Video: Steelers WR Antonio Brown Rides A Silverback

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison remains unsigned following his March release from the Cincinnati Bengals, but the former undrafted Kent State product is keeping himself in shape in case he gets a call.

On Friday, Harrison posted a video of himself dong a few push-ups with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown sitting on his back.

Harrison has made it know that he’d like to return to the Steelers in 2014, but as of right now, there’s been no indication that will happen.

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor has kept in close contact with Harrison during the offseason and recently said he believes the 36-year-old linebacker is in the best shape that he’s been in a while.

  • Anthony Stewart

    Bring back for depth, and at the very least he will push the likes of Chris carter to crap or get of the pot. We have to much talent and not enough space on this roster for dead weight that won’t produce. So what he doesn’t play special teams!! Most kickoffs are now unreturnable and we have two very good gunners in Blake and golden so there is no need or worry about him covering punts. Did he hurt some FO’s feeling maybe but this move is about winning and depth at the rush linebacker spot. No more, no less. This is just my opinion so don’t kill me for it.

  • steeltown


  • StrengthOfVictory

    I believe Harrison will only be brought back if the team is plagued by injuries.

    The Steelers made a point of moving on from James for 1) financial reasons (He wouldn’t take a pay cut, and his resulting release left a lot of dead money for the Steelers to count against the cap), and 2) positional reasons (The coaches were handing Jason Worilds the starting job).

    Bringing him back now would seem like a step backwards. This team has taken strides toward getting younger on defense and moving on from aging vets. It just complicates things too much to add him to the mix.

  • srdan

    This is ridiculous. The amount of strenght it takes to do this is amazing. Love james!!! Hopefully he comes back!

  • HiVul

    I liked what Dave had to say about this in the most recent terrible podcast. If you sign Harrison or Keisel now it’s probably at the minimum and for that amount of money they’re more likely to outperform their contract than underperform, even if they end up getting injured at some point.

    It also doesn’t make us slower realistically, we have added faster players and signing a guy like Harrison won’t change that. It will just buy time until they’re more comfortable in the scheme.

  • srdan

    maybe, but can jarvis jones do pushups with a plate on his back? Let alone an NFL receiver. Strength isnt everything,but its necessary in the NFL. Just because james is old does not make him useless. I’m not saying he should come back and take JJ spot, but james started late so his biological age doesnt necesarily reflect his tread.

    Take it all w a grain of salt, 92 is one of my all time favorites.

  • cencalsteeler

    I like his marketing tool (the dog on the couch). Look, it’s really up to James. The Steelers would be foolish to not sign him to a vet deal. The Bengals rarely used him last season, so there’s still tread on the tires. They signed Ike, so why not James? The only difference between the two is their respected positions. They’re workout warrior veterans who can contribute and mentor the young guys. Now, if he is eventually signed, I would pay money to watch footage of Porter coaching Harrison and the shenanigans that those two would create between the two of them.

  • Anthony Stewart

    I agree with you 100%, but I’m hoping it’s not our steeler nostalgia that’s getting te best of us.

  • westcoasteeler

    Can’t help but love this team. This is cool. They’re all hangin out…

  • Virdin Barzey

    That was probably a warm up for this guy. I miss Harrison. Wish they would but something tells me they won’t. Silverback and Peezee….what can they do together for this defense. I like it.

  • 20Stoney

    That is freakin’ unreal.

  • Rupert

    Adding Deebo and Da Beard (at the vet minimum) would only benefit the team and push guys at camp. I think it makes enough of a difference to add a win to this season in the end. Depth and leadership…

  • sean mcmartin

    Sign him now, worilds is already unable to practice and riding a stationary bike.

  • Craig Ressler

    Yeah, I mean if we sign them as depth, and something would happen to our starters, I’d much rather see Keisel or Harrison inserted than any of our reserves.

  • walter mason

    It might be different if we had drafted an OLB early and another one late. But we didnt even draft a single OLB and we have nobody with talent on the bench.

  • Johnny Loose

    agree with everything you said. Also one of my all time favorites. Get this man a contract

  • Johnny Loose

    I mean, I don’t believe anyone in the Worilds would take Chris Carter on ANY final 53 over Silverback. If you could imagine JH being signed for camp, could you imagine Carter beating him out? The answer is, NO. Anyone in the world taking Carter over Harrison on their roster probably also likes self-inflicting wounds and needs their head checked. This should be a no brainer. I don’t care if Carter has a “youth advantage”. We have a surplus of youth on defense especially in the LB core, although we are thin at OLB. Worilds has 8 straight weeks of solid production under his belt. After that, Jarvis Jones has 1 solid game under his. Behind that we have …………………….youth? If we don’t bring back James Harrison for at least one more season I will be sorely disappointed and might, for the first time, begin to seriously question the motive of this front office, lol. Seriously! Worilds, Jones, Harrison, and the 4th OLB can be whoever they feel most comfortable with moving on. END OF STORY.

  • 2443scott

    i am wondering if james regrets leaving the steelers even for that extra money …money comes and goes but the pride of wearing the steeler colors and the fans is a life time thing …