Steelers 2014 Pre Training Camp Roster Polls: Will DE Brian Arnfelt Make The Final 53?

The Pittsburgh Steelers will begin training camp one week from today, so I thought we would spend these last several days talking about a few players that many believe will have a decent shot at making the final 53 man roster. Basically, these are players that we can’t quite consider locks, but do consider as being on the bubble.

After reading the recap of the player that we highlight, you can cast your vote as to whether or not you think that player will make the final 53 man roster. Each poll will run for three days.

The ninth player up in this series is second-year defensive end Brian Arnfelt.

2013 Season Recap:

While Arnfelt, an undrafted free agent, was unable to make the Steelers final 53 man roster last year out of training camp, he did show enough during the preseason to warrant the team signing him to the practice squad. At that point, his main job was to be available and show improvement moving forward and he was apparently able to accomplish both. In the middle of December, Arnfelt found himself promoted to the Steelers 53 man roster for the final three games of the season due to a few other players being banged up. He only played two snaps in the win over the Cincinnati Bengals, but did manage to get a small taste of what’s it like to play when it counts.

2014 Outlook:

The Steelers already have four spots on their2014 defensive line spoken for and that number would jump to five depending on whether or not veteran Brett Keisel is ultimately re-signed. The team will more than likely keep six or seven defensive linemen in total, so you can see why Arnfelt has his work cut out for him. Working in his favor, however, is the fact that he was on the practice squad last season and was able to get a full year’s worth of development in. That’s something that Nick Williams, who Arnfelt will be battling in training camp this year, wasn’t able to do. Arnfelt also will have several new rookie undrafted free agents to beat out, but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as he stays healthy.

Vote below and tell us the reason why you voted the way that you did in the comments below.

You can view the results here.

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  • dgh57

    I think he exceeded their expectations last preseason for a udfa thus they signed him to the PS. After having time to see him in practice before being brought up and keeping him on the roster for the rest of the season though the injured players he was meant to replace were healthy meant to me they were maybe trying to protect him from being grabbed off our PS like Kyle Long was by the Bears. Also the fact he was signed for another year means to me they see him worthy of another look. So I see him having a good shot at making the roster this year.

  • Big White

    I say no. I think Tuitt’s drafting and the signing of Cam Thomas make that a tough sell. He’s has promise, but I think he’s plucked from our roster by another team. More and more teams play some version of the 3-4 making DL with size and reach more valuable.

  • Jonas

    Kyle Long, the starting guard, was drafted by the Bears in the 1st round – and is the brother of Chris Long of the Rams!

    You’re thinking of Joe Long, Jake Longs Brother, who’s just some back-up OT for the bears..

  • patrick Mayfield

    Not sure you’ve made a case for anything here. Tuitt and Thomas are part of the 4 that are already locks (With McLendon and Heyward). Assuming the team carries 6 or 7, there are a minimum of 2 more DE in there. Who makes it over Arnfelt?

    I personally think that if guys like Williams and McCullers were going to be good football players they would be already. It’s not like they were plucked out of a foreign country with no football background. They have the physical tools but not the mental makeup.

    I think also that if you re-sign Keisel then maybe Thomas is the backup NT more so than a starting DE — maybe Fanguopo gets let loose in that case. This leaves you with room for 2 more DE like Arnfelt and Mauro. They have a bunch of NT prospects with no experience so maybe one of those guys gets a PS slot.

  • joed32

    Won’t Nick Williams be in the mix as well? If he is then I think Mauro would be the odd man out.

  • Big White

    Well, there going to carry another NT then the four you mentioned above. That’s five. So I see them carrying six because of McClendon and Thomas’s flexibility. It’s Arnfelt, Williams, or McCullers just for that one spot, not to mention some camp guys may make a push. We’ll see. Right now he’s no better than even money, Just my take.

  • dgh57

    There’ to many Long’s in the NFL to keep track of.

  • dgh57

    Maybe but his injury may of set him back a year meaning another year of actual practice time on the PS of which he wasn’t able to get last year because of his injury.

  • dgh57

    McCullers is PS material at best his rookie year.

  • Big White

    Anyone know if your eligible for the practice squad if you are activated to the 53 man roster as Arnfelt was in 2013???

  • SteelersDepot

    he is still practice squad eligible for 2014

  • Big White

    Well, that being the case I think this all depends on McCullers and what he shows during upcoming camp and pre-season. I believe other teams can make offers to practice squad guys. So, if McCullers show’s just a few flashes and the same inconsistency he had at UT, he looks like a PS no doubt. However, if the Steelers think his upside and size are hard to find, they may put him on the roster to protect there investment and Arnfelt goes back to the PS.

  • Long list.

  • Heyward, McLendon, Tuitt, Thomas are the top four. Even if they brought back Keisel and keep 6, he only has to beat out Nick Williams. I think he will. McCullers, as huge as he may be, is definitely a project in need of molding and will be on PS his first year. That’s my take.

  • grw1960

    Heyward, McClendon, Tuit and Thomas make 4. Two spots open.
    I bekieve since the Steelers put Arnfelt on the roster near the end of the season to protct him from other teams.
    Because They expect him to make enough of a leap in his 2nd season, to at least have a good chance at being a back up or rotational DE for the 5th spot.
    The sixth spot could be Keisel , a star rookie or a veteran pick up after the final roster cuts.

  • steeltown

    I say yes, as long as he stays healthy he has a leg up on every other candidate. N.Williams has the tools to make it as well, but due to being slowed by injury he is behind Arnfelt at this point.

    Looking forward to watching Arnfelt this preseason