Steelers Rookie Dri Archer Packed His Playbook For Trip To Los Angeles

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver/running back Dri Archer was present Tuesday for the start of the second week of OTA practices and while the third-round draft pick was forced to miss last week due to him being selected to take part in the NFLPA Rookie Premier event in Los Angeles, he still managed to pack something very important for the trip.

“I took my playbook [to Los Angeles], still studied,” Archer said, according to Scott Brown of “I’m a little behind.”

It’s hard to imagine Archer being behind anything with that blazing speed of his, but I’m sure he’ll catch up fast now that he’s back practicing again. He was able to participate in the Steelers rookie minicamp that immediately followed the draft, however.

Archer is currently wearing No. 13 and is listed as a WR/RB on the Steelers roster.

  • falconsaftey43

    Dave, can’t any RB split out wide without reporting as an eligible receiver? They are already eligible receivers, they don’t have to report if they line up somewhere else. Only have to report if you’re not an eligible receiver normally such as OL playing TE position. Otherwise a RB couldn’t be motioned from the backfield to another position.

  • falconsaftey43

    Number change was likely just his preference. He will be used as WR/RB so he could pick from 10-49, 80-89. He probably just liked 13 best.

  • Steve

    RB go in motion all the time and split out as WR. OL have to report as receiver eligible if they are in the backfield or used as TE. Danny Marino used #13 when he played for the Dolphins.

  • Paddy

    So he did not blow off anything, talk about the PG spewing crap

  • Melvin Baxter

    probably pick #13 because he was the 1 pick in the 3rd round

  • blue

    Cant wait to see RB screen