Larry Foote Predicts Joey Porter Will Be An NFL Head Coach One Day

Should Pittsburgh Steelers defensive assistant and former outside linebacker Joey Porter ever become a head coach in the NFL, you can credit his former teammate Larry Foote as being the first to go on record and predicting it would happen.

“I think he’s going to be a head coach in this league one day,” Foote told recently told, according to Scott Brown. “I think he has that ‘it’ factor to be a head coach if he stays the course. He has an enthusiasm and excitement that you can’t teach, you can’t develop, you’ve just got to be born with it and I’m excited. Hopefully he grows from the coaching side, X’s and O’s, organization and stuff like that. But shoot, he’s on the fast track because he can lead men, he can get men to run through a wall.”

Porter, who was hired this past offseason after spending one season at Colorado State as a graduate assistant coach, was brought on board to help get the best out of the Steelers young linebacker group that includes 2013 first-round draft pick Jarvis Jones, who regestered all of one sack during his rookie season.

Porter has taken Jones under his wing since arriving in Pittsburgh and has the respect of his protégé.

“He brings it every day like he’s a player and guys respect that,” said Jones of Porter. “When the linebackers hit the field you can see the energy and positivity and that’s what we need and that’s how we’re going to continue to get better.”

Foote also believes Porter is a perfect fit as a coach in the NFL because of several other traits that he has that have carried over from his playing days.

“That’s the thing about Joey, he has one speed,” said Foote, who signed with the Arizona Cardinals during the offseason following his release from the Steelers. “The game is changing. You need coaches coming in with that energy. A lot of players can feed off the coaches’ energy and what a perfect guy to do it.”

Porter talked about his coaching style following one of the June offseason practices.

“I’m going to coach like I played,” he said a few weeks ago. “I’m going to coach with my emotion. I love to get after it, but I’ve got a lot of great coaches that I get to learn from.”

  • Madi

    I have no clue how he’d do as a head coach or coordinator. No clue if he has the smarts. But I think his personality is perfect for a position coach. Playing OLB for the Steelers is one thing he REALLY knows how to do, and he has an uncommon talent for firing other people up. He’s going to get a lot out of our guys at that position, and probably set a tone for the entire defense as well.

  • sean mcmartin

    Next Steelers Defensive coach???

  • Madi

    Nah. There’s still Keith Butler and Carnell Lake.

  • When Lebeau retires and Butler is named DC, they will elevate Porter from assistant to Backers coach. When they brought him in they were planning for the future.

  • Matt Manzo

    I hope so!

  • William Weaver

    His passion is what the team has lacked the past couple years. James Harrison had a quiet passion that was good but who will be the vocal guy now? Who will get those fired up around them? Porter used to get me fired up before the game 400 miles away!! Lol some people need that type guy around to truly reach their potential.

  • 2443scott

    now that goodels baning face masks….will he also ban joeys demeaner from nfl to saying there is no place in football for that kind of aggression its unsafe for the players and it needs to be ban from nfl ???….it wouldnt surprice me one bit from that office…

  • srdan

    I don’t know what makes a good hc but I do know that having Joey on the sideline for any team it would help them. Look at it this way, if a coach fight broke out in the nfl, we would have the odds lol