Troy, Shamarko, Shazier, all on the field at the same time as hybrid DB’s. Where they’re strong enough to jam at the live, fast enough to cover in short distance, and can tackle immediately.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    This is the third article in a week I’ve read about Vince Williams. lol. I love what does Dave does (as a writer and SteelersDepot creator), but Vince is getting some major pub these days.

  • Jeff

    This kid is a born black and gold linebacker…. I see his career going in a similar path to Larry Foote…. very good backup / 3rd ILB / special teams monster. He’s a smart football player who knows the game and thinks himself into the right position which makes up for the physical traits that classify him as a 2 down player.

  • HereComesTheCollapse

    Agreed, the guy played above his draft level last year and came on strong the end of the year where injuries of other players thrust him into a role as a starter (which was not what the team intended). As a reward they pick Shazier, the guy is gritty and tough.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Vince is going to be our Thumper for years to come. Backup ILB that’s Starter capable.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I’m going to kind of echo what you just said. With a little background…

    Vince Williams is a guy who went to school in a big college program (FSU) and had to wait his turn to even see the field.

    Once he did, he was often overshadowed by the “big name” play makers. He wasn’t even expected to be drafted.

    But then he got a small opportunity. He was invited to the Senior Bowl. Where he made a couple of highlight hits that at least put him in the discussion to get drafted late.

    Sure enough he gets drafted to the “Linebacker U” of the NFL. And just hopes to somehow make the team.

    Well all of the experience watching and learning in college apparently paid off because the coaches noticed how smart he was. And that earned him a spot on the roster.

    Here’s where the story really gets good…

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    A perfect storm of unfortunate events leaves Williams as our best option at ILB. And he gets a near full season of starting experience. That’s unheard of for a rookie. Especially a 6th rounder.

    He had to think he was in a fantastic position going forward. Possibly a long term starter. And then with one draft pick, those hopes were shattered.

    Barring injury, Vince will probably be a career back up (at least here in Pittsburgh). That’s quite a downward swing. How did he handle the news of us drafting Shazier?

    Like a champ. A true team player with a great attitude. No sour grapes just come to work and do whatever the coaches ask you to do. Realizing it’s a privilege to play NFL football and a privilege to play for the Steelers.

    That’s the kind of attitude that not only wins over fans. It wins over coaches and teammates. Other teammates see Vince’s reaction and it’s an example to how they should act as well. It’s what builds a tightly knit unit.

    I’d take 53 guys with Vince’s attitude all day. And I’ll read any Vince Williams article that gets posted.

  • steeltown

    Love this kids demeanor and physicality, the fact that he projects as a backup (1st man up) this season brings me some comfort, in relation to solid depth.


    They drafted Shazier because the CB they wanted was off the board and he was the BPA. Agree…he’s never going to be the athlete that Shazier is in terms of speed, but I think Williams will see plenty of snaps this season as will Shazier…my point is I don’t think this is an either, or situation. Both will have roles.

  • MC

    He adds the physicallity to our lb core we desperately need. Love his tenacity and attitude. If the game hadn’t changed so much he would probably be a starter at the buck position for many years.