Woodson, Sapp Both Think Roethlisberger Is Still Not Hall Of Fame Worthy

Has Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger done enough already to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after his playing days are over?

In a recent all or nothing discussion revolving around the Class of 2004 quarterbacks on the NFL Network, current Hall of Famers Rod Woodson and Warren Sapp both weighed in with their thoughts on Roethlisberger’s chances and both believe he will need to accomplish more in order to get a bust in Canton.

Woodson on Roethlisberger:

“I really like Ben. I think he’s going to get better, I think his seasons are getting better. I think Todd Haley is going to help him open up the offense. His yardage is going to get better, his numbers are going to improve, but I think he’s going to be similar to Jim Plunkett – winning two Super Bowls. Or maybe if they win a couple of more, maybe then we can talk about it more, but I think he’s in that category right now of winning two Super Bowls, but not going into the Hall of Fame. So I like him a lot, but I still think he has a little more to prove for that.”

Sapp on Roethlisberger:

“I like him a lot, too. One of the toughest quarterbacks to get on the ground whenever you was hunting him in that pocket. But I go back to my criteria. Are you the finest at your position? Are you considered the best that the NFL has to offer and then are you carving out some years as the best? Ben Roethlisberger had a wonderful Super Bowl after the first one, where he had the worst quarterback rating of any winning quarterback. But he’s come back and played well, but it’s nothing for me. Until you’re number one on the list and hold that position for years and carve it out, no for me.”

According to Woodson and Sapp, Philip Rivers and Eli Manning both join Roethlisberger in the same boat. Being as Rivers hasn’t even made it to a Super Bowl, however, they really had no business discussing him in the same breath as Roethlisberger and Manning.

So has Roethlisberger done enough? Does he need to win one more Super Bowl or make it to at least one more? What’s needed if he doesn’t win another one?

  • Geoff Cordner

    Does Sapp meet Sapp’s requirements to be in the Hall of Fame? Did he carve out years as the number one DT in the league? I’d be surprised …

  • 804Stiller

    Man, not a fan of Sapp. He always sounds like a Steeler Hater. Man, I think the best at your position argument is stupid. Either you have HOF numbers or you don’t. And, winning is a part of the equation. So, Drew Brees isn’t HOF worthy because of Payton and Brady? Doesn’t really jive to me and Sapp isn’t the smartest guy in the world. Another thing, if you had to be the best at your position, why did it take Dermontti so long to get in? End of the day, I agree with Rod that Ben has to do a little more but he is on a great pace to get in,

  • Jason White

    Yeah by Sapp’s stupid standards Brady and Manning both can’t make it.

  • Madi

    Sapp has the intelligence of a child. Let’s not let him bait us. I’d point out how stupid his criteria is (if that was the bar, how many people would even be in the HOF, like 12?), but that would give him too much credibility. He says what he needs to say to make it to the end of a segment and get a paycheck. No promise of consistency next time. I know we’re in a boring stretch of the year, but let’s not damage ourselves by giving this guy the time of day.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Hopefully, Ben still has about productive 5 years left to work on his resume. Another Super Bowl would change things.

  • steelster

    If he hits the 50,000 yardage mark which he should do if healthy, plus the 3 super bowls that will put him in. The voters really factor in the stats for quarterbacks.

  • 2443scott

    sapp is another one these guys who came into the 90s football and put in hall only because of the medias talent for picking certain players to talk about …he as a few others should of had to wait in line to get in… behind the guys who still are waiting who put there time in and off the field ….some who pass away while guys who just retirer are just pushed into the hall …you think the way he talks he was the only def player on a team he played on…i am guessing his off wasnt on field either when he won games ….now as a nfl reporter he shows how inept he is at that …but maybe nfl network will give him a watch in 20 years of service for being best ….maybe he is just mad the steelers got their own defencive wing in hall of fame and he was stuck in a corner some where .

  • gene mann

    list are a joke and so is Sapp

  • gene mann

    i agree

  • gene mann

    so they want more yardage from ben he has 2 SB

  • Michael Pearce

    What disappointed me was Woodson comparing Big Ben to Jim Plunkett. Jim Plunkett was a bust for most of his career and was a sitting duck in the pocket. What saved him was an ability to throw the deep pass and going to a Raiders team that lived on that. Plunkett was no Big Ben in any way you want to compare them. Ben should be in the HOF if he retires tomorrow. The Steelers would never have gotten to a Super Bowl without Ben. We had some better teams in the 90’s that would have loved to have Big Ben. Plunkett would not have even survived behind the lines Ben has had to play behind for most of his career, and he was not elite like Ben is. Ben is a Franchise QB and he’s taken the Steelers to 3 Super Bowls in the last decade. Who else has won more in the last decade?

  • Steeler Fanatic

    I swear Sapp is anti-Steelers since Lee Flowers called them paper champions after the Steelers went and beat them in their house during their Super Bowl run. Ben had a treat of an offensive line for many of those years. He has never had a top five receiver in his stint (AB may be that- maybe)… and what Sapp forgets is that Ben virtually won the Cincy and Denver games on his arms and legs and made the most important tackle by a QB in NFL history against the Colts. They wouldn’t have gotten to that Super Bowl without him.

  • joed32

    So according to Woodson Ben has to have 4 Super Bowl wins to get in?

  • Steeler Fanatic

    One more thing about Sapp… he played in 9 playoff games… and had outside of his 3 sacks against GB (a lost in the late ’90s), he had 2 1/2 sacks, including one in the rout of Oakland… and 9 solo tackles in 7 playoff games. Should he have made the Hall of Fame for those stats? Aaron Smith had three sacks and 19 tackles in 13 games in the postseason… as a 3-4 DE… Sapp also only had one double-digit sack season in his last seven years as a pro. Again, Hall of Fame worthy? Sounds like he got by the “Peyton Manning playoff” bug. Sapp was a great player but…

  • Steeler Fanatic

    I’m surprised Rod even knew who Jim Plunkett was… C’mon Rod, you are better than that. There is no comparison to a 6-5, 260-pound QB who is accomplished as he is…none. I really do Ben will win one more before his career his finished.

  • steelant

    warren sapp is a dumbass ben can have five more average seasons and still make hof he’s been to 3 super bowls and won two implus he has tied or more rings then everyone except brady

  • Steeler Fanatic

    I guess…wow, then it would be Terry, Montana and Ben. Peyton Manning wouldn’t even get nominated to the final 15 semi-finalists based on that perception.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Why doesn’t Sapp look at Peyton Manning… he didn’t deserve a SB MVP- (Bob Sanders did)… and they won because he faced Rex “Gross”mann. But don’t point the finger at King Peyton. I hope the Steelers roll the Bucs at home and then Sapp can call them old and slow. Paper Champion!

  • steelant

    im sorry but i hate when these supposedly analyst says things that sound completely wrong. i know i like the steelers so im mad but sapp your telling out of all the elite quarterbacks only Peyton and Brady will make it.

  • steelant

    because i see it like this peyton,brady,roethlisberger,rodgers,brees,eli

  • IckyD

    Rod Woodson is a two-faced media suck-up who only loves the Steelers when they’re on top or giving him an award.

    Sapp is a dirtbag who earned nearly $100,000,000 in his career but blew it all and who knows he is lucky he ever got into the Hall himself and only bashes Ben b/c bashing others is all Sapp has left to feel good about. Ben is twice the football player Sapp EVER was- all Sapp had to do was be a bully; Ben runs the whole offense and carries the team on his back when he needs to.

    The fact that neither mentioned how Ben damn near carried that ’10 team to another ring despite the media and ref’s favoritism of Rodgers and the Packers says it all: they’re both hypocrite haters.

    Sapp doesn’t belong in the Hall at all.

  • IckyD

    I pray Ben wins one more just so they can all suck on it like a rotten lemon.

  • IckyD

    Jon Randle was 3 times the DT Sapp ever was….

  • itsgonnalast

    Well, Ben won all his regular season games as a rookie… I’d be surprised if that’s not a record.

    Also isn’t he the youngest Super Bowl winning QB? Although he choked (but still scored) in SB40, he was brilliant in the playoffs leading up to that game.

    Also, they should consider that in the first season that he won the starting job in training camp, he won the Super Bowl.

  • steelerdre

    Once again Warren Sapp sounds like an idiot who doesn’t no anything about football…

  • Kevin Gobleck

    if you watch the video, they talk about being a legend and having stories told after you. And wouldn’t you say being able to extend the play for about 5 seconds consistently would be considered a legend and many people would be telling that story. So yeah Ben is a HOFer in my hook

  • treeher

    I don’t think it advances the argument to denigrate Sapp or Woodson. They have their opinions. I’m not particularly interested in their opinions. I’d rather hear from somebody like Marino who got in on the first ballot and who, as we all know, doesn’t have a ring.

  • Leon Mcnair

    Yes he did give him credit

  • Weiss Chad

    Theres not a qb in the league that could have survived behind that line alone win two Super Bowls.if he retired today he’s in IMO.Of course you would have to be a steelers fan to really appreciate what he does for this team.

  • Virdin Barzey

    You know, that idiot Sapp is what he is and I really would wish sites like this will stop quoting or posting anything he has to say about the Steelers. Its clear he has issues with the team or anything related to the Steelers. I’m more irritated that Dave and others continues to post his comments.

    The other more surprising comment is Rod Woodson. I really thought it was a big mistake that we cut him but I really don’t know what’s his issue but I’m sure he was affected going over to the dark side. I wouldn’t call Rod an idiot but his comments about Ben is completely idiotic. Not to mention disrespectful to compare Ben to Plunkett?

    If you’ve been a Steeler fan for a long time, you do not compare any Steeler to the Raiders. That’s like comparing him to a Raven. Shut your trap Rod. You may not be welcome back to Burgh. That’s not the Steelers way and looks like you have lost yours.

  • johnhoien

    Crazy talk…he will go to The Hall !

  • Buccos9

    For much of his career, Ben has played in an offense that aimed for a 50/50 split between running and passing. He has never had pure pass receiving tight ends like Brady and Peyton. His tight ends were blockers first. And he’s played behind some very shaky offensive lines. The Steelers were never built to be a high octane offense and it’s not fair to judge Ben based on his numbers. He is a winner, plain and simple.

  • steelerdre

    Rod Woodson sounds like a person dejected and hurt because he was given a chance to compete for a job with the organization that drafted him…

  • Paddy

    I don’t pay attention to the NFL network, just look who works there

  • DoctorNoah

    Sapp’s television career should be euthanized. His judgment is terrible when he’s off the field, and he’s never getting back on the field.

  • WilliamSekinger

    On his current body of work Ben is not HoF worthy. I think he may yet get to that level he’s got several more years to get to and win SBs, but right now…no.

  • Nick Williams

    The only reason sapp hates on the steelers so bad is because the owner of the ravens makes his car payment as long as he does

  • Steelers12328882

    Woodson is my all-time favorite player, but STFU, dude!

  • 20Stoney

    I had the same thought as I was reading that. I’m sure he was number 1 in his mind.

  • 20Stoney

    I know this won’t be popular to say here, but if Ben’s career ended today I don’t think he gets in. He has to do more….(I think he will.) The fact that he isn’t very well liked around the league will work against him too.

  • Jeff

    Yes, Sapp was a dominant force and was the best at his position for several years of his career. He may be a loud mouth, egotistical, know it all, but he was an awesome 3-technique DT.

  • CrazyTerry

    I think Ben is better than eli. And I thought Jim Kelly got way too easy a first time ballot to get in. He should have waited. at this point, Hines Ward is a better candidate for HOF compared to Ben who I think is borderline. (hines has stepped in up in almost every playoff game he has played in, Ben has had a huge range of clutch and choke in his playoffs). Talentwise, intangibles, this guy Ben has it all. But his own misfortune(playing most of his career in the worst OL era of Steelers football) and his own stubbornness (with his bad football habits developed in the Arians era), I think he underachieved. He never put together a COMPLETE postseason of greatness. His first SB was a GREAT first three rounds combined with a mediocre SB. This second SB was pretty good overall, but still the offense underachieved and while Ben delivered a lot of great clutch moments with Holmes that year, the fact is some of those games should not have come down to a final great clutch moment. A good offense would have won some of those games handily. And yes, even that SB where the D gave up a TD at the end, Ben’s offense underachieved all game against a team whose strength was in its offense , not its defense. SB 45, Troy P didn’t show up in that game and looked awful, but Ben offset many of his great plays with a lot of bad plays in that game.
    Ben is a viable candidate for HOF and he can solidify that spot if he continues where he left off last year. But let’s not pretend he did not squander a lot of that early achievement where it seemed like he was a surefire first balloter.

  • CrazyTerry

    Sapp was not totally off base when has bashed the Steeelers D as past its prime. But he certainly seems to bash Steelers just for the sake of doing so . I have no idea why since TB and Steelers never had any kind of rivalry. Half of that NFL Network team is a joke.

  • CrazyTerry

    I wonder what Sapp thinks of all the top QBs in the Dan Marino draft class getting into the HOF. If he doesn’t think Ben should get in, why should Jim Kelly.

  • Aric Brown

    Roethlisberger was an untimely fumble / starting all pro center away from a 3rd ring

  • gene mann

    this is a joke who carws what the nfl network has to say and don’t think Manning with his one sb is a HF but puts up great yards

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Ask Sapp when he’s breaking in and pulling Troy Aikman’s bust out of Canton. Zero all-pro selections, never threw for more than 3500 yards in a season, 81.5 career rating despite playing entirely in post-Blount Rule era. Career 165-141 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

    Don’t get me started on Curtis Martin, who at no point during his career was anything approaching the best running back in the NFL. Same goes for Michael Irvin, whose entire career overlapped with Jerry Rice and then Randy Moss et al. For that matter, any non-Steeler defensive player who played the bulk of his career in the 1970s is out, having the misfortune of playing at the same time as Greene/Ham & Lambert/Blount. So, sadly, is Franco Harris, whose career was bracketed by the primes of OJ Simpson and then Earl Campbell and Walter Payton.

    Roethlisberger could quit tomorrow and be a no-doubt Hall of Famer. He is among the all-time leaders in YPA and quarterback rating. He’s won two Super Bowls, including one where he engineered one of the most famous drives, concluded by one of the most famous plays, in NFL history.

  • Lisa Ryan

    Sapp is just a Steeler hater. It really suprises me that Rod Woodson would say he is not hall of fame worthy. I hope they check back with these two when Ben has a couple more rings.

  • CrazyTerry

    Ben and Co. were going against a secondary down to its weakest players because of injuries. Injuries affected both teams. Aaron Rodgers outplayed Ben in that game – plain and simple. I like Ben and I feel like he still can get in. But come on. He had that great SB drive. But other than that, his play in SB has been very disappointing.

  • CrazyTerry

    For the record, I don’t think Peyton Mannng should be a sure fire first balloter either. He has way too large of a sample size of playoff failures where I would let him wait one year before I induct him based on his awesome regular season performances. Eli Manning is in the same boat as Ben for me. Eli has been a better SB QB than Ben but he has had some pretty bad playoff performances mixed in . So while I may sound like a Ben hater, I just want the hall to be selective. I think we anoint people as HOFers way too early these days in conversations. (the media is the worst where they kiss up to almost every probowler as a “future hall of famer” when greeting them.

  • Ike Evans

    stop the madness

  • Benjamin Simpson

    The best tree minutes in football..

  • Benjamin Simpson

    The fact is that the Steelers never truly replaced the loss of maybe their best offense line coach in HOF Russ Grimm. As far as squandering goes. Hopefully we have stopped squandering are time in developing offensive linemen. That has been the biggest disappointment in my mind. Now a new HOF OL coach in Mike Muncak can take a weakness and make it a strength that can enable us to truly compete at elite level again..

  • Jacob Dixon

    The only playoff games Ben messed up badly is the Super Bowl vs Seattle

  • Benjamin Simpson

    Without doubt he will be a HOF with another 4 or 5 seasons on his resume. He’s still improving ever year. That should frighten some teams. Would not be surprised if he gets another ring or two before he finally does hang ’em up. I see him playing a long as he is able too. He’s passionate about the game and doesn’t like to lose..

  • JC Chuta

    Good thing neither one will have a say in the Voting! Based on their criteria, Bradshaw, Stallworth, Lambert wouldn’t be in HOF! Fact that Ben has marched Steelers into 3 SB appearances makes him a shoe-in! They are both forgetting about leadership and motivation…both Sapp and Woodson were very selfish and self-centered!

  • JC Chuta

    “5 years left to work on his resume”??? Don’t listen to those two IDIOTS. Ben is already a shoe-in for HOF. Had he not gotten into mischief with the two “rape” allegations, EVERYONE would already be on board the HOF train!

  • JC Chuta

    I never liked Gorilla-Sapp, but he does belong in HOF. He was pretty dominant until he got to Oakland, where he was average at best.

  • Paul Hoover

    Sapp doesn’t like the steelers because of his own doing…. If he wouldn’t of came out pre-game the year the bucs was on an undefeated streak and skipped through the steelers pre warm up ( TAUNTING ) them un-professional and pissing them off especially the bus which was the wrong thing to do to the steelers is to piss them off cuz your just opening a can of kick ass !!! Well that’s what sapp did and the steelers handed them there first and very embarrassing ass kicking of there season on top of the bus punking sapp down on live tv before / during and after the game !!! That’s why sapp hates the steelers so bad !!! Lmfao ! I watched that game and I’ll never forget it because I’ve never liked sapp ever .. He’s so Over-rated !!

  • Craig

    I’ve watched Ben for all his pro career and think his best years are still ahead of him. In the next few years as he develops into a real field general all this talk and question of his ability will be ancient history and long forgotten.

  • Steve

    Sapp has never been for the Steelers. Rod was a Steeler and knows our system. This will be Ben’s year to lead us through the playoffs. The FO went out and made significant upgrades to the D and

  • cp72

    Really? I have been a Steelers fan for 30 years and I wouldn’t put Woodson on in my top 20 favorite Steelers of all time and by the way Ben would be in there.

  • Benjamin Simpson

    Most regular season wins in a season, rookie QB — 13 (2004) [164]
    Longest regular season win streak to start a career for a NFL QB — 15 games (won all 13 starts in the 2004 season, won first 2 games of the 2005 season)[165]
    Most wins as a starting quarterback in first five NFL seasons (reg. season only) – 51 (from 2004–2008)[69]
    Highest completion percentage, rookie season — 66.4% (2004)[166]
    Highest single-game completion percentage, rookie season (min. 20 attempts) — 84.0% (completed 21/25 passes at Dallas on 10/17/2004)[167]
    Most games with a completion percentage of 70.0% or higher, rookie season (min. 10 attempts) — 6 (2004)[168]
    Most games with a completion percentage of 80.0% or higher, single season (min. 10 attempts) — 4 (2007)[169]
    (Tie) Most touchdown passes, Monday Night Football game — 5 (11/5/2007 vs. Baltimore Ravens) [165]
    First QB to start two Conference Championship games in first two seasons in the NFL (2004 & 2005)[165]
    Youngest starting QB ever to win the Super Bowl (2005; second-youngest QB to play in the Super Bowl, behind Dan Marino)[170]
    Second quarterback in NFL history, along with Peyton Manning, to register three perfect passing games during the regular season, and the only quarterback to ever register two perfect passing games in one regular season.[165]
    Lowest passer rating for a Super Bowl winning QB — 22.6 (Completed 9 of 21 passes for zero touchdowns with two interceptions)[171]
    Second-youngest quarterback to win two Super Bowls.[172]
    Second-fewest attempts by a quarterback to reach 25,000 yards passing — 3,109 (Kurt Warner is first with 3,076)[citation needed]
    Fourth-fewest starts by a quarterback to reach 80 regular season wins — 113 (behind Tom Brady, Roger Staubach, and Ken Stabler)[citation needed]

  • Steelers12328882

    Ben would be my #2, but I played CB/PR as a kid and looked up to Rod.

  • James Goins

    At what point are we/they going to stop asking Sapp his opinion of anything involving the Steelers? It’s a fruitless exercise because an idiot! He makes absolutely no sense. His arguments are weak, and I can’t help but feel dumber after being exposed to his ramblings!

  • Ben Saluri

    Not so munch like Plunkett, more like Stabler. Sabler is not in because of the Steelers much like the Patriots to Ben.

  • steeltown

    Damn. Until you’re #1 on the list? If that was the case we wouldn’t have too many players in the HOF because the number of players that meet that criteria is minimal


    We’re Steeler fans so the comments hit a little harder I guess, but I don’t think it’s really a slap at this point to say Ben or ELi are not HOFers in their opinion…key phrase being in their opinion.

    FWIW…I agree with them…if we want to go off SB wins…we all know Ben was along for the ride on the 1st win…whether Ben wins another SB or not is not the deciding factor imo…he needs to 2 or 3 more good seasons with solid playoff runs and that should lock it up…imo….if his career ended today…he probably still gets in, but no lock.

  • These discussions are often useless and always frustrating, especially when idiots like Sapp are involved, but sure, let’s play along…

    I’d say Ben is a borderline HoFer at this point, and so I do think he needs to get back to the Super Bowl and really to be the driving force behind the Super Bowl run. The problem is, he’s been overshadowed in many ways by the dominant D, and I suspect that a lot of people when reviewing his career will point out, fairly or not, that the team was successful largely because of the D. (Forget that he’s had to deal with inconsistency/mediocrity on the O-line and has never had historically great weapons to work with on offense for any extended period.)

    The other problem is that he’s never really been considered a top-tier QB, especially in this fantasy age of counting stats — he’s never been, or at least he’s never been considered to be, in that elite group with Manning, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. But several more years of near-elite play (especially if the offense really gets going under Haley), a couple of deep playoff runs, and another Super Bowl appearance, then, well, sure.

    Then you just have to hope the Peter Kings of the world like him enough to be his champions on the selection committee.

  • Jacque Strappe

    When paired with Michael Irvin, and you make him look smart, well, that should say enough about Sapp.

  • Jeff

    I bet Sapp thinks he was one of the first to point out that Big Ben had a terrible QB Rating in the SB… Finally, almost 10 years later and someone pointed it out…. lol…. Sapp is the worst. I bet he didn’t bother to do some research on how ben did in the 3 road games leading up to the SB…

  • James Wilson

    He needs to win one more SB.

  • JC Chuta

    Right you are Matt. Further, for those idiots that still allege that it was Steelers’ Defense that won our last two Superbowls, ahhh that was in the 70’s schmucks!

  • The Dude

    Joey Porter put Sapp in his place in a pregame warm up years ago when Sapp tried to run through the Steelers stretching and warming up. Since then Sapp has had it in for the Steelers as an announcer.



  • j m

    Sapp’s comments mark him irrevocably as a moron.

  • Weiss Chad

    Maybe in your personal top 20 ,but come on man he is easily top 12 at worse

  • Weiss Chad

    I love Hines ward but I don’t think he will ever get to hall.I know he has better numbers than swann and stallworth but they had four rings.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    At this point, Ben probably needs to either string multiple seasons together of great stats (4,500 yards, 35+ TDs, <10 INT) with deep runs in the playoffs, or else win one more Super Bowl. Either one should coast him into Canton comfortably.

    Right now, the debate is all about Ben not quite having stats on paper that spell out "one of the all-time greats." The next four seasons will be very telling for Ben's career.

  • Lewis

    Jim Plunkett threw more INTs than TDs, the comparison is absolutely ridiculous.

  • YeahRight

    LOL, the Ben Bashers need to take a look at his stats and compare them to the Hall of Fame QBs stats, if you really think he needs to do more. Not only has he been to 3 SuperBowls, he has won Two of them. He has more Yards than all the QBs in the Hall, just in his short career, a better career QB rating than almost all of them, and comparable touchdowns to all. He has more yards than Steve Young, TB, Troy Aikman, Joe Namath, and the list continues. He also has a better completion percentage than almost all of them. Big Ben is a Shoe-in for the Hall.

  • steelster

    You have to factor in how the game has changed. Rules have changed to favor the passing game. Therefore, higher standards should be put in place for getting into the hall of fame in terms of stats. His 3 super bowl appearances should qualify to get him in that area but he needs better stats to get in.

  • Matt Manzo


  • Alan Felicia

    Totally agree with your assessment with Roethlisberger. However, Tom Brady was won one more SB. Just sayin…..

  • He may not be a slam dunk first ballot like Troy, but he’s one of those guys that people will talk about for years. Those are things that factor into HOF inductions like it or not. Ben should end up in Canton before Brees or Rodgers if they go.

  • steelster

    He won’t make it in on the first ballot because of his off the field problems.

  • Dan

    Agree with everthing you wrote, particularly paragraph 1. As a Steeler fan, I’m certainly rooting for more rings in the next few years, which will pretty much cement him, but even if he just builds stats for a while to get in the upper tier of career QB stats, he should still make it…just not first ballot.

  • Yes, longevity may play into it. At some point just being a near-elite QB for so long should put him in serious contention.

  • Dan

    I just learned last year that LC Greenwood was not in the HOF (just always assumed he was…never occured to me that we wasn’t). So if LC’s not in, I can only respect the Hall so much…..so as every women I’ve ever dated has said at one point or another, “whatever”.


    Sapp is an idiot and Woodson is a Raven! Who cares what they think.

  • MC

    Did a steeler take Sapp’s lunch money before a game? His targeting/criticising of them is just laughable now.

  • Sid

    Sapp is a Sapp… I never thought he was “that” dominant. Was he one of the better 3 techniques.. sure… was he the best… I don’t think so…. He’s a loud mouth baffoon… if his criteria were worth a squat you’d have to remove 2 of the 3 QBs from the 83 class. Pea brain!

  • Sid

    exactly. Dude has a brain the size of half a peanut

  • Sid

    Sapp is an ignorant moron!

  • Sid

    SBs shouldn’t have anything to do with it… compare him to any of the greats to include Manning… he has a better playoff record and has done it behind an OL that has been worse than the line that Manning had.

  • Rick Eger

    His name says it all…

  • Rick Eger

    Sapp’s an joke…

  • Rick Eger

    I’d rather have Joey anyday!

  • Rick Eger


  • Rick Eger

    0 fer 4!

  • Rick Eger

    Just like Highlander…..there can be only one!

  • Rick Eger

    Because the Buc’s have how many HOF players? Leroy Selmon?

  • Rick Eger

    We all know Brady will be a 1st. ballot HOFer and he deserves it. So does Ben!

  • Rick Eger

    Hayley has five rings! wth?

  • Rick Eger

    The Bucs have been playing since 76 and their only HOF player was Leroy Selmon……that’s why they put the Sapp in! Now they have two! Derrick Brooks will make it three!

  • Rick Eger

    Plunkett was a bust with the Patriots the Raiders picked him off the scrap heap….he rode the bench for a year until he got some confidence back…..he had one good year.

  • Rick Eger

    And the O-Line on that 10 team was really bad.

  • Rick Eger

    It’s gonna happen this year, the football Gods will finally smile on the Steeler’s O-line!

  • Rick Eger

    And Jack Lambert tough!

  • Steve

    Coach Much will get em together. Last year Pouncy was out and the year before DeCastro. No major injuries and the Oline will shine.

  • Travis Brockie

    you guys must not have watched football in the late 90’s early 00’s if you think Warren Sapp was undeserving to go into the hall as a first ballot. 7 straight pro bowls, defensive player of the year in 99 and just shy of 100 career sacks. As much as i hate Sapp, especially because he is always bashing the steelers. I give credit where credit is due. This man was a beast and there isnt many people who played the position better then he did.

  • Travis Brockie

    Pretty sure it was the bus not porter

  • Geoff Cordner

    Travis, my point wasn’t whether I think he is worthy of going into the hall of fame as a first ballot. Rather, whether HE fits his OWN criteria for the hall of fame! To which I think he doesn’t .. I don’t think he was the best DT “the league had to offer and then carve it out over several years”.

    My point is that in the best case scenario he realizes he doesn’t fit his own hall of fame criteria, and in the worst he’s simply a hypocrite.