Steelers 2014 Pre Training Camp Roster Polls: Will TE David Paulson Make The Final 53?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won’t begin training camp for a little less than two more weeks, so I thought we would spend these last several days talking about a few players that many believe will have a decent shot at making the final 53 man roster. Basically, these are players that we can’t quite consider locks, but do consider as being on the bubble.

After reading the recap of the player that we highlight, you can cast your vote as to whether or not you think that player will make the final 53 man roster. Each poll will run for three days.

The eighth player up in this series is third-year tight end David Paulson.

2013 Season Recap:

Paulson actually opened the 2013 season as the Steelers No. 1 tight end for the first two games being as veteran Heath Miller was still finishing up rehabbing his surgically repaired knee and backup Matt Spaeth being out on injured reserve with a Lisfranc injury. It didn’t take long for Paulson to show that the role was too big for him and it started in the second game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals with a fumble following a big 34-yard catch that would have set the Steelers offense up inside the red zone. While the turnover only happened late in the first quarter, it wound up being a big turning point in the game as the Bengals drove the field to take a 7-3 lead.

Once Miller returned to action in Week 3, Paulson became the No. 2 tight end and that role didn’t suit him well, either, as his run blocking wasn’t very good. His poor play eventually resulted in him losing snaps to Michael Palmer until Spaeth returned to action late in the season and at that point his primary role was on special teams. The highlight of Paulson’s 2013 season came in the Week 16 game against the Green Bay Packers when he caught a 30-yard pass from punter Mat McBriar on a fake punt in the third quarter. He ended the season with just six receptions for 102 yards.

2014 Outlook:

With Miller and Spaeth now back healthy, Paulson really has his work cut out for him in training camp this year as he must not only beat out Palmer, but also rookie Rob Blanchflower for a spot on the final 53 man roster. Blanchflower has good upside as an all-around tight end and will be tough to beat out. Paulson has no room for error and must finally show this year that he can run block. In addition, the Oregon product really needs to make some plays on special teams during the preseason in order to endear himself to coach Danny Smith. There’s a good chance that the Steelers will only keep three true tight ends this year, so you can see the tough road that Paulson faces.

Vote below and tell us the reason why you voted the way that you did in the comments below.

You can view the results here.

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  • ApexSteel

    I’d like to see him develop into a good athletic backup, but his first two seasons have been trash. I can see him making the roster, but I can’t see him being with the team after this season.

  • steeltown

    His awful in-line blocking makes it easy to see why he could be on the outside looking in. I don’t care how many nice grabs he made in training camp, if you cant contribute once the regular season begins and run blocking is far below average, then there is no room for you on a Pro Team with only 53 spots.

    Really hoping BFlower makes the club, then maybe keep Eric Waters on the PS

  • dgh57

    Last season pretty much told the story on Paulson so it’s time to move on to a real TE! Blanch offers a little bit of nastiness to go along with his skill set and if he shows he’s a good receiver Paulson’s days may be numbered.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Sure he’s a nice kid but you got to be able to hold a block for at least more than a few seconds. I would have been more optimistic if the kid beefed up, got stronger, bigger but from a distance, didn’t see any of that.

    Wish him all the luck but we need the standard to be the standard. Based on what we have seen so far out of Paulson, he’s not meeting it. Seems to be more receiver than TE.

  • James Kling

    In death, a member of project mayhem has a name, his name is David Paulson. His name is David Paulson. His name is David Paulson. His name is David Paulson…

  • Lil Smitty

    If they keep three tight ends, that would be Miller, Speath, and Will Johnson. If Blanchflower shows any promise in preseason, hopefully they will keep him on the 53. They need to get some good reliable youth. I believe Heath has at least two more years, but after that I can’t see him bent that productive.

  • joed32

    I don’t think they count Johnson is a Tight End, so they probably keep one more.

  • cencalsteeler

    I have more hope for Chris Carter making the 53 than I do Paulson or Palmer. I’m really hoping Blanchflower and Waters unseat these two guys. Paulson and Palmer just don’t fit the Steeler mold, imo.

  • steeltown

    He’s listed as a FB on the official roster, so yes I agree, regardless of whether he’s spending more time in the TE room this offseason they should still carry 3TEs +W.Johnson. Last season we carried 4TEs +WJ so it will be nice to have that extra roster spot this year for another position.

  • CW

    This spot and cornerback could be the weakest positions on the roster. If Paulson makes the roster it’s more because there isn’t much of a challenge for the number 3 spot than because he seems to have much of anything to contribute.

    At least Miller and Spaeth look like solid tight ends with both skilled at blocking and Miller very good, but underutilized as a receiving tight end.

  • patrick Mayfield

    No reason for him to be on the team. He’s not even on the bubble of being on the bubble.

  • joed32

    Yes it would.

  • I looked at the results. Looks like a resounding ‘NO’ from Steeler Nation. Glad the Steelers were able to draft Blanchflower.

  • Ben Anderson


  • Ben Anderson

    I agree nice kid. But, I think saying he can hold a block for three seconds is being very kind.

  • wdhammer

    he stinks . not physical enough and can’t catch a cold.