Steelers Rookie LB Jordan Zumwalt Should Be Able To Attend Mandatory Minicamp

Due to UCLA being on the quarter system, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie linebacker Jordan Zumwalt wasn’t allowed to take part in any of the OTA practices. It does look like, however, that he will be able to take part in next week’s mandatory minicamp.

According to the UCLA website, it appears as though all of the school’s commencement ceremonies will have taken place by Sunday, so that should allow the Steelers first of two sixth-round draft picks to participate next week.

While Zumwalt was likely able to take his playbook back home with him following the rookie minicamp, he will be way behind when he arrives next week. Luckily for him, however, he will at least get one week of practice in prior to training camp.

Zumwalt might get time at both the inside and outside linebacker spots during the mandatory minicamp.

  • Matt Manzo

    Sweet! I have a feeling about this kid! I just hope we give him a chance.

  • Wing t

    I would love to see him get a chance if injuries happen to some of are outside backers. Bold prediction next Kevin green.

  • Brian Miller

    Why do I seem to have trouble getting excited for this news?

  • Matt Manzo

    I’d be ok with a rich mans Olslavsky or poor mans Burfict! I think he’s a combo of the two. Burficts nastiness and ability to thump, and Olslavskys brain and athleticism.

  • IckyD

    Why have we abandoned the tall,rangy, long-limbed Andy Russell-prototype weak-side OLB who can run, INT, tackle and cover bubble screens and run plays?

    Why are we so enamored of short, stocky guys?

  • IckyD

    He’s reputed to play mean, too.

    Not out-of-control, just w/a chip on his shoulder.

    We need a guy like that on the outside and flats…