Shamarko Thomas Discusses His Offseason Training Experience With Troy Polamalu

Pittsburgh Steelers second-year safety Shamarko Thomas had one heck of an offseason experience as he was fortunate enough to train out in California with his mentor Troy Polamalu.

Upon arriving to Latrobe Friday for the start of training camp, Thomas talked about the opportunity to work with the eight-time Pro Bowler and four-time First-Team All -Pro.

“It was an amazing experience learning from that guy,” said Thomas. “Not just working out but his mentality. The way he goes about his day and takes care of his family.”

In addition, Thomas also explained how the training that Polamalu puts himself through is really unique and unlike anything he’s ever witnessed before.

“It was like a karate movie,” said Thomas. “It’s ninja like stuff. It works for him and I thought it worked for me too.”

Polamalu missed all of the OTA practices this year in order to stay back home in California and presumably train under the guidance of his longtime trainer Marv Marinovich. Last offseason, Polamalu reportedly also started working with a new physical therapist in order to finally get past the calf problems that had plagued him for several seasons prior. Whatever he did, it worked as the veteran safety played every single snap in 2013 after missing nine games in 2012.

Thomas had his own injury problems during his rookie season as an ankle injury suffered in the Week 10 game against the Buffalo Bills forced him to miss the next two games. As a result of him being sidelined, Thomas lost his spot in the Steelers sub packages to veteran safety Will Allen. Allen never relinquished the job back and the Syracuse product never played another down on defense the remainder of the season.

This year, Thomas will battling Allen for the No. 3 safety spot and he hopes his time spent with Polamalu training and talking about life in addition to X’s and O’s has prepared him for that. He indicated Friday that he told Polamalu that he “wants to be great.”

“He explained what it takes to be great. He said you have to show by actions first, by being mature and how you carry yourself off the field.”

Thomas will get his first opportunity Saturday to show what he can do on the fields of Saint Vincent College as that’s when the first training camp practice will take place.

  • Madi

    Sacks on, sacks off.

  • NW86

    Just one more reason to root for Shamarko this year.

  • Weiss Chad

    No matter what this guy does on the field,it sounds like Polamalu has molded him into a fine young man regardless.He has been given a golden opportunity to train w Polamalu and learn from him off the field.Im sure Troy saw something special in this kid to take him under his wing .

  • Kurt Williams

    Awesome! Lol.

  • Steve

    One of the reasons Shark did not play after hurting his ankle was being out of position and not knowing his playbook in which he admitted. Hopefully that is all past him and if given the chance Shark will take advantage of it.

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  • James Miles

    I am telling you people, this guy is a bum! Just another wasted pick by the Steelers. This team is littered with them. It is a joke to compare him to Troy!

  • Polamalu for pres, 2016.

  • You’re the only one comparing him to Troy. Shamarko is a tough young man. He’s made it through a lot of adversity. The kind of adversity that builds great character. I don’t see anything but an arrow point up when it comes to him. It’s waaaay to early to call him a bum. Are you a Steeler fan or no?

  • James Miles

    I am a Steelers fan but I do not follow blindly. The proof is in the pudding and I want to see it!

  • Madi

    Thanks. I just peaked. I’ll never top that 🙁

  • I just think calling Shark a bum after only one season is a pretty blind statement. And we shall see.

  • 太阳

    congrats to Shark for the initiation into the League of Shadows