Steelers Rookie WR Martavis Bryant Back Practicing Monday

After sitting out Sunday’s practice with an injured groin, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver Martavis Bryant (groin) is back practicing again on Monday.

While Bryant’s injury appears to have been minor, you never like to see rookies miss practice time. The Steelers fourth-round draft pick is a virtual lock to make the roster this year and the team hopes at some point they can at least use him situationally in 2014. Because of his size, Bryant could develop into a good red zone target during his rookie season with an eye on becoming a full-time contributor in 2015..

According to Alex Kozora, rookie wide receiver C.J. Goodwin (shoulder) is sidelined on Monday after falling hard on his shoulder during Sunday’s practice. Also not practicing on Monday are center David Snow (foot), running back Le’Veon Bell (hamstring), safety Mike Mitchell (PUP- groin) and running back Alvester Alexander  (PUP- groin).

  • steeltown

    Good to hear

  • Lewis

    I really hope he turns out to be great. I have my doubts, but would be nice to have that added dimension in the offense.

  • Matt Manzo

    What was Limas Sweeds first camp like? I don’t remember! I just remember game days. Did he show signs of sucking?
    Just trying to figure out what to look for in Bryant.
    I remember thinking Burress was gonna come in and physically dominate, like he did at State, but came in the league kinda soft.
    I’m hoping Bryant becomes an athletic, agility kinda guy! I wanna see some acrobatic catches!

  • Weiss Chad

    Is it just me or is it possible this wr corp has all of sudden seemingly turned into what could be the strength of this offense?This offense is so young ol/wr/rb that when it all comes together it’s gonna be another great long run into play offs yr after yr!!

  • steeltown

    Don’t remember much.. I do remember drops and repeated injury issues

  • Jeff

    You could definitely say the same thing about the running back position. This offense could put up some huge numbers. I think the X-factor will be how the offensive line performs, and with Mike Munchak here I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Our WR’s are definitely fast. But aside from Antonio they are filled with question marks. I’ll be much more excited about our WR core in 2015 (after one more year of game experience).

  • Weiss Chad

    I’m just thinking if J .brown and Wheaton keep improving and a Brown is Your fourth wr.What do you do if Moore gets hurt?Do you move Wheaton inside and both browns on the outside?

  • Steelers@2010

    Two different players that came from two different programs. The expectation the organization had for Sweed was twice as high for bryant. Reading the reports out of Pittsburgh back in 2008 when they drafted Mendenhall in Rd #1 and Sweed in Rd #2, most felt that Sweed could have gone in the 1st Rd that year. I don’t think the expectations for Martavis Bryant is nearly that high. I hope the kid keeps his nose clean and takes advantage of the opportunity that he has been blessed with.

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s right! Wrist stuff I think?

  • steeltown

    That and achilles and shoulder injuries, not to mention his “non-football related” injury

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Interesting thought. And you know some guys will get hurt, as it’s impossible for any team to get through the preseason without some sort of injuries. As long as none seem serious, that would be great.