FOX Sports Live Ranks Steelers 20th In 2014 Roundtable Preview

The Fox Sports Live crew is previewing every team in the NFL in its own special way — by counting down from worst to first. Over the weekend, the group previewed the Pittsburgh Steelers, who they have ranked 20th overall. You can watch the roundtable discussion below.

Let’s just say that some of this discussion was pretty amusing. For starters, the host opens the roundtable by focusing on the relationship between Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He also amazingly credits the Steelers resurgence late last season to running back Le’Veon Bell.

Later on in the discussion, former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb claims that the Steelers are going to miss safety Ryan Clark in the secondary.

Chime in below with what else amuses you in this seven minute time killer.

  • Ben Saluri

    Talk about robbing a paycheck, worse than a weatherman.

  • Jacque Strappe

    So, Shazier is gonna play inside and outside. There’s a revelation.

  • chris ward

    The analyst on Fox Sports about the Steelers is so horrible.

  • srdan

    These analysts have such an easy job. Look at what Vegas is saying, stick to it. Vegas has so much money on the line that they have to do an infinite amount of research. No matter what the commentators think, they are not smarter than Vegas.

    All they have to do is look at what vegas sets the odds at for winning the superbowl, then dress it up with talk about individual players and old team mate insight. Simple!

  • cencalsteeler

    Well, these guys just make all of us look a WHOLE LOT smarter. Didn’t listen to the audio, but, I just lost all respect for Donavon McNabb……seriously, we’ll miss Clark?

  • ApexSteel

    That was a lot better than ESPN I’ll give them that.

  • Jacque Strappe

    I think Randy Moss just took another play off.

  • steeltown

    I couldn’t even finish it… some ok analysis by some, but mostly crap. The “Todd Haley and Roethlisberger need to figure out a way to coexist” talk is just tired ill-advised banter.

  • joed32

    They also mentioned the “old” defense in that article.


    …just another throw right into the turf by the terrible McNabb…Go Steelers

  • Madi

    Technically, McNabb is right. I certainly miss Ryan Clark. The old, young Ryan Clark. We’re also really missing Mel Blount right about now. But in 2014, I’ll stick with Mike Mitchell and Cortez Allen over Clark and Blount, thank you very much.

  • Hp B

    Well said! Indeed it was “right into the turf” (haha)

    As much as we all love and respect Ryan Clark as a bona fide Steeler, it was time. Looking forward for the same tough smart play from Mitchell.
    Mike sure seems pumped up about being a Steeler. All good.

  • Jeff

    We all thought that horse had been beaten, buried, and long since decayed… but apparently its remains have been dug up to be beaten a little more

  • Rick Tilves

    McNabb Must be ON Something ! Who the heck is going to Miss Clark, when he was “missing in action” last year and “ZIGGY” is a BUST ! Those two guys are something to Miss ? I am Glad they are Both GONE. IF the Steelers are the 13th WORST TEAM in the NFL this year I will Eat every Steeler Shirt and Jersey I own and that is a Big Meal !! LOL

  • McNabb fumbled that whole thing away. Randy Moss didn’t say too much, but I thought what he did say was legit. Urlacher was the only one I thought was accurate for the most part, aside from when he slipped in, “They still have that old defense”. The talk about Haley and Ben I think is getting on my nerves worse than the “old defense” label. Seriously guys, learn about what your speaking on.

  • Lil Smitty

    I had an old car that I couldn’t rely on. I got rid of it. I do miss it, but I don’t think they meant it that way.

  • Edgar Buchanan

    The only thing funnier than Fox Sports is Faux News.

  • Steve

    Urlacher did a decent analysis of the D, but then they started talking about Shazier working at outside, since when? No mention of Cam or Big Mac on the D line. Also no mention of Pouncy nor DeCastro on the OL, just Coach Munch. Waste of Time when not knowing what your talking about. Especially when they say about the uneasiness with Ben and Haley, what a joke!