2014 Steelers Training Camp: Move-In Day Recap

Training camp move-in day for the Pittsburgh Steelers went off without a hitch on Friday and for the most part, nothing really earth-shattering happened.

Early in the day, Bob Labriola reported that team president Art Rooney II told him that a contract extension for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will have to wait until next offseason. Rooney added that the team has been in contact with Roethlisberger and his agent concerning the situation and feels that there won’t be any issues getting the extension done after the season is over as the salary cap is expected to rise once again next year. This isn’t overly shocking news, but at least now we won’t have to wonder about for the rest of training camp. With roughly $6.5 million in available salary cap space currently at their disposal, I would look for cornerback Cortez Allen to get an extension prior to the start of the regular season. We’ll also wait and see if tackle Marcus Gilbert is also on the to-do list.

Center Maurkice Pouncey arrived at training camp and didn’t avoid the media, who decided not to ask him about the alleged incident that took place a few weeks ago at a Miami nightclub. Later on in the afternoon, news surfaced that Pouncey and his twin brother Mike Pouncey were both being sued by the three people accusing them of the assaulting them. It’s important to remember that neither of the Pounceys have been charged with any crime since the alleged incident took place.

Second-year safety Shamarko Thomas told the media on Friday about his offseason that included him training with Troy Polamalu out in California.

“It was like a karate movie,” said Thomas. “It’s ninja like stuff. It works for him and I thought it worked for me too.”

The always entertaining Ike Taylor had his fun with the media as he photographed them with his Google glasses and a GoPro camera upon his arrival. Taylor made it clear that he’s not ready to walk away from the game just yet even though his contract will be up after the 2014 season.

The rookies apparently settled in a little early. Dri Archer and Shaquille Richardson were both spotted carrying in brand new 40 inch flat screen televisions that they apparently had just bought from the local Walmart.

Like I said, nothing exciting happened on Friday.

The annual run test went well and head coach Mike Tomlin said that he was pleased with what he observed. He did say, however, that safety Mike Mitchell and running back Alvester Alexander will both start off training camp on the Active PUP list with groin pulls. They are both expected to be sidelined for about a week or so and Tomlin said they will be monitored daily.

Absent on Friday were punter Adam Podlesh and guard Ramon Foster. Podlesh’s wife is about to have a baby any day now while Foster’s mother unexpectedly passed away.

During his press conference, Tomlin talked about how he expects this to be another physical training camp complete with lots of live tackling that could possibly begin as early as Monday. He also downplayed the speed narrative that’s been floating around since the draft.

The Steelers first practice will take place on Saturday and our very own Alex Kozora will be in attendance and have a full recap for you later in the evening.

  • Heard that Tomlin didn’t sound thrilled about Mitchell being on the PUP list. Which I guess should come as a surprise. Really want to see him and Troy get as much time in together on the field as possible

  • SteelersDepot

    Didn’t sound thrilled? Things happen. I heard the whole press conference. He said he injured it while training. I’m sure Tomlin knows things like that are going to happen.

  • Madi

    Psyched to read any tidbits Kozora can give us. To those of us that love evaluating skill but can’t see camp, reading about how players are performing is like drinking water after a day in the desert.

  • Matt Manzo

    Who drove up in the coolest ride?! And I still you owe you money for sending Alex to TC!

  • Aric Brown

    More importantly did Brett Keisel stop shaving today

  • Matt Manzo

    Totally! Someday it will all be televised, for free!

  • Madi

    No offense, but I doubt it. If it was going to happen, why not now? NFL Network is a 24/7 football network. What else would it take? They claim to have camp coverage. You tune in to watch when it’s your team, and it’s a reporter speaking really vaguely about there being a new offense or something this year, and if you’re LUCKY you get some footage of a receiver running a route at 75% speed.
    I don’t get it. Just set up a camera for the practice part and air it at 3 in the morning if you want. We’d all watch.
    It’s like how they (and ESPN) dedicate weeks and months to covering the draft, and then only report on half of the players drafted. Sometimes late in the draft they go to great lengths to prove to us how important the late rounds are, and why we should keep watching (Colston! Brady! Davis!)… And then they only give you highlights or analysis from 1 out of every 6 players drafted. All that time to fill, and you fill it by repeating half the draft 40 times, and don’t bother covering the other half even once.

  • Jonas

    Thanks for your service, guys!!

    I’m happy to hear that Alex is in Latrobe 🙂

  • Eric MacLaurin

    This reminds me about efforts to close the patent office in the late 1800’s because everything had been invented.

  • Madi

    Hahaha, I didn’t know that. Man, people are stupid.

  • Matt Manzo

    Yup, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m shocked at how many reruns NFL network shows. I had to stop paying for it.

  • Madi

    And the potential for NFL Replay is endless. They’ve got what, like 8 decades of film to work with? And we get the same games from a few months ago shown again and again and again. I can think of SO many classic Steelers games I’d love to see again. Multiply that by 32, or at least 20-something, and that’s what they have. If it was a truly great game, I’d be happy to watch two teams I care nothing about, for both entertainment and nostalgia of a different era and old players. But they just don’t bother.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’d love to watch Atwater vs Okoye again!!!