Report: Browns WR Josh Gordon Arrested For DWI In North Carolina

Things are about to get even worse for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.

According to Matt Anderson of WKYC in Cleveland, the Browns wide receiver has been arrested for DWI in Raleigh, N.C.

Gordon, who is scheduled to have his current suspension hearing later this month, can now likely forget about playing in 2014. He is also now at risk at being suspended for time beyond that and several wonder if he’ll ever play again.

The Pittsburgh Steelers open the 2014 season at home against the Browns with the second meeting between the two teams scheduled to take place in Week 6. Gordon won’t be suiting up for either.

  • Matt Manzo

    Jeez! Stupid is as stupid does, right?!

  • CW

    This is amazing and sad at the same time.

    Imagine how gut punched the Browns fans must feel like right now.

    They might have effectively wasted a 2nd round pick on a meat head too stupid to figure out his entire football career could be over if he doesn’t stop this garbage right now.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Wow, just wow…

  • WilliamSekinger

    An unrelated question…where is that Rice suspension? The league has meted out punishment to every player with off season issues except for Rice and Gordon it seems. What is the hold up I wonder?

  • Matt Manzo

    I’ve been wondering the same thing!

  • 20Stoney

    That dude is really blowing it.

  • pittsburghjoe

    I really don’t think this is a case of stupidity, the guy is mentally ill and needs help. This may end very tragically…well beyond football.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Not really….The guy needs help. I dont think he has the mental ability to help himself. To tell you the truth, I feel sorry for the guy. This case is well beyond just going to happy hour and being the idiot that drives home after 6 beers.

  • Jason Vancil

    Josh Gordon meet Mr. Gabe Rivera.

  • Jacob Dixon


  • dave

    The guy has a death wish, but I would doubt he gets suspended for a year.

  • William Weaver

    Agree. Things like this happen a couple times it is bad choices. As often as this guy is jeopardizing his career is a serious cry for help whether he realizes it or not. He needs help but you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Sad story now.

  • Ike Evans

    Hes showing serious signs of self medicating….u look at his history and there are,even more signs of self medication….his upbringing was traumatic….he needs to let ppl help him…the kid has to let someone in cuz left to his own devices he just doesnt make the right decisions consistently….i agree its not a matter of being an idiot….there are some underlying issues here that he is clearly trying to unsuccessfully deal with himself

  • Jones

    Sad for the kid. Deserves whatever punishment he gets, but for his sake as a human being, I hope he gets a hold of this…

  • pittsburghjoe

    In this particular case, I don’t think punishment is going to do much good. I love to fry professional athletes as much as anyone… This guy needs a strong support network and good professional help.

  • Virdin Barzey

    From the neck up, he has serious, serious issues. He needs to be checked-in immediately and removed from the NFL for his instability in just life.

    Shame, because I’m sure he was this way most of his life but was seriously overlooked because of his talent. He’s heading towards a death wish. Somebody needs to stop it…now.

  • DoctorNoah

    Didn’t Hines Ward get a DWI two years ago or so? Just saying.

    I feel bad for the guy. And I am glad so many comments on this board are suggesting he seek professional help and not just poking fun at his seeming lack of intelligence. Tragic. Most people, black or white, young or old, will never have the opportunity this kid has. Terrible watching it slide away.

  • CW

    Single incident of barely being over the alcohol limit and hitting another car in the same parking lot going like five MPH. That’s Ward. And it’s four or five years ago now, not two.

    Multiple speeding violations, several drug and alcohol related incidents, a series of drug and alcohol incidents in college causing several suspensions and finally expulsion from his college program, a few other stupid moments that caused the NFL Commissioner’s office to warn him prior to even letting him in the supplemental draft that any further incidents could cause accelerated sanctions. That’s Gordon.

  • Tom

    I don’t disagree that he needs help.

    BUT…..realistically, he will only get that help if he really wants to make a change in his life. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who are quite content to go thru life making the wrong decisions.

  • Madi

    Still on his rookie contract, which means he’s making relative peanuts. With the season he had, all he had to do was keep his nose clean for what, two more years, and he’d be signing a $75 million contract, probably half of it guaranteed.
    These are the kinds of things that are more understandable (or at least more common) AFTER you make the big bucks. He’s just throwing that away. To me, that says it goes beyond stupid, and like others have suggested, he might need serious medical help.

  • I understand the sentiment about being sorry for him. I just can’t feel that way though. I know people who’ve messed up way less than he has with just about zero opportunity in life. I know people who’ve bounced back from a rocky start and now live humbly, but still happy. I wish him the best and hope he seeks out help for himself. I don’t feel sorry for him though. There are too many people that would truly appreciate being in the position he’s in. If anything, I feel sorry for Browns fans and the organization. I don’t want this to sound overly negative, I really hope he finds it in himself to turn his life around before it’s too late.

  • Madi

    I get that too. I get both sides. I think we’ll be better off if we can just accept that we don’t know the situation. Maybe he’s a spoiled brat that is too narcissistic to believe he’d get caught, or doesn’t believe driving drunk is bad. Or maybe he’s legitimately mentally ill. Who knows. I don’t like to judge this kind of thing unless I know for sure.

  • Steelers@2010

    This isn’t sad, this is just clearly stupid! This guy has no respect for himself, his family, or his team. He doesn’t appreciate the gift he has been given, nor the fact that he’s blessed to have the things he has. Stop making excuses for this kid, he’s ruining his life, he has only himself to blame.

  • Nathan Shrift

    This is not the first time and last time this will happen with a athlete and I understand the kid needs help. That being said, I honestly don’t feel sorry at all for Brown. He has the opportunity of a lifetime to play a sport and make some big coin so it’s all on him.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Josh’s life is spiralling out of control. I hope he can get some help as he certainly needs it for Josh Gordon the human being. His football career should be the last thing on his as well as the Cleveland Browns radar. Now as far as the Browns they had to know he had some serious problems. Josh was unlikely to play in 2014 before this situation so I still can’t understand why they didn’t draft anyone of bring in someone who could at least be a starter at WR. A real head scratcher!

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Situations like this make me think of the quote from the movie “A Bronx Tale”:

    “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.”

    Gordon has more talent than many NFL players could hope to dream of. He had a 2013 season that was practically the open door to him becoming a superstar. And now? All that potential, all that talent…wasted. You begin to wish he could (and would) surrender his talents to someone more deserving.

  • Jeff Anoble

    When Browns traded up ahead of us at one point in draft I was sure they were picking Martavis Bryant, thankfully they did not, but makes no sense them not taking a WR high with the Gordon thing.

  • Steelers@2010

    Can’t argue with you there at all. He has a lot more than what most of us ever will have. He may very well need help, he needs to go get it because it is definitely there for him.

  • steeltown

    Sooo much talent…