Steelers WR Justin Brown More Mature, Smoother Heading Into Second Training Camp

Pittsburgh Steelers second-year wide receiver Justin Brown spent his entire rookie season on the practice squad and so far the reports on him during the offseason practices have been very positive. On Tuesday, wide receivers coach Richard Mann weighed in on the progress that the Oklahoma product has made since being drafted last year in the sixth-round.

“I think he’s done a lot of things real well,” said Mann of Brown. “He really doesn’t look like the same guy. He’s made a transition. Very confident and again, we’re out here learning how to do it and when we start playing tackle, we’ll figure out what we got.”

Mann went on to talk specifically about some of the things that are different with Brown this year as opposed to last year.

“He’s changed and matured,” said Mann. “He understands the concepts. [He’s] Smoother. His body language is different. He’s just a different guy. He’s matured a lot, he really has.”

When training camp rolls around later next month, Brown figures to be headed for a great battle against Derek Moye and newcomer Darrius Heyward-Bey for one final roster spot on the Steelers wide receiver depth chart.

In the case of Heyward-Bey, who was signed during the offseason as an unrestricted free agent, Mann says they are trying to take advantage of what he does best in attempt to have him ready to do battle during camp.

“I think that what we’re doing with Darrius is just trying to get his confidence up,” said Mann. “He’s got speed, he’s got talent. The key to it is during these OTAs and of course this minicamp, is we teach him what to do and hopefully we’ll put him into position to be able to succeed with his speed and his smartness.”

The training camp battle for that final wide receiver spot is really shaping up to be a fun one to watch.

  • Rupert

    Off topic Dave, have you heard any rumblings about us looking at Flowers or Houston? Is there any financial possibility? I know its crazy but I can’t help but think we would entertain adding someone experienced to the group.

  • Kurt Williams

    Confident vs unconfident winner= Justin Brown. We’ll see in training camp.

  • dkoy85

    Going to be a great battle- Of all the years I have to miss training camp, this is the year I will, of course!

  • SteelersDepot

    Talked about it during the Monday podcast. I would be shocked! for starers, Houston isn’t even healthy. Secondly, Flowers will have no problems finding work.

  • Biggie

    The more competition the merrier, glad to see he is making the transition from rookie year to 2nd year and getting comfortable. He has alot of talent and definitely could be push himself to the roster.

  • Jacque Strappe

    Wonder if we can expect HB to improve his hands? If not, this is a no brainer if you plan on using this guy as a weapon at some point offensively.

  • Johnny Loose

    Exactly what I like to hear about a 2nd year WR. I’d really like to see Landry Jones step up in his second year during the preseason. Definitely someone I’ll be keeping an eye on.

  • Rupert

    Thanks, I rarely get time to listen to the Podcast but I’ll take a listen. I understand Flowers will be scooped up quickly but figured you’d know if it is remotely feasible from a $$$ perspective.

  • Ben Saluri

    Don’t sleep on Danny Coale.

  • SteelersDepot

    If he makes the final 53 then something has gone REALLY bad

  • William Weaver

    Not for Danny.. Haha I agree though, just couldn’t help myself

  • SteelersDepot

    true, not for Danny

  • treeher

    Stiller wide receivers … should I say an embarrassment of riches?

  • AndyR34

    I think you are way optimistic…but JMO. That said, I do hope you are correct.

  • I haven’t seen Danny Coale. Has anyone here? I see he was the first WR off the board in round 5 in 20012–then injuries derailed him for the past two years. He seems to be especially suited to slot receiver–probably Moore’s position (although Wheaton and DHB could probably produce here as well). Moye and Justin Brown seem more suited to X & Z positions than Y. So if Coale doesn’t make the 53, is he a likely practice squad replacement for Moore should an injury occur? My understanding is that the Cowboys thought he could be a solid possession-type receiver with good hands and instincts. The truth will out.

  • Shawn S.

    Make time. Get the app. Dave and Dave’s takes are money.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Should be one of if not the best training camp battle for the 5th WR spot.

  • Douglas Andrews

    My gut just tells me this is DHB’s job to lose. If he makes a couple of nice plays during the preseason I’m thinking he’s nailed it.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Just a thought…but why keep only 5 WRs and not six? Maybe only two TEs are needed in Heath and Spaeth cut Palmer and Paulson and send Blanch to the practice squad. If we run “heavy” slide an OL into the eligible third TE spot.

  • AzheDraven

    Hey! What app? I listen to the podcast on the direct link mostly from my iPhone and an app that would help me to find it quicker would be awesome if it exists, lol.

  • treeher

    Yeah, but I am pumped about the potential of this team right now.

  • Shawn S.

    Its called Pittsburgh Steelers by Yinzcam, Inc. Steelers Nation Radio is broadcast there, including the terrible podcast. Great stuff. Go Steelers.

  • Rupert

    Thanks for the clarification…I immediately looked for a Steelers Depot app. Great to have such resources being so far away here in Phoenix, AZ! GO STEELERS!

  • Lose Justin Brown! Keep Derek Moye!

  • Weiss Chad

    I think Big Ben really likes this kid. I’m betting on this kid to make the roster and even become the fourth wr on the depth chart.He will get plenty of opportunities in pre season and I think this kid is gonna become a pleasant suprise..I also have been getting the impression Ben might be getting a little irritated with Wheaton.imo

  • Ben Saluri

    Read Dale Lolley today, not as far fetched as you think.