Steelers RB LeGarrette Blount Really Likes His New Facemask

Being as he measures in at roughly six feet, 250 pounds, Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount is already an imposing figure even without his pads on. Thanks to his new facemask, however, he looks like a super-villain straight out of a Batman comic book.

Blount is apparently very proud of his new facemask as he posted a picture of it Tuesday on his Twitter account and it caused quite a reaction.

Bane? Darth Vader? Blount Force Trauma?

Ah, the things we get excited about with training camp now right around the corner.

  • That is NASTY!

  • Superdriller316

    Great design!!!!!

  • Matt Manzo

    I love it!
    Any chance we get black chin straps and black shoes too? I’ve been wanting that my whole life!

  • Paddy


  • frednash

    Remember no leading with helmet outside the box!

  • Jacob Dixon

    Pretty cool

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I vote Silon or however you spell the battlestar galactica robots


    Steelers Fan Rasta really likes Blount’s new facemask too!!

    I hope this guy keeps Bell as a two-down back; 2nd and 3rd down only…if he can keep that 1st down 6-yd per carry avg. going then why not? Tell Blount he will be the RB on every 1st down, so the more he gains the faster the other guys can convert for another first and Blount’s re-entry. He can absorb the bigger base def. pkg. hits and leave Ben & Co. beautiful short-yardage play-action fake 2nd downs, and if Bey drops one, then just add Archer into the mix on those 3rd and shorts and win away.

    Anyways, intimidating facemasks or not, I think the whole team will seem meaner then they have in awhile, and hopefully our kickers adopt this style headgear as well. Go Steelers!

  • Steelers12328882

    Straight outta Star Wars. That thing looks awesome!

  • Virdin Barzey

    Luke, I am your father!!!

  • Dan

    Well he’s just happy about everything ain’t he?
    (Guess I would be too if the Steelers signed me.)

  • westernsteel

    Wow what a great story……this site is loaded with them lately

  • Jonas

    Does anyone know if Tuitt has medical clearance for his predator facemask?

    Blount’s nice, too – that IS intimidating and awesome!

  • Bradys_Dad

    You know who’d look nasty in that mask ???? SILVERBACK ! I think that James has at least 1 more really good year of situational play left in him. James and Joey’s attitudes will bring the NASTY back. We need help at OLB – get r’ done !

  • steeltown

    What does Tuitt’s mask look like? He had a cool looking mask in college, sort of like what Justin Tuck uses.

  • Johnny Loose

    Oh yea if Darth Vader played for the Steelers, that’s what his facemask would look like. Lol that is awesome

  • dkoy85

    I’ve been wondering the same.

  • Douglas Andrews

    That was an intimidating look for Tuitt but I think the NFL banned those face mask with the exception of Tuck’s.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Wonder if he had anything to do with that design. NICE!

  • steeltown

    I just read an article on it. Total BS in my opinion. So, Chris Canty can wear it to keep fingers out of his face and eyes so as to not re-injure his previously detached retina, BUT every other player is not allowed and in turn may ultimately suffer the same fate…

  • 2443scott

    lol i think he loves being a steeler hes like a rookie again with excitement ..only diff is hes a vet ….will their be a face mask contest now in the league who can out do who …i bet goodle is already looking at how to out law his face mask ..after all they get mad when player wears wrong color socks…

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed BS but not surprising the NFL mainly Goodell contradicts himself often. One minute it all about player safety then he’s pushing to get an 18 game regular season…whats wrong with that picture?

  • Jonas

    Like I said in another post, you need mecial clearance to wear a predator mask.. it is not allowed to wear them for an intimidating effect!

  • steeltown

    Great. So the players should wait till they get injured, sometimes seriously injured, before they are allowed to wear beneficial face masks. Like I said, BS

  • Jonas

    Yes, it makes no sense! Offense safety seems to be so important and this risk for defensive players easily could be prevented with the predator mask – I really can’t see a reason for it..