Steelers WR Antonio Brown Uses An ‘Ultimate’ Training Regimen

Whenever Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown decides to call it career, he might have a future as a professional Ultimate player.

Ultimate is a sport played with a frisbee that sort of resembles a cross between football and soccer and it is apparently quickly growing in popularity. Brown recently took part in a game of Ultimate with campers at Camp Spirit of the Game and Tad Wissel of has passed along video of the event and an interview with Brown.

According to Brown, he’s no stranger to the sport.

“Man, Ultimate is a part of my regimen,” Brown told Wissel. “I love after a long hard track workout or a sled push to get some cardio in and not only catching the football but going after the frisbee. It’s different, catching a frisbee… the frisbee can sail or go up and down so you’ve got to have your eyes and your coordination right, watching it all the way through the catch. It’s definitely a game I love to play and I continue to play in my off season workouts.”

You can see the video of Brown below and make sure to read Wissel’s entire interview with the Steelers wide receiver.

  • Lil Palp

    “Who caught that?”
    “Antonio Brown!”

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s awesome! I played in high school and it is intense, or can be. They were pitching it back then as a way for the jocks to stay in shape.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    i would like to see the offense play the defense in this game

  • steeltown

    Frisbee is pretty damn fun

  • Dan

    I played in college. With due respect to beach volleyball it is about the most fun game one play…..if you’re up to the cardio aspect. I’m in half-marathon shape at the moment, but wouldn’t be able to keep up with most intermediate ultimate players.