Steelers 2013 Defensive Stats Against No-Huddle

A reader recently emailed and asked if I had the no-huddle stats from last year against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. I do and below are the stats from our charting project.

In total, opposing offenses ran 153 no-huddle plays against the Steelers defense in 2013 with 96 of them being drop backs and 57 designed runs. These are plays that did no include penalties.

As you can see in the tables below, the Steelers defense allowed a 59.1% completion percentage and a 5.69 yards per attempt number against the no-huddle with no touchdowns allowed. However, they only registered six sacks and no turnovers. The five explosive plays allowed resulted in 165 of the 501 passing yards allowed.

While the Steelers pass defense against the no-huddle wasn’t too terribly bad, the run defense surrendered 4.31 yards per carry on 59 rushes. I should note that two of these runs were quarterback scrambles that each gained nine yards.

Also, the run defense against the no-huddle failed to produce a turnover or a tackle for loss.

Steelers 2013 Pass Defense Against No-Huddle


Steelers 2013 Run Defense Against No-Huddle


  • Matt Manzo

    Is there a package we play against the no huddle? Or is it mixed up? Meaning…..was Vince W stuck out there trying to cover during his rookie year most of those plays? Or was Troy playing LB?
    I believe Shazier will help improve those numbers. And Big Mac. And Tuitt.

  • Zurich1012

    The no huddle will be used by more and more teams. I think the Steelers see that clearly and its the reason why they drafted Shazier and brought in Wright. There base defense is going to have to be built like a sub package and able to counter with speed with the mindset that teams will wait to go no huddle when they think they can exploit us. That is also why McClendon is a good fit because he can play that type of game.