The Terrible Podcast – Talking John Mitchell Comments, Steelers Defensive Line & More Episode


Season 4, Episode 112 of The Terrible Podcast is up and with co-host David Todd still out of action, Alex Kozora and I open the show by talking about the final day of the Pittsburgh Steelers mandatory minicamp and how great it appears the offseason practices have gone.

Steelers defensive line coach John Mitchell recently had quite a few quotes that are worth discussing as it relates to rookie defensive end Stephon Tuitt. We discuss those comments and it leads to a more talk about the defensive line.

Free agent cornerback Brandon Flowers was back in the news on Wednesday, so Alex and I again talk about his situation.

Steelers fullback/tight end Will Johnson was in the news this week, so we look at what might be in store for him this upcoming season.

Some punter talk is included as well.

Alex and I discuss several other related Steelers topics and that includes so recent comments made by former Oakland Raiders head coach John Madden about former Steelers head coach Chuck Noll, who passed away last Friday.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 112 of Season 4 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Chris Maxwell

    Let me guess, time wasted talking about Kiesel returning.

  • srdan

    Clever, but wrong.

    A good discussion on our corners that was started by the thought of Brandon Flowers on this team. And they both think its unlikely and silly.

  • falconsaftey43

    Dave and Alex,
    I believe here is why most of us fans get frustrated by rookies not starting.
    1) It’s long been held that the Steelers don’t play rookies because they don’t have to, they have veterans that are better. This used to be true, but hasn’t for a few years now. If they are best talent, put them out there. It often seems young guys aren’t played just because they are young.
    2) we see inconsistency between offense and defense. Rookies play a lot on our offense and not the defense. So the argument is thrown out there that the defense is complex….
    3) This defense can’t be so much more complex than all the other NFL defenses. Tons of rookies play and do well every year. Tuitt was a highly drafted and rated player, it’s not like he we’re talking about a major project. Last year 7 dline rookies had over 30 tackles. Why is it so hard for Tuitt but not Shazier? Shazier was handed the position when we had an Williams who did pretty well last year. Tuitt has no one in front of him that was on the team last year or is very highly rated.
    4) We’ve seen talented guys sit for no reason on this team. Heyward showed very good skills and ability in preseason and limited snaps and yet remained behind an average Hood just because Hood had been around and knew what to do (even though he couldn’t do it well). You throw out there that Heyward was brought along slowly and now he’s a beast which is all true. But we fans see glimpses of his talent early and recognize that it was better than what Hood was doing out there and can’t help but say why isn’t Heyward playing?
    5) No one buys the ‘ruining’ a prospect theory. Guys can play or they can’t. If they have fragile confidence, waiting to play them for a few years isn’t going to help. Curtis Brown was very talented and brought along very slowly, yet he still suffered from confidence issues.
    6) There doesn’t seem to be a reason for why defensive lineman for the Steelers aren’t allowed to play for several years other than “that’s how the Steelers do it” and that’s just not a good enough reason when the results on the field are below average. Why is a talented rookie making mistakes worse than an not very talented veteran getting physically beat trying to do what they’re supposed to?
    7) We’re fans, we get angry about everything except Super Bowl Titles.

  • HereComesTheCollapse

    I’d rather see tuitt start myself but if he isn’t ready do we know for sure that Cam Thomas is starter material? Not sure if it would be good to take that risk to start the season, it is a valid concern that we hope the team takes a good look at before completely disregarding a Kiesel return.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    This is just my opinion but…

    I think the Steelers coaches have adopted the opinion that, most of the time, rookies CAN’T outperform veterans. Tuitt CAN’T outperform Kiesel. Arnfelt CAN’T outperform Kiesel. So there’s no use even giving them that chance. And I think that is a flawed line of thinking. Sometimes the younger guys will surprise you if given the opportunity.

    Of course the veteran is smarter, and his technique is more refined. But as fs43 just said above in point #6. What is the difference between a rookie getting beat mentally for 10 yards and a veteran getting beat physically for 10 yards?

    Here is an opposite example. Who would’ve performed better at ROLB last year? Jarvis Jones or Chris Carter? Jarvis right? And why is that? Chris Carter knows the defense better and has refined his technique?

    The difference is Jarvis brought better physical ability. And even though he made mistakes, he performed better overall. Remember when Aaron Smith got old and slow and could beat guys any more? We would’ve been better off with a rookie IMO. How close is Kiesel to that point?

    Of course my opinion doesn’t mean anything to the Steelers. They are a lot smarter than me. But after two seasons of 8-8 you’d think they’d want to try something different?

  • Brian Miller

    Actually NOT wrong…they did spend time talking about that, and again Dave made the comment that he just can’t see Kiesel not playing.