Report: Steelers QB Landry Jones To Wear Glove On Throwing Hand

When Pittsburgh Steelers third-string quarterback Landry Jones hits the field later this summer during the preseason games, we can probably expect to see him wearing a glove on his throwing hand.

According to Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times, Landry, who was drafted in the fourth-round of the 2013 NFL Draft out of Oklahoma by the Steelers, said Tuesday he’s decided to go with a glove due to the Pittsburgh weather.

“Last year, I didn’t want to wear it,” Jones said, according to Bradford’s report. “Just the weather, just raining all the time, getting cold up here, I threw a couple days in practice and really liked it. I didn’t see any point of me switching back and forth all the time, so might as well go with it all the time.”

In the playing time that Jones received last year during the preseason, he was 30-of-66 passing for 348 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions.

Also on Tuesday, Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider reported that Jones had two passes picked off during the first OTA practice of the week. He was, however, reportedly more decisive with his throws during the day.

Jones isn’t expected to beat out veteran Bruce Gradkowski this offseason for the backup quarterback job, but the hope is that he’ll be able to show markable improvement over last year during the Steelers four preseason games. Maybe the glove will play a small part in that.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • tim

    WHO GIVES a S@#T bout Landry Jones?? Lol

  • shawn

    Ive never been high on Landry & didnt like the pick ( was extremely familiar with him at OU …. the reasons for my doubts) but was hopeful that someday he would make the jump to be a competent back up if nothing else … have to think that his chances at that are getting slimmer by the week …. if he doesnt make any kind of jump this year i think it is unlikely that he will have any future in Pitt and can see them drafting another late round QB project next year !

  • FauxDickLeBeau

    is this news?

  • Nolrog

    He will wear gloves on both hands all season, along with a heavy coat and a thermal hat.

  • FauxDickLeBeau

    Heard he won’t wear long sleeves when it is hot. Gotta email Scott Brown this scoop.

  • steeltown

    I read Manziel threw three INTs yesterday while running with the 1st and 2nd Teams… early struggles

  • george


  • george

    Hope he throws 3 INTs in the seasoner opener :-)

  • Scot Hickerson

    Except for the fact that you are just wrong about Jones. We get no news about Landry Jones at all unless he messes up or its a stupid story about a glove. The last thing the team wants is for there to be any talk of Landry at all, its about Ben and the starters and this year. Jim Wexell did tweet that Coach Tomlin thinks that any comparison of Jones to Branden K was just nonsense. Every QB has INT’s there could be lots of reasons for them wrong routes tipped passes really good DB play. I am sure Ben and Bruce have thrown them too The fact that J Brown is doing so good and is being talked about as making the team could be a sign that Landry is doing really good as well making lots of completions. I personally feel the less you hear about Landry the better he is doing. Shawn, at the QB position you don’t out perform everyone in college football for 4 years straight at a BCS school and then just suck. His performance in preseason as a rookie pretty good considering how bad the third string O line was. He had to throw it away a lot to avoid sacks. Maybe the glove will help he did have one ball slip out of his hands on an arrant throw.

  • shawn

    We all know you are PRESIDENT of the Landry Jones Fan Club … but give it a rest … I hate to break it to you but … For the last time … Landry Jones sucked in college … stop drinking the Kool-Aid and believing that he was great just because he had good stats … he is and always has been a long shot to ever be a starter in the NFL …. I know QBs and he is not an NFL Starting QB PERIOD !!!!

    You obviously are in denial and remind me of all those Tebow fans that were enamored with a guy that had no business playing QB in the NFL !

    Just wait til the next flop … all the Jaime Winston fans who think he will amount to anything in the NFL lol ….

  • shawn

    Manziel is a huge bust …. his game doesnt translate … and going to the browns is only going to expedite his failure !

  • Scot Hickerson

    Why do you personally dis like the guy and go out of your way to bash him. Your argument is completely void of any proof. Other than your opinion. I have facts and history to back up my arguement. The NFL will always be a league for QBs who can throw it first. He is definitely not a Tim Tebow who was never a good passer.
    Neither is Winston. All Landry did was pass and he doubled and tripped the number of attempts of most other QB now starting in the NFL. The more attempts the more accurate your results will be and if you suck the more obvious it will be. Jones threw it 2183 times completing 63.6% and that is with only 52 sacks (meaning he threw the ball away a lot to avoid sacks and should have a higher completion percentage. Any QB who takes a lot of sacks adds percentage points to their completion percentage. He may need time to adjust to the NFL all QB’s do but to say he sucks and will never be a starter is way beyond ridiculous. Aron Rodgers whole college career fits in Landry’s sophomore year. Landry deserves the same opportunity that Aaron Rodgers got.

  • shawn

    I do not dislike the guy … and you are right … it is only my opinion which is based on his play in college … and although you are once again correct i have no proof .. i am confident I WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT in due time … he does not have what it takes to be a starter in the NFL … I didnt see it in college and I dont see it now … If he somehow (which he WONT) becomes a good QB … please by all means send me a I Told you SO post …. and I would be the 1st person to admit Im wrong and eat humble pie … but it AINT EVER happening !

    BTW .. when i look at QBs … i dont look at the stats … I look at how they throw the ball, can they handle the rush … how are they under pressure … are they a winner … etc etc etc … he had none of that !

  • Scot Hickerson

    He had all of that. Throws the ball great, very good at handling the rush and does fine under pressure. He won 40 games and 3 bowl games. I base my opinion on the totality of his College career not just on one game or one play. Only mixing in the stats gives you the whole picture of his performance so its not just your Bias not just a small snap shot. A guy who can’t win and can’t perform at a high level in college won’t ever tear it up and wont succeed in the NFL. Only the best in college have the chance to succeed in the NFL. We don’t watch every play of every game so you need to look at their stats. Example you can say Landry can’t handle the rush or does bad under pressure based on 10- 15 plays. Or you could look at his Career and he threw it 545 times a year for 4 years on average and was only intercepted 13 times a year on average and was only sacked 13 times on average for 4000 yards a year on average average for 30 TD’s on average. He performed at a very High level consistently for all 4 years. Throwing 2183 times he had to have been under pressure most of the time. All they did was throw it. Yet He was sacked and or threw an INT once every 42 attempts over 4 years. wow I don’t see how that translates at all to being bad at pressure. If jones was bad at pressure he would have been Sacked a lot or throw a lot of INT’s .. Ben was sacked 42 times last year in 469 attempts thats like one in every 10 attempts. to me getting rid of the ball before you take the sack equals being good at pressure.

  • shawn

    We obviously disagree … which is fine … but in time you will realise everything i said was correct !

  • Scot Hickerson

    cause Shawn is the QB wisperer and he knows. Johnny football is a better thrower than kapernec and he is as good of a passer as Wilson and a better runner than both. Put tools around him he will be as or more sucessful. I bet he can manage 58% completion like Kapernec did this last year.

  • shawn

    I see that you really have NO CLUE when it comes to evaluating talent … i mean absolutely NONE … Johnny’s game doesnt translate at all …. period … its as simple as that !!! Kap is the real deal … I followed him all thru college as i too played under Chris Ault … albeit as a lowly walk-on … Kap is a much better runner than Johnny … Kap has real speed … johnny is avg athlete (look at avg combine numbers) that could get by in College with his (4.7 speed) he is a much better scrambler than runner and is more quick than fast …

    Kap’s primary issue is he needs to get better at moving around in the pocket … he tends not to step up and instead veers sideways when he throws which doesnt help him … but he has a world of talent which Johnny frankly doesnt have … avg arm and puts too much of his body into the throw instead of just being able to fling it out there … he will have a very rough time of it !

  • Scot Hickerson

    Yep like I said your the QB whisperer. This is a game thats about results not style points. There is more to being a good runner than 40 time. Manziel has RB vision he can spot the openings and get threw them he rushed for over 1,000 yards in the sec because he reads blocks and and knows were to run. What was the most rushing yards that Kap had in College? Who is going to flop and not be vary good. Is Teddy Bridgewater, the guy had ok but not great stats against a low level of competition. I see him as being Christian Ponder the 2nd.. Who will be the best out of this class is Derek Carr.

  • shawn

    Sorry not trying to be offensive, but you really are ignorant …. Kap is the only player in college football HISTORY to run for over 4,000 yds and pass for over 10,000 yds in a career … he rushed for well over a 1,000 yds 3 straight seasons … so dont even go there .. he could easily run for over a 1000 yds every season with the 49ers but you can tell they are holding him in check until late in the season !!

    You might be right about Carr but haven’t seen him play enough … but will be interesting … as far as Teddy I cant say either way but I think he has a decent chance as he is in a perfect system to do well up in Minn … unlike Johnny who got stuck with the Browns … so it wouldnt surprise me if Teddy did well but like i said im not sure …

    Its a big jump from college to the pros and the things that Johnny could do in college he just wont get away with in the pros … Yes he will make some spectacular plays from time to time but he will be far too inconsistent and wreckless and wouldnt surprise me if he was often injured. He doesn’t have a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t stay in the pocket long enough with his reads and tends to run too much … unfortunately his selection to the browns did not do him any favors that would help his development !

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