Steelers 2014 Pre Training Camp Roster Polls: Will OL Guy Whimper Make The Final 53?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won’t begin training camp for a little less than two more weeks, so I thought we would spend these last several days talking about a few players that many believe will have a decent shot at making the final 53 man roster. Basically, these are players that we can’t quite consider locks, but do consider as being on the bubble.

After reading the recap of the player that we highlight, you can cast your vote as to whether or not you think that player will make the final 53 man roster. Each poll will run for three days.

The seventh player up in this series is veteran offensive lineman Guy Whimper.

2013 Season Recap:

Whimper made the Steelers 53 man roster last season as a backup and he managed to see action at four different positions on the offensive line in seven different games to the tune of 270 total snaps. Whimper’s best game was his first one in a Steelers uniform when he was forced to take over early at right tackle for an injured Marcus Gilbert in the Week 7 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

When Whimper was forced to play either of the two guard spots over the course of the season, he looked out of place and that’s something the Steelers really want to stay away from moving forward into 2014.

2014 Outlook:

The Steelers enter training camp with seven offensive line spots on the 53 man roster already spoken for. Being as they are unlikely to keep more than nine, Whimper will likely have to beat out rookie draft pick Wesley Johnson and perhaps one more young player in training camp in order to make the team this year.

Whimper is now 31 years-old and the fact that he’s pretty much limited to playing right tackle really decreases his value. On the flip side, however, head coach Mike Tomlin seems to think pretty high of him. When the smoke clears, Whimper will likely need to hope that the Steelers keep nine offensive linemen in total if he’s unable to beat out Johnson.

Vote below and tell us the reason why you voted the way that you did in the comments below.

You can view the results here.

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  • steeltown

    I think he makes the roster (if we keep 9OL) he has good experience for a backup. I see Whimper and Wesley Johnson taking those last two spots, barring injury. I am also high on Hubbard entering his 2nd season with the Team, he probably has the edge in regards to landing a spot on the practice squad.

  • dgh57

    If we go 9 OL then maybe he makes it as my hope at least is Wallace, Adams, and Wesley Johnson are the reserves.

  • Ben Anderson

    I hope not. He’s not very good and has seemingly hit his ceiling. But, yes, he probably will. He has position versatility and experience, something most of the other backups do not.

  • patrick Mayfield

    Whether he’s in competition with Johnson or not isn’t clear to me yet. Clearly Cody Wallace and Mike Adams are making the roster to fill out the 7 mentioned. This should leave you room for an inside guy and and outside guy.

    Johnson’s resume bills him as a utility guy so it’s hard to see where the Steelers are going to slot him. He started games at Center so he has that going for him as well. He’s probably not strong enough to excel as a guard this year but as the second man up on the inside he might not need to.

    Whimper had the same utility man billing but he’s a poor quality or at least inconsistent sub at most spots. What he has is experience and certainly more strength than Johnson at this point.

    If Hubbard pushes Johnson out of a spot on the inside, then Johnson would compete with Whimper at OT. If Johnson shows that he can play inside better than Hubbard, it would seem that Whimper would be a lock. As it stands he’s more likely than not on the roster.

  • NW86

    The question to me is, after those 7, if the 8th guy can play any position in a pinch, then do you need a 9th? They often only dress 7 anyway, though I prefer it when they dress 8. But to me, if Johnson can show ability to play any position the way Beachum did in his rookie year, then he becomes the 8th and they don’t need a 9th, meaning Whimper is out. They can keep Hubbard or another young prospect on the PS, to be prepared for a quick promotion in case of injury.

  • patrick Mayfield

    I’d like it personally if they could groom someone (maybe Hubbard) as a primarily guard backup to groom and to have a good replacement if one of the guards goes down. In theory the utility guy backup is good but we really haven’t seen very good backup guard play in a long time. Seemingly the easiest position on the line but I think we end up with better backup play at center and tackle.